20 Most Recommended Hidden Locations For Gay Holidays

Don’t know where to go on your next gaycation? Stick with us and you’ll be spoilt for choice in no time!

Some locations automatically spring to mind when thinking about gay-friendly regions, but you don’t have to stick to the ordinary. These days, there are plenty of locations for LGBTQ+ people to visit without suppressing who they are. From Half Moon Bay to Mykonos to Sāo Paulo to Mendenhall Glacier, the world is literally your queer oyster.

In the following sections, we’ll go over the best hidden spots for gay vacations in the US and further afield, ensuring there’s a destination for any budget.

10 Best Hidden Gaycation Spots in the US

#1 Apostle Islands in Wisconsin

The Apostle Islands, a collection of 21 islands, float on Lake Superior, giving visitors a snapshot of nature’s true beauty. Forests, sandstone cliffs, and sea caves are woven into the tapestry, luring you with its promise of tranquility and wildlife watching. 

To get there, take a ferry from Bayfield and try to spot the nine lighthouses and more than 420 bird species. Trust us; it’s so beautiful you won’t ever want to go home. You won’t want to leave your camera behind!

#2 Supai in Arizona

The Grand Canyon usually gets all the attention, but you might have a better gaycation at Supai Village, the tourist hotspot’s lesser-known alternative.

Granted, it isn’t the most accessible location. You have a few options, including:

  • heading down the ten-kilometer path from Hualapai hilltop (it’s steep!).
  • riding down on horseback.
  • flying in by helicopter.

Of course, this won’t be for everyone, but it’s certainly one of the best hidden spots for your gay holiday. You’d be hard pushed to find a more romantic destination. 

#3 Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming

Do alpine lakes, lots of wildlife, and several hiking trails sound like your idea of the perfect gay vacation? You should head to Grand Teton National Park. It’s often disregarded due to its big-name neighbors, like Glacier and Yellowstone National Park, but the 310,000-acre plot is a true marvel that’s worth exploring. 

You can discover its history during guide-led tours or acquire a permit to backpack and camp at your own pace. Alternatively, spend time kayaking, boating, or paddle-boarding on Jenny Lake, using the forest areas as a tranquil base.

#4 Leavenworth in Washington

This mountain town is well-known for its alpine pursuits (e.g., hiking, climbing, and biking). Consider it the Northwest’s version of the Alps. It’s the place to go for a slice of Bavarian culture without flying to Germany — you’ll discover kitschy storefronts and a wealth of natural attractions that are bound to take your breath away. 

We recommend heading here in the winter, especially if you’re looking for a super Christmas-themed gay-friendly getaway. The destination is sure to unlock that childlike festive joy.

#5 Half Moon Bay in California

If you’ve ever driven along Highway 1, you may have passed Half Moon Bay without realizing it — the beautiful stop is hiding in plain sight.

Sitting south of San Francisco between the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Golden Coast, the Bay isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, it has a wonderfully welcoming community. Whether you want to go kayaking, paddle-boarding, or surfing, you can do it all right here. And if you’re staying for an extended period, make sure you adventure to Ross Cove Beach.

#6 Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska

The Mendenhall Glacier stretches a whopping 20 kilometers, showcasing waterfalls and ice caves that are open for exploration (with the right gear, of course).

Although global warming has shrunk the glacier to one-third of its size, human impact remains less obvious in Alaska, due to the low population. So, it’s a great gay vacation destination if you want to spend more time snuggling than partying. You may even spot a brown or black bear catching salmon in one of the streams!

#7 St. Augustine in Florida

The Sunshine State is too often overlooked in favor of Universal Studios and Disneyland, St. Augustine is definitely worth a visit during your next gay holiday. You should consider it a cultured alternative to the famous Miami Beach. 

Head to the National Historic Landmark District (144 blocks of quaint cobbled streets and horse-drawn carriages), before exploring the natural and architectural beauty of this gorgeous Spanish settlement. Whether you’re alone or with a partner, St. Augustine allows you to step back in time in a gay-friendly region.

#8 Nashville in Tennessee

You’d be forgiven for raising your eyebrows in surprise that a southern state has made it on to our best locations for gay holidays list, but Nashville is worth giving a chance. You’ll find it surprisingly warm and welcoming, particularly if you’re a musically and/or artistically inclined individuals.

The city boasts one of the liveliest art scenes in the world. Couple that with the hundreds of gay bars and eateries nestled inside its streets, and you’re on to a winner. Art, live music, and gorgeous neighborhoods; what more could you want?

#9 Manhattan in New York

There’s something for everybody in the big apple, particularly in Manhattan — otherwise known as “the birthplace of Sex and the City” and “the world’s fashion capital.” Not to mention it’s host to some of the finest drag queens you could ever hope to find (hello Bianca del Rio and Lady Bunny). 

It’s even where the Pride movement started in 1969! You can put money on the gay energy being strong here. From its nightlife to its yearly festival, the city oozes LGBTQ-friendliness from every corner.

#10 Provincetown in Massachusetts

Also known as P-town, Provincetown is Massachusetts’ gay haven. Thus, you can expect a vacation filled to the brim with positive queer energy. 

Boasting a rich history in the arts, the small yet mighty town hosts a Pride festival every year, where LGBTQIA+ individuals take over (as we should). With everything from a cruise to shows to parties, It’s an event you really won’t want to miss.

10 Best Hidden Locations for Gay Holidays Around the World

#1 Mykonos in Greece

If it’s your first time going on a gay holiday, Mykonos is your best bet; this unassuming island is one of the world’s most gay-friendly destinations. 

The whole island is a utopia for LGBTQ+ individuals looking to dance the night away and join a beach party (or five). Plus, it has tons of gay bars with a bunch of strong drinks and attentive service.

That said, it isn’t all about the raucous nights. You can always sunbathe on the sand and enjoy a nightcap on a waterside bar.

#2 Queenstown in New Zealand

Expect your days in Queenstown to be filled with skiing and meeting people over a pint of beer in the local pub. It’s the planet’s adventure capital for a reason! If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you have to visit at least once.

Gay guys who want to get their hearts pumping in more ways than one tend to head to the resort town in September for the yearly gay ski week and Winter Pride. 

Just make sure you actually enjoy the more adventurous side of life before booking your flight!

#3 Seoul in South Korea

Contrary to popular belief, Seoul has a flourishing queer scene that the majority of the western gay community tend to overlook. Even though the city itself contains traditional temples and palaces, the inhabitants’ views are rather liberal. 

Dubbed the country’s “city that never sleeps,” you’ll always find somewhere to get a drink or snack, no matter the time of night. Likewise, there will always be a super-gay event happening in one of the many buildings. 

#4 Sitges in Spain

Sitges is unarguably Spain’s gayest destination. Guys from all over the world come here to attend the globally renowned parties and sample the strong cocktails. There are ample opportunities for hook ups, making it perfect for gay-filled friend groups.

#5 Tel Aviv in Israel

Despite being in an extremely conservative country, Tel Aviv has earned the approval of the LGBTQIA+ community for several reasons, including:

  • gay-friendly marketplaces, beaches, hotels, and restaurants;
  • the world-famous Pride festival; and
  • gay nightlife throughout the year.

It may just be the perfect destination for guys looking for international hotties.

#6 Puerto Vallarta in Mexico

As soon as you get off the plane, you’re treated to an atmosphere of queer acceptance. Its PV Pride festival is super popular, and it has an all-around lively gay scene, regardless of the month. 

Zona Romantica in the old town region is our personal favorite, but if you want a beach vibe, head to Playa de los Muertos; it’s one of the best gay beaches on the planet. And if you want to party? Puerto Vallarta always has something going on, such as:

  • January’s BeefDip Mexico Bear Festival
  • May’s Puerto Vallarta Pride
  • November’s Thanksgiving White Party
  • December’s Gay New Years’ Eve

#7 Taipei in Taiwan

Put it this way — queer freedom is found in Taipei. 

The Ximen Red House area is where the city’s gay community can thrive without constantly fearing judgment. As you can imagine, it’s also the heart of the Taipei gay scene with clubs, drag acts, and bars. Simply put, it’s heavenly. 

And when October rolls around, Taipei Pride kicks off! It’s Asia’s largest LGBTQ+-focused event, attracting crowds of more than 200,000. It has glitter, hot performers, and so much more.

#8 Copenhagen in Denmark

If your best gay vacation destination is friendly yet not too crazy, Copenhagen is your match made in holiday heaven. It’s one of the top LGBT destinations for a number of reasons, including:

  • the myriad of gay-friendly museums that date back to 800 AD.
  • the plethora of restaurants showcasing New Nordic cuisine.
  • the endless events for the LGBTQ community.
  • the simple, minimalist beauty.

“Progressive” might as well be this city’s middle name. From the clubs to the bars to the Pride festivals, you’ll find all the gay amenities right here.

#9 Sāo Paulo in Brazil

Despite the continent’s stubbornly conservative attitude toward homosexuality, Sāo Paulo is home to some of the biggest, wildest Gay Pride celebrations on Earth. 

Sāo Paulo Pride had humble beginnings in 1997, welcoming around 2,000 participants. But it’s grown into one of the largest of its kind, with visitor numbers topping a whopping five million! We couldn’t make a list of the most recommended gay holiday locations without the Pride mecca, could we?

#10 Bangkok in Thailand

Thailand’s acceptance of non-straight and non-cisgender people is widely known. And Bangkok, the country’s capital, welcomes gay travelers exceptionally warmly. The nation decriminalized homosexuality in 1956 — much earlier than a few developed countries — and elected the first transgender MP in 2019. 

To get the most out of your holiday, go to Silom, the center of the gay scene. It’s overflowing with queer nightlife and entertainment. You’ll feel like you’ve entered another dimension in the best possible way.

Get Ready for the Gay Vacation of a Lifetime!

Whether you stay in the country and visit Provincetown or go further afield to Tel Aviv, you’re all set to have many safe and fun gay holidays in 2024 and beyond! You can go with a partner, jet set with friends, or head out on a solo LGBTQ+ adventure to meet new people (and maybe your soulmate). However you choose to travel, our top 20 list above will help you plan the best gaycation. The sky’s the limit!

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