What Is The Best Free Dating App For Gay Men In The USA?

Let’s be honest, the days of scoring dates the old-fashioned way are long gone. People aren’t going to bars, clubs, etc. to find dates nowadays. Oh no. They are using apps. If you’re a gay man looking to date somebody, you need to pull out your phone and hook up that way. But, what is the best free dating app for gay men?

On this page, we’ll not only tell you the exact dating app that you should be using but also why you should be using it. We promise you, if you use the recommendation that we give you here, it doesn’t matter who you are, you will score a date pretty easily. We’ve seen people get dates within a day or two!

Our Recommendation For The Best Free Dating App for Gay Men in the USA

Grindr. It has to be Grindr. While there are tons and tons of gay dating apps out there, no other app has quite the same number of subscribers as Grindr. It doesn’t matter where you head in the US, there will always be tons and tons of people that you can chat with via Grindr, and most people manage to score a few dates through it too, often with very little effort at all.

Throughout the rest of this page, we’ll tell you more about why Grindr is the best free dating app for gay men in the USA. We’ll cover the features, the pros, and the cons. 

Grindr the best free dating app for gay men in usa

Features of Grindr

So, why should you be using Grindr? What does it bring to the table? Well, quite a few things! There is a reason why it is one of the top gay dating apps in the world. In fact, go to any country where being gay is legal, and you will find hundreds of people in your local area. 

Choice of Men

Because Grindr is one of the oldest gay dating apps in the world, it is where you are going to find the vast majority of gay people. Honestly, if there is a gay singleton looking to get out there in the world of dating, then they are probably going to have a Grindr account. This is what makes it the best free app, in our opinion.

Because Grindr has so many users (over 15 million around the world), it doesn’t matter where you are in the United States, you probably will find some people that are close to you. 

Localized Search

Grindr will always show you the gay men that live closest to you, sometimes in a very, very accurate way. This means that the profiles that are displayed to you will change frequently depending on where you are located. Of course, you can narrow down the search if you wish. This will allow you to search for gay people in other areas of the United States.

Messaging System

Grindr has a complete messaging system. We’ll talk about this more in a short while, but you’ll be surprised at how many people are willing to engage with you.

Despite being a free app, you get a decent number of chats each and every day (free accounts are limited in the amount of conversations they can start). There are very few gay apps out there that allow you free chats, so Grindr is really successful here.

Grindr is also a lot better than Tinder on this front since you won’t have to wait for somebody to message you before you reach out to them!

Video Chat System

Grindr lets you send both video messages and make video calls. Again, this is something that you will rarely ever get with some of the free gay dating apps out there. So, Grindr stands head and shoulders above the rest of the platforms.

The video chat system makes dating a whole lot easier. It means that you can get to know somebody long before you meet them in person. This means that you are unlikely to get disappointed when you meet somebody. We are sure everybody has been there, right? Somebody ends up not looking like their profile picture. It just feels like a wasted date. Avoid that all with a video chat.

Video Chat dating app for gay men in usa

Photo Sending 

Grindr allows photo sending. This means that you can share a few additional photos to try and woo somebody. As far as we know, this is the only top free gay dating app that allows you to send NSFW photos too. However, if you prefer not to receive those images, you can turn off that feature in Grindr! 

Profile Search

We are 100% positive that when you are looking for somebody to date on Grindr, you already know what you are looking for. Therefore, you’ll be pleased to know that Grindr offers a very, very extensive profile search system. This is a system that even the free users of Grindr will have access to.

With the profile search, you can search for people based on their characteristics, what they are looking for from their dating, where they are located, etc. Basically, a whole load of information.

Based on the information that you give Grindr, you will start to get customized selections of people on your home page. This should make it far, far easier for you to find a date through the platform. After all, the more you tell Grindr what you like, the more likely you are to find people who have very similar thoughts to you.

Pros of Grindr

As we said, one of the major pros of Grindr is the sheer number of people that are available through the platform. This means that most people shouldn’t have too many issues finding people to talk to.

In our experience, the people of Grindr are incredibly talkative too. There is no dating app out there (and we include the non-gay dating apps here), that offers the same talking experience as Grindr. It seems as if 90% of the people here are friendly. So, if you take the time to choose the right person for you, you probably won’t struggle to find a decent date on the platform.

We also love the messaging system. This is an area that Grindr has spent a lot of time developing over the years. It originally just allowed standard messages to be sent, but being able to send videos and photos has really enhanced the system ensuring that you can get your dating off to a great start! In fact, the extensive features on the Grindr messaging system meant that we really felt as if we knew somebody long before we even met them in person.

Finally, almost all of the app is free. While there are some features locked behind a paywall, you never really feel as if the lack of payment is limiting you in the app. Paying just enhances your experience. If you don’t pay, you will still have access to the vast majority of features available on Grindr. Of course, most people end up paying for the platform, especially when they see how many dates they are able to get. 

Cons of Grindr

The major con of Grindr is that it may be difficult to find somebody looking for long-term dating. Not that they don’t exist, but Grindr has more of a reputation for being a hookup app. But, as long as you are crystal clear about what you are looking for on Grindr, then you shouldn’t have too many issues. If somebody is only looking for a hookup, then they will probably stop talking to you when you tell them that you are looking for something longer-term anyway.

Secondly, while we said this is a free app (and it is a free app), you may find that some features are limited if you do not pay. Although, this isn’t generally going to be a massive issue. Even if you remain a free user, you are able to message everybody. So, you aren’t going to be told that you need to pay for a membership if you wish to message somebody in particular. Although, do bear in mind that you may have a limit on the number of people that you can message per day. So, make sure that you put a bit of thought into who you message and you should be fine!

Dating app for gay men in usa

Alternatives to Grindr

While Grindr is without a doubt the best free dating app for gay men in the USA, it is always worth having an account on multiple platforms. We also suggest people make an account on Tinder and Bumble. While they don’t have anywhere near as many gay people as Tinder, you’ll have more options and this can never be a bad thing.

Final Thoughts

If you want the best free dating app for gay men in the USA, then you should use Grindr. There is no other platform with the same number of subscribers. It is where the vast majority of single gay men in the USA are, and it means that you should be too (if you’re looking for a date). We can almost guarantee that you’ll find a date in a day or two if you put the effort in.

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