Which Streaming Service Has The Most LGBTQ Movies?

Popular streaming services have revolutionized the entertainment industry, giving viewers access to vast movie collections. Among them are LGBTQ movies, which people can easily find by subscribing to the right platforms.

The streaming services with the most LGBTQ movies are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max, and Peacock. Still, not all movies are available to viewers worldwide. Some countries place restrictions that make LGBTQ content unavailable to local viewers despite them subscribing to the same services.

In this article, you’ll discover more about the streaming services with the most LGBTQ movies in their collections. Then, you’ll learn why those movies might not be available to you in your country and the alternative ways you can use to watch those movies.

Which Streaming Service Has The Most LGBTQ Movies

Which Streaming Service Has The Most LGBTQ Movies?

LGBTQ representation has become crucial to discerning viewers, and streaming platforms worldwide are waking up to that. That’s why there is an increasing number of LGBTQ movies being made and included in the libraries of those platforms.

These movie collections continue to grow rapidly, but it’s clear that a handful of streaming services are leading the charge for greater representation.

Here are the streaming services with the most LGBTQ movies:

1. Netflix

Netflix is the undisputed champion of the streaming world in several different ways. Aside from subscriber numbers and the number of hits they continue to produce, they also have the most LGBTQ movies compared to any other service.

Netflix is incredibly LGBTQ-friendly, and that’s apparent in more than just the movies they stream. The platform also has a wide selection of TV shows and documentaries where the LGBTQ community and its culture are widely represented.

All of the above is unsurprising when considering the company’s underlying culture.

Netflix, as an organization, is highly supportive of the LGBTQ community. You’ll see that in its inclusive practices, like creating characters representing the community and casting the most appropriate actors and actresses for those roles.

Netflix also provides much support for the filmmakers who produce LGBTQ movies. The platform allows them to share their art with a global audience in all countries that can access the platform.

These efforts result in Netflix’s vast collection of movies, TV shows, and documentaries with strong LGBTQ representation.

2. Amazon Prime Video

The next platform with the most LGBTQ movies is Amazon Prime Video. This streaming service has made much progress in recent years by producing very successful titles. As a result, it has quickly climbed the ladder to stand among the best in the industry.

One thing that undoubtedly contributed to its success is how it represents the LGBTQ community. Plenty of its popular original movies feature LGBTQ characters and themes.

On top of that, Amazon Prime Video has also done the responsible thing by casting actors and actresses from the community for those roles. The platform effectively enables the LGBTQ community to tell its own stories.

All of this goes well beyond Amazon Prime Video’s original content. Its library is also curated to include a diverse mix of LGBTQ movies across multiple genres.

3. Hulu

Another streaming platform that has done plenty for the community and its representation is Hulu. The platform is mostly owned by The Walt Disney Company, though entertainment giant Comcast also has a small stake in it.

The platform is known for its hit TV shows and movies, making it one of the top choices among subscribers.

Like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Hulu has produced many original movies exploring LGBTQ themes. Naturally, these movies include LGBTQ characters portrayed by actors who are themselves part of the community.

However, Hulu is particularly known for its participation in community events. For example, Hulu curates special content collections for LGBTQ-related events throughout the year.

So not only does the platform host plenty of LGBTQ movies, but it also makes it easy for viewers to explore and access titles they might not have seen yet.

4. HBO Max

The entertainment giant HBO entered the streaming world with HBO Max in 2020. Despite only being around for a few years, it has successfully captivated audiences with its impressive library of HBO original movies and those from other producers.

Still, HBO Max earns its place on this list thanks to their efforts to include many LGBTQ movies in its collection.

For starters, HBO Max produces many original movies with LGBTQ characters and themes. Like other platforms, they’ve also cast LGBTQ actors and actresses in those roles to ensure a more authentic representation on screen.

However, HBO Max takes it a step further by acquiring classic films and TV shows that are near and dear to the heart of the LGBTQ community.

In doing so, not only do they appeal to today’s generation of viewers, but also to a slightly older demographic at the same time.

Again, it’s important to remember that HBO Max hasn’t been around as long as other platforms on this list. So, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they grow their movie collection and someday have the largest one among all streaming services.

5. Peacock

Last but certainly not least is the streaming platform Peacock. Created by NBCUniversal, the platform has a wide selection of TV shows, movies, live sports, and more.

Of course, the platform is highly inclusive, like the others on this list. It boasts a library of original movies and those acquired from elsewhere, all portraying LGBTQ characters and stories as told by members of the same community.

Although the library isn’t as vast as the other streaming services mentioned above, it’s certainly growing every day. 

On top of that, the streaming service is often involved in real-world LGBTQ events and supports community initiatives.

Why Are Some LGBTQ Movies Unavailable In My Country?

The streaming services described above have an international reach, making them available in many countries worldwide. But despite having the most LGBTQ movies, users in some countries might fail to find any of those movies when they log into their accounts.

If that’s the case for you, it’s likely because of one of the following reasons:

1. Platforms have different libraries

The first and most important thing to know about these streaming services is they have different libraries for users worldwide. That means their collection is not universal, and you can only watch the movies made available to your country.

On top of that, these libraries are constantly evolving. While streaming services add new movies regularly, they also remove plenty of them as well.

Simply put, any particular LGBTQ movie is only available to viewers from some parts of the world. Plus, they could only be available for a short period.

2. Copyright Issues

Another reason you might not see the LGBTQ movies you’re looking for is due to copyright issues.

For example, the movie you want to watch could belong to a particular movie studio that makes it available on another streaming platform. That means you can’t find it on the platform you’re currently subscribed to.

Besides that, copyrights also have geographic limitations. So, even if your streaming service offers the movie, they might not be able to offer it to viewers from your location.

3. Government or legal restrictions

LGBTQ content, whether movies, TV shows, or documentaries, also has an additional hoop to jump through: government and legal restrictions.

The sad reality is that many parts of the world ban LGBTQ movies, making them unavailable on some streaming services. 

The governments of these countries sometimes have laws that prevent streaming those movies, or they apply pressure on streaming services directly.

Whatever the case, LGBTQ movies aren’t accessible to viewers in those countries.

4. Self-censorship

Lastly, it’s also possible that the movie you want is missing from your view because the platform has decided to censor itself. 

Even without legal restrictions or government pressures, a streaming service might decide it’s too problematic to show a specific LGBTQ film in a particular country.

They may have removed the movie from their collection for that country as a way to reduce risk and prevent controversy.

Can You Stream LGBTQ Movies From A Different Country?

Suppose you can’t find LGBTQ movies on streaming platforms in your country. In that case, yes, it’s possible to stream those movies from another country instead.

Remember: you must always stay on the right side of the law when doing something like this. Some countries might have laws against using any means to access banned content online, like China with The Great Firewall that filters the internet for its citizens.

The first way you can stream LGBTQ movies from a different country is to subscribe to an international platform that isn’t being censored in your country. 

Some countries do not have the legal ability to force streaming services to remove certain movies. That means you can subscribe to that platform and watch those movies that way.

Alternatively, you could use a virtual private network (VPN) service. These services make it so the streaming service thinks you’re accessing from another country where LGBTQ movies aren’t restricted.

As a result, you might see a movie collection that’s very different compared to the one normally available to you.

Again, these methods do not guarantee that you can view the movies you want. However, they do work for some people when used correctly.

As always, only use these approaches if they’re allowed in your country. Keeping yourself safe and free from trouble should be your top priority.

How Can You Find LGBTQ Movies That Are Banned From Streaming?

So far, you’ve seen that there are plenty of LGBTQ movies on some streaming platforms. You’ve also read that those movies are unavailable to people from some countries, and there are ways to work around that.

But suppose you don’t want to go through the trouble of seeing LGBTQ movies online because of all the restrictions. In that case, you have several other options to catch those movies in the real world.

Here are some ways you can watch LGBTQ movies that aren’t available through streaming services:

Live Screenings

Sometimes, you can watch an LGBTQ movie at a live screening, even if it’s unavailable on streaming platforms. That could happen if the rules and regulations differ for streaming services and in-person entertainment.

For example, a cinema or theater in your city might screen those movies for audiences.

Remember that some places might also censor the movie you want to watch, cutting out parts deemed ‘inappropriate’ by local authorities.

Private Screenings

Some movies might also be available through private screenings. For example, clubs or societies in your local LGBTQ community might host a viewing party or something similar for those movies.

Film Festivals

Similar to private screenings, you might also find LGBTQ movies on show at local film festivals. 

Independent film festivals and similar events sometimes show movies unavailable elsewhere, particularly those supposedly too ‘controversial’ for streaming services and mainstream cinemas.

Physical Copies

Last but certainly not least, remember that movies are still available through physical media. CDs, DVDs, and even video cassettes are still available these days and are straightforward to purchase.

Suppose the LGBTQ movie you want to watch is unavailable everywhere else. In that case, you can always order a copy to be sent directly online.

Of course, you’ll need the right equipment to play that type of digital media.

Final Thoughts

Finding LGBTQ movies to watch online has become much easier in recent years, thanks to popular streaming services. That’s especially true, as many companies believe highly in inclusivity and feature plenty of LGBTQ movies, characters, and actors.

Still, those movies aren’t available everywhere. Depending on where you live, you might have to resort to other ways of accessing or watching those movies if they’re restricted through the streaming service.

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