What To Gift For Gay Couple Anniversary

If you are part of a gay couple and you’ve got an anniversary coming up, you may be racking your brain for ideas about what you can give your partner – and we’ve got you covered. Many of these will also work if you’re looking for a gift for a gay couple you are friends with, so check out this list and find the perfect gift!

Some great ideas include things like a personalized slate door sign, a personalized doormat, photo frames, heart-shaped cocktail glasses, fun pillowcases, trinket keychains, a personalized journal, some nice mugs, some wall art, unique candles, or pride bracelets.

Remember, what matters with these gifts is that they suit the recipients and that they feel personal, so pick something that feels right. Hopefully, you’ll get some great ideas – let’s get started!

1) Personalized Slate Door Sign

If you live with your partner (or you’re gifting to a couple who live together), an ornament for around the home can be a lovely, much-appreciated gift. Slate door signs are classy and easy to customize, so you can tailor them to the recipient perfectly.

Consider having a significant date, the couple’s names, or a favorite phrase or poem on the sign, and it will make a lovely gift that creates a sense of personality in the home. Additionally, the recipient(s) will think of you every time they step through the door, which is a lovely thing to imagine!

pride doormat

2) Personalized Doormat

If a slate door sign doesn’t seem quite right but you liked the general concept, a personalized doormat is another option that can work very well. There are many kinds of mats out there; some have funny phrases, some are cute, and some are decorated with names or important dates.

Whichever you go for, this is another lovely way to make the home look more interesting and unique, and it’s a practical present too – everybody needs a doormat.

3) Fun Photo Frames

Photo frames are a great present because they are both personal and thoughtful. There are a couple of aspects to choosing this kind of gift: firstly, you need to pick the frame, and then you need to decide what’s going in it!

When choosing the frame, think carefully about the recipient and their tastes. Do they like loud and bright? Tasteful and sophisticated? Sleek and modern? Retro and jazzy? No matter what their preferences, you’ll be able to find frames to fit if you spend a bit of time looking, and this is a great way to ensure your gift says “I thought hard about this.”

Next, it’s time to choose a great snap for the frame (or snaps, depending on what kind of frame you choose). This is just as important! You want to make sure it’s a really memorable picture, with everybody in it looking their best. You get bonus points if it’s a photo the recipient hasn’t seen before, or of a particularly meaningful moment.

This is a fabulous gift to opt for, and it will be much-appreciated by most recipients. It again has the advantage of brightening up the home.

4) Heart-Shaped Cocktail Glasses

If you know the individual in question loves a fancy cocktail or two, this is a fantastic and very romantic gift. Heart-shaped cocktail glasses are unique, sweet, and fun, and they will say “I love you” in many moments to come – whenever you sit down for a drink together, in fact. You could personalize them with names for an extra fun touch, or just enjoy them as they are.

If you can’t find heart-shaped glasses, normal cocktail glasses are also a cute and practical gift – why not see if you can get some with a rainbow sheen, or have them engraved with an important date? However you choose to spice them up, definitely consider them as an option for an anniversary.

Add to the enjoyment of this gift by including a couple of bottles of something nice… after all, you want the gift to be useful straight away, don’t you? Gift a drink as well as the vessel to go with it makes for a fantastic present!

Heart-Shaped Cocktail Glasses

5) Luxury Pillowcases

Pillowcases are practical too – and you shouldn’t underestimate the value of really nice bedding. Many people only splurge on beautiful bedding when they are buying gifts – so this is a perfect opportunity.

Pillowcases are a particularly lovely option (though you can go for a whole bed set if you’re feeling generous). After all, your face is touching the pillowcase all night, so having some lovely, luxury material is a noticeably nice experience. Choose high thread counts and a natural material like cotton, silk, or eco-silk, and you’ll have a wonderful gift.

Pillowcases are also fairly easy to personalize, either yourself if you’re crafty, or by paying somebody to do it. Add a favorite phrase or key date, and you’ve got a tailored present, unique to the recipient and very practical. This ticks all the boxes! They will think of you every time they relax at the end of the day.

6) Trinket Keychains

If you want something smaller but still practical, a cute keychain can make a good gift as well. Choose matching ones, such as puzzle pieces that fit together, or half-hearts that are completed when you reunite.

That might sound a little corny, but there are many couples who would love it, so if you’re one of them, embrace it! You could also consider getting cute pictures of each other, so you can look at your loved one wherever you are.

This can be part of a bigger gift if you feel like it’s not enough on its own – but it doesn’t have to be. After all, it’s the thought that counts, and this is certainly a thoughtful gift.

7) Personalized Journals

If you’re both inclined toward writing down your thoughts and composing bits of prose, personalized journals can make a lovely anniversary gift. You might have a special project in mind, such as “record all our special dates together” or “write ten meaningful things to each other every month” or simply “document the things I love about you.”

It doesn’t matter what they’re for – having matching personalized journals says a lot, and you can even write a few sweet phrases in your partner’s to explain the gift and say how much they mean to you. Put the date of your anniversary in the start, have the cover inscribed with something important, and you’ve got a high-end, beautiful gift.

Journals can have all kinds of uses, and it’s very likely that this will go across well. It’s particularly nice if you have a special purpose in mind, but even if you don’t, a journal can be a lovely choice.

Personalized Journals

8) Nice Mugs

Matching mugs can also be cute and fun, and they’re again practical. If you and your partner enjoy hot drinks (or you’re gifting to a couple who does), this is a definite winner. Mugs come in all shapes and sizes, and have all kinds of funny, thoughtful, and unique ideas printed on them – so finding the perfect one should be easy.

You can also get mugs personalized if there’s something in particular you want to say, or a date you want to remember. Get your names added to the mugs so you’ll always know whose is whose, or go for “Mr and Mr” or “Mrs and Mrs” if you prefer that approach. 

There’s nothing like sipping your morning coffee or evening cocoa from a mug that was chosen especially with you in mind, and this is a wonderful way to tell the recipient that you thought long and hard about what they would like.

9) Wall Art

Wall art is an ideal gift whether you live with your partner or not; it brightens up a space, brings in color, and shows you know their tastes. You can get almost any kind of art for the wall, whether that’s amazing photographic prints, pop art, retro style paintings, historical canvases, fun text, or something else.

Wall art can also be customized, like so many things, to talk about the importance of your relationship. You might get a painting of the two of you together, choose a “Mr & Mr” or “Mrs & Mrs” sign, select colors that particularly speak to you as a couple, or have a comic created for the two of you.

It doesn’t matter what you do – wall art makes a fantastic anniversary gift, and it’s something you will look at again and again, and appreciate repeatedly over the years to come. Chosen with care, wall art can be one of the best gifts there is!

10) Unique Candles

Candles also make fantastic gifts, especially if your partner (or the couple in question) likes this sort of thing. Choose eco-friendly candles for the sake of the planet; ones made of soy wax are often a good choice, and are thought to be healthier to burn than paraffin wax.

Candles are often dismissed as being too cutesy, but if you choose them with care, they can be fantastic because there are so many options. You don’t just have to get plain vanilla candles in a glass holder – you can get fun shapes and colors. Who wouldn’t want a rainbow candle on their mantelpiece, celebrating their love?

They’re also often pretty inexpensive, so if you’re gifting on a budget or you’ve got another big gift in mind and you just want a small token to go with it, candles are a great option.

11) Pride Bracelets

Want some jewelry to symbolize love? There are so many options out there, and you can choose something that will precisely suit your giftee – whether that’s a braided leather bracelet, a dainty silver chain, or something else. Look for something with a dash of rainbow in it or a rainbow pendant to make it more specifically about pride, or just choose something you know they will love!


There are many great gifts you can get for a gay couple’s anniversary, whether you’re gifting to people you know or your partner. Cool, personalized items are always a win to show you’re being thoughtful, and practical gifts will almost always take the prize!

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