Why Is Drag Brunch So Popular?

Drag brunches combine two popular activities: drag shows and brunches. That meal and a show can last several hours, yet they have become so popular in many places worldwide. So, what makes them so popular?

Drag brunches are generally popular because they combine a delicious meal and a show. More importantly, they allow people to explore drag shows at a more accessible time during the day instead of late at night like conventional drag shows. You can attend one alone or with friends, but be sure to make a reservation first!

Read this detailed guide to learn why drag brunches have become so popular. First, you’ll learn what happens during a drag brunch that makes people want to attend them. Then, you’ll discover the benefits of these brunches that keep people returning for more.

Is Drag Popular In Korea

What Happens At A Drag Brunch?

Drag brunches can take one to several hours to finish, thanks to the long list of things that happen during one. Knowing what typically happens during those hours will give you a clear idea of why these events are so popular with people from all walks of life.

Here’s what typically happens at a drag brunch:

Delicious Food And Beverages

As the name suggests, a big part of the drag brunch is the ‘brunch element of the whole thing. That meal blurs the line between breakfast and lunch items, typically taken slowly and leisurely on the weekends.

Sometimes, the brunch also includes alcoholic beverages like cocktails and champagne as well.

The food and drink during the drag brunch is also why these events tend to be held at restaurants, cafes, or similar establishments. After all, they need a full kitchen to serve hungry drag show-goers with a delicious meal they’ll remember!

The brunch is often served in several courses, lasting several hours until the show’s end. So, you can expect small and delicious bites that’ll fill you up and keep it that way throughout the one or more hours that you’re there.

Beautiful Drag Performers

The beautiful drag performers are a second and equally important part of a drag brunch. These are multi-talented men dressing as women and women dressing as men, ready to entertain you throughout the entire event.

Drag performers are known for their elaborate costumes, bright wigs, beautiful hairstyles, and carefully-done makeup. The best ones also come with flamboyant or larger-than-life personalities that you won’t find at any other kind of show.

The performers are mainly there to entertain. But as you’ll discover later in this guide, a big part of the drag brunch’s popularity comes from how they interact with guests.

Song And Dance Performances

The performers at a drag brunch put a lot of effort into their appearance, but they’re also there to perform for guests. 

That’s why you can expect plenty of song and dance performances throughout the brunch as guests eat and drink.

What makes these performances special is that they aren’t restricted to the stage at the front. Instead, they often spill out into the rest of the space, immersing diners and making them feel like they’re part of the show.

Lip Syncing, Comedy, And Other Talents

Drag brunches are much more than just food, song, and dance. You’ll find that many performers have multiple talents, and a drag brunch is the perfect opportunity for them to share those talents with you.

A common type of performance you’ll experience is lip-syncing, where the performer pretends to sing along to a recorded song.

Still, things can go well beyond that.

Some performers are hilarious when it comes to performing standup comedy and even perform live stunts. Also, don’t be surprised if you’re treated to a live magic show while you enjoy your meal.

The possibilities are endless!

Audience Participation

All of the live performances mentioned above are exciting in themselves. But what makes drag brunches uniquely popular is the audience participation.

Now, let’s be clear on something. That does not mean that audience members can just get up to sing and dance on stage.

One of the most important rules to remember is to take the performers’ lead. Guests can feel free to participate if they encourage people to join in the fun. And the more people participate, the better the experience becomes for everyone.

When that happens, it creates a memorable and almost magical experience that everyone will remember for a long time to come. It’s almost like a celebration of how beautiful life can be, all taking place at a brunch helps you escape from your regular daily life.

What Are The Benefits Of Attending Drag Brunch?

Now that you understand what happens during a drag brunch, it becomes easier to learn why these events are so popular.

Basically, the unique benefits that drag brunches offer are what keep people coming back time and time again.

Here are some of the benefits people enjoy when attending a drag brunch:

  • Convenient timing: Drag shows are typically a part of the community’s nightlife. That means they usually happen at night or when most people are at rest. Drag brunches are a workaround as they allow people to enjoy the same experience but at a more convenient time, i.e., during weekend brunch.
  • Delicious food: The core benefit of any kind of brunch is the delicious food being served. That can make or break the drag brunch, and it’s also a reason why you might choose one venue over another.
  • Talented performers: Of course, the performers are equally important. People like attending live shows where performers can show their talents on stage. That includes the singing, dancing, and other talents mentioned earlier.
  • Interactivity: Unlike other live shows, the ones during a drag brunch are known for being interactive. That means the audience gets to be part of the experience, making their entire day significantly more memorable. This is the kind of benefit that keeps people returning.
  • Judgment-free: Lastly, being surrounded by like-minded people is an essential benefit of drag brunch. Whether you’re straight or a part of the LGBTQ community, all are welcome at a drag brunch. You can rest assured that you’re entering a judgment-free zone where you can eat and be entertained alongside people like you.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits people can expect when attending a drag brunch. One or more of those benefits might appeal to an attendee, making them come back for more whenever possible.

That’s why these events are so popular!

How Do You Find The Most Popular Drag Brunches?

Some drag brunches are better than others. So, it’s worth researching before choosing which one you’d like to experience.

Here are some quick ways to find the most popular drag brunches to attend:

  1. Word of mouth: Sometimes, the most effective way to find the best drag brunches is to ask around. You can talk to members of the LGBTQ community or even friends and family who have attended good brunches in the past. Their feedback is essential because they’ll have first-hand knowledge to share.
  2. Event platforms: Some drag brunches are so popular and well-organized that you’ll find them on event platforms. These sites might also have reviews you can read through to understand what happens during one of these drag brunches.
  3. Social media: You can leverage social media in several ways to find the most popular drag brunches. For example, you can find event pages for those drag brunches. Alternatively, you can find the social media pages for the venues that host drag brunches and find them that way. In both cases, the reviews are what you’ll want to read carefully.
  4. Entertainment guides: As you read earlier, some drag brunches are so popular that they get mainstream attention. Aside from appearing on event platforms, you can find some of the best through local entertainment or tourism guides. Remember that those brunches are likely trendy and often fully booked, so make a reservation!
  5. Performer’s websites: Part of a drag brunch’s popularity also comes from the performers it features. You can find the best brunches by working the other way around and searching drag performers’ websites instead. Find out where their next brunch performance will be and book a seat!

With increased acceptance of drag brunches, finding them has become much easier. So, use the steps above to find one suitable for you.

5 Tips For A Better Drag Brunch Experience

Suppose you find a popular drag brunch you’d like to attend. In that case, you should put in some effort to ensure that you have a positive experience that matches the reviews you’ve read.

Whether it’s your first time or if you’re a veteran drag brunch attendee, here are 5 helpful tips to keep in mind when attending a popular drag brunch:

1. Make A Reservation

Many drag brunches accept walk-ins, but you’ll still want to make a reservation whenever possible. That will prevent disappointment from being unable to get a seat when you attend the brunch.

That’s especially true when you attend some of the most popular drag brunches. So many people want to attend those shows that you might even have to get on a waitlist!

This tip is crucial if you plan on going with a large group. Making a reservation guarantees that everyone in your party has a seat.

Drag Brunch Reservation

2. Go With Friends

‘The more, the merrier!’, as they always say. That’s certainly true when it comes to drag brunches. So, bring your friends or even family members to join you if possible.

So, don’t worry if no one wants to go with you. The reality is that some people might not have friends or family who are accepting of the drag lifestyle, let alone drag brunches.

Despite that, drag brunches are still fun even if you go alone, and it’s an excellent chance to meet like-minded individuals!

3. Stay In Your Seat

Drag brunches are popular for their audience participation. Plus, all the singing and dancing might make you want to leave your seat.

Just remember to stay in your seat and follow the performer’s lead. You should avoid moving into the performer’s personal space as it could disrupt their performance and potentially lead to injury.

4. Bring Small Change For Tips

Tipping is an essential part of drag brunches. It’s an excellent way to show the performers your appreciation and let them know they’re doing something right.

So, pack your wallet or purse with loads of small bills. That way, you’ll be able to give tips freely and make the event even more of a celebration!

5. Participate!

Last but certainly not least, participate in the fun when the performers invite you to! It doesn’t matter if you’re singing or dancing with them as long as you play a part.

Let your hair down and enjoy yourself. 

Remember: you’re in a judgment-free zone whenever you’re at a drag brunch!

Final Thoughts

This quick guide has shown you what happens during a drag brunch and why these events have become popular. Aside from the delicious food and beverage items being served, drag brunches are generally popular because of the live performances during the meal.

You can find your city’s more popular drag brunches by asking around or searching popular entertainment guides. Then, make a reservation and bring cash to ensure a positive experience that mirrors what other people have enjoyed.

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