Why Straight Pride Is Offensive?

Gay pride is one of the best times for so many people. It allows all facets of sexuality to flourish and bloom, and it celebrates all of the hard work that many activists have fought for throughout the years.

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Whilst gay pride is a thing to behold and be thrilled to be a part of, straight pride often seeps through in the media, and it is one of the most offensive things for a gay person, or other member of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Here’s just some of the reasons why it is offensive.

Straight People Aren’t Being Attacked For Being Straight 

Hate crimes against people have risen over the years and despite many victories for the gay community, there are still many attacks and even murders simply for being a homosexual.

The massacre in New Zealand, the bombings in Britain – all huge examples of attacks that occur for being gay. However, this doesn’t happen to straight people.

You’ve never seen a terror group set up by gay people to target straight members of the community by beating them or killing them – and you likely never will. 

To promote and celebrate straight pride is almost justifying these actions, and this is one of the reasons why straight pride is so offensive.

Straight People Have No Fear Of Travel 

This point needs more clarification. There are some countries in the world that actually punish gay people with the death penalty – but there is no such country that punishes heterosexuals with death for their sexuality. 

Being gay has for centuries been a dangerous thing to admit, but throughout activism and law changes, and public attitudes, gay people have been able to be more open about their true self.

However, this is not the same everywhere. Gays are still persecuted and attacked in some countries and even states – making travel dangerous. 

Marriage Is Pretty Easy For Straight People

Gay marriage has been legalized in many places, but once again – this is not the same everywhere. If you are a gay person trying to marry the love of your life, your geography might be a huge barrier to this. 

However, when it comes to straight marriage – you don’t really need to worry too much about the ability to marry, assuming you’ve got the money! 

There are many churches and organizations where straight people can marry, almost on a whim – whereas gay marriage can take years to even apply for. 

Considering marriage is such a normal part of life and proves in law the love you have for your partner, it’s so offensive that people celebrate straight pride when they have none of these problems. 

It’s almost as if gay marriage is being debated as being as “real” as straight marriage due to the barriers.

The fact is, marriage is a bond and a promise to love another person unconditionally – and gay people have this right just as much as anybody else.

It Was Never Illegal To Be Straight! 

Some people may not be aware that it wasn’t always legal to be gay in the United States, and this was the case (and still is in some places) in many nations, including the Untied Kingdom. 

Indeed, prominent famous figures like Oscar Wilde and Sir Alec Guinness were punished by the Homosexuality Act simpy for being themselves. This led many to hide their true feelings and sneak around. 

This is extremely psychologically damaging and can make people believe that their love and sexuality is somehow wrong and they are by association abnormal.

This isn’t true and people should never have to feel this way. Straight people would not understand this the same way though – because it was never against the law to be heterosexual. 

As a result, straight pride simply supports the barriers that gay people have had to face over the centuries which is incredibly offensive. 

Religion Does Not Vilify Heterosexuality 

Many religions call homosexuality names like “demonic” or an “abomination” which really hurts the gay community. Since when was love demonic? Surely it’s the opposite? 

Why Straight Pride Is Offensive (2)

The fact is, religion causes strong feelings and beliefs throughout many communities, and for gay people who are also religious – this further causes pain. 

Hetereophobia Is Not A Thing In The Workplace

Homophobia has been and still continues to be a serious issue in the world, but perhaps one of the worst is when it is in the workplace. 

The workplace is where we spend the majority of our time – so when this is fraught with constant attacks and verbal abuse, it can be seriously psychologically and emotionally damaging.

The fact is though, straight people have never had coworkers berate them for being straight. They’ve never had people turn away from them or refuse to sit by them for their sexuality. 

Straight pride is almost as if people support this way of thinking, and frankly – it’s upsetting and offensive. 

Straight People Are Always Represented

Although there has been a rise in gay actors and gay characters in fiction, the representation of gay people is still incredibly low in pop culture. 

That’s why gay characters are always prominent figures in the gay community, because there’s simply so few of them. However, straight people are always represented.

As this is seen as the “norm”, it’s offensive for straight pride to conversely highlight gay life as “against the norm”.

Medical Care Is Never Denied For Being Straight 

There are so many medical treatments and tests that gay people cannot have, simply if they say they are gay.

Although under a medical premise, it’s quite offensive for straight pride as it seems to somewhat agree that gay people do not deserve medical treatment.

The Bottom Line 

Straight pride is offensive both directly and indirectly. If we can explain why it is so hurtful, hopefully one day we will see a significant difference.

Gay Worlley

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