Where Can Gay Families Travel For Holiday?

Finding gay-friendly holiday travel destinations isn’t as tricky as some might assume. These days, plenty of locations around the world are more open and accepting than ever before. Still, it’s worth doing some research before choosing a place to bring your family.

Some of the top destinations for gay families to travel for a holiday include San Francisco (US), Amsterdam (Netherlands), and Barcelona (Spain). Besides that, Reykjavik (Iceland), Toronto (Canada) and Amsterdam (Netherlands) also make for gay and family-friendly destinations. No matter where you choose to go for your holiday, consider how safe and accepting it is, along with the family-friendly attractions available.

Read this article to find places where gay families can travel for a holiday. First, you’ll learn what to consider when choosing a travel destination. Then, you’ll discover 6 of the most popular holiday destinations today for gay families, plus a few tips to consider before your trip.

Let’s get started!

Safety First Be Careful

How Do You Choose A Safe Travel Destination For Gay Families?

The world today is much more open to the gay community than it was before. On the plus side, that means gay families now have more places to travel to for their holidays.

Still, some places are less ideal or outright dangerous for gay travelers of all kinds. That’s why you must research your holiday destinations thoroughly before making any travel plans.

Here are 5 things to consider when choosing a safe travel destination for gay families:

1. Places With A High Acceptance Of LGBTQ Communities

The first and most important thing to consider when researching travel destinations is the local acceptance of LGBTQ communities.

Your research shouldn’t just cover the town or city you intend to visit and the country as a whole. That’s because acceptance levels aren’t always the same across the nation.

For example, the metropolitan areas of a country might have no problems with LGBTQ communities. However, rural areas or other parts of the country might frown upon gay travelers entirely.

Understanding these subtle differences can help you decide whether the destination suits you and your family.

2. Places Without Safety And Security Concerns

Regardless of how well the community at a destination might accept gay travelers, you must also do some homework to identify safety and security concerns.

An immediate red flag is when you find reports of violence or other crimes committed against gay travelers at that destination.

But if you don’t find any such reports and the destination is highly accepting towards LGBTQ community members, that could be a place you’ll feel comfortable to travel to with your family.

3. Places With Thriving LGBTQ Communities

When you find a travel destination that’s both safe and accepting, it also helps to consider where local LGBTQ communities might be.

Firstly, locating these communities could help you find more suitable attractions and activities to fill your travel itinerary. Those can provide you with the memorable experiences you want to make it a trip of a lifetime for you and your family.

On top of that, it could also be an eye-opening educational experience for everyone involved. 

That’s because you’ll see how the local community lives and thrives, especially as you interact with them face-to-face!

4. Places With Gay-Friendly Accommodations And Businesses

Naturally, a good holiday destination for gay families has gay-friendly accommodations and businesses. You’ll likely find plenty of these businesses in the areas where the local LGBTQ communities are located.

More importantly, you’ll also want to look for family-friendly businesses. After all, you might be less interested in the nightlife if you’re traveling with family. Instead, places where children can have a good time might be higher on your list of priorities.

There are many benefits to seeking out these kinds of locations. For example, staying at these accommodations could help you and your family feel even more accepted by the local community.

Better yet, you’ll also get added peace of mind when resting at night.

Meanwhile, visiting these places could also be your way of supporting the local LGBTQ community with your dollars and cents.

So not only would you be enjoying your holiday, but you’re also doing a lot of good while you’re at it!

5. Places With Special Events

Here’s something you can consider if you’re struggling to choose your ideal holiday destination: special events.

Traveling to a destination with a special event happening simultaneously can make it a more memorable experience for you and your family.

A typical example is Pride Parades. Some people plan their travels exclusively to attend Pride Parades worldwide and experience what it’s like up close!

You can also do the same by shortlisting potential holiday destinations and identifying important events happening at those places.

Top 6 Gay Family Travel Destinations

You can find gay- and family-friendly travel destinations worldwide, especially following the considerations described above.

If you’re not sure where to start, you can check out these top 5 gay family travel destinations (in no particular order):

San Francisco (US)

Suppose you want to take your family for a holiday in the United States. In that case, one of the best destinations you can pick is San Francisco in California.

San Francisco is an excellent choice for so many reasons. For starters, it has an incredibly long history of activism in the LGBTQ community. Not only has that activism benefited locals, but it has also set a shining example for similar communities worldwide.

That long history has also resulted in the wide and open acceptance of gay travelers in the city, with all sorts of attractions, businesses, and activities perfect for a gay family on holiday.

Some attractions you can consider visiting include Alcatraz Island and the Golden Gate Park.

Naturally, the city also hosts plenty of LGBTQ-centered events throughout the year. With some research, you can find plenty of different things for your family to do while visiting the city.

Barcelona (Spain)

If you’re looking for a European destination, consider Barcelona in Spain. The city and the overall country are some of the most accepting in Europe, if not the world.

From the moment you land, you can expect to enjoy the warm, welcoming feeling that the city is known for among gay travelers. That warm feeling undoubtedly extends to traveling gay families as well.

As a destination, Barcelona is an excellent choice if you or your family members appreciate architecture and culture. The city is known for both and has plenty to experience throughout your time there.

Some popular things you can look forward to are beaches and parks where your family can lounge leisurely without any rush. Plus, there are popular attractions like the Barcelona Zoo that young family members will surely enjoy.

Reykjavik (Iceland)

Families looking for a colder environment during their holiday can also consider Iceland or its capital, Reykjavik.

Without a doubt, this destination ranks highly when it comes to LGBTQ acceptance. So, there are no safety or security concerns you need to be mindful of. Diversity thrives very well in this place.

Aside from that, you’ll also find plenty of natural attractions like hot springs, waterfalls, and the like.

Bottom line: this is an excellent holiday destination for families enjoying colder climates and wanting to be closer to nature.

Toronto (Canada)

You can consider Toronto in Canada if you’re looking for a more urban international destination that’s still somewhat close to the US. The country as a whole is known for being incredibly gay-friendly as it is. Still, the city of Toronto is quite exceptional in its diversity.

There, you’ll find a multicultural city with a thriving gay community. On top of that, there are lots of family-friendly travel activities like visiting the Toronto Zoo and the Royal Ontario Museum.

Given how widely accepted the LGBTQ community is in Toronto, you won’t necessarily find gay-owned businesses and accommodations concentrated in specific parts of the city.

Instead, you’ll find them scattered throughout Toronto. As a result, you’ll want to do more online research as you plan to ensure that where you stay isn’t too far from the places you intend to visit.

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Amsterdam in the Netherlands is a destination if you’re looking for something with a bit more edge.

Undoubtedly, Amsterdam is incredibly open and accepting regarding the gay community. After all, the Netherlands is the first one in the world to legalize same-sex marriage, paving the way for other nations to follow suit.

Besides that, the city of Amsterdam is known for being open-minded and progressive when it comes to all kinds of lifestyles.

So, on the one hand, you’ll have no problems finding plenty of family-friendly tourist hotspots like parks, museums, and shopping places.

On the other hand, you also have plenty of nightlife, like bars and nightclubs, if the adults in the family want to let loose while on holiday.

Taipei (Taiwan)

Gay families that want to visit Asia can’t go wrong when choosing Taipei in Taiwan. This destination stands out among others in the region because it’s known as being one of the most LGBTQ-friendly places on this side of the world.

The country maintains a progressive stance towards the community and has a very open and accepting atmosphere. Travelers are almost sure to have a positive experience when coming here.

Aside from the gay-friendly environment, there are plenty of family-friendly activities to enjoy here. The zoo and amusement park are just some examples, though plenty of others cater to traveling families.

On top of that, Taipei also has annual events that make it even more worth visiting. For instance, it hosts the largest Pride Parade in Asia, making it a memorable cultural experience when visiting.

Besides that, you’ll have no problems finding other family-friendly events to plan your visit around throughout the year.

Additional Gay Family Travel Tips

Suppose you’ve chosen the perfect holiday destination for you and your family and have begun planning. In that case, here are a few additional tips to keep in mind before and during your travels:

Here are a few more travel tips to keep in mind before you leave for your holiday:

  • Check Travel Advisories: Always watch for travel advisories before and during your trip. These advisories will tell you if any ongoing issues make traveling to the destination risky. They also provide helpful information while you’re on your trip, like who to call for help if you get in trouble.
  • Review Travel Documents: Always double-check your travel documents before and during your trip. For example, your passport should be valid with an expiration date still far off. These documents can affect your ability to access transportation and cross borders, so it’s always a good idea to recheck them and be sure they’re valid.
  • Pack Your Essentials: Traveling light is a great idea, but be sure to pack your essentials. Not only does that include things like medications, but also essentials for children like toys or other comfort items.
  • Have An Emergency Plan: Lastly, always have an emergency plan. No matter how safe the destination might be, travelers sometimes need to get back home as quickly as possible. So, be mindful of things like your transportation options and carrying emergency cash. Plus, it also helps to know how to contact your local embassy.

Above all, planning becomes easier when you start early. That way, you’ll have plenty of time to remember important things and prepare for them accordingly.

Making last-minute travel plans is never a good idea, as you risk overlooking important things and making mistakes.

Final Thoughts

Overall, remember that there are plenty of destinations you can choose from for gay family-friendly travel. You can choose from the top 6 mentioned in this guide, which were San Francisco (US), Barcelona (Spain), Reykjavik (Iceland), Toronto (Canada), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Taipei (Taiwan).

Alternatively, you can also find your own destinations by considering them carefully. As long as it’s a safe destination that’s open, welcoming, and full of family-friendly attractions and activities, you can expect to have a memorable holiday experience with your loved ones.

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