What Is The Best City For Solo Gay Travelers?

Nobody wants to travel alone. While there is fun to be had, humans are naturally sociable, and it is fun to meet other people and have a bit of a laugh. This is why many solo travelers will look for locations where they can meet up with like-minded people and have a bit of a chat.

If you are a gay solo traveler, then you are going to absolutely love this list. We have put together a list of some of the best gay cities in the world for solo travelers. We have some from Europe, a couple in North America, and one in Asia. No matter what part of the world you plan to head to, there should be an option for you here.

We have tried to choose places that have a decent gay culture there, which means that you shouldn’t have too many issues finding people to mingle with and have a bit of fun! 

Brighton, United Kingdom

Brighton is the ‘gay capital of the United Kingdom’, and probably has a larger gay population there than most other places in Europe. It even boasts one of the largest, and longest-running, gay pride festivals in the world.

Brighton has a reputation for being one of the most accepting places in Europe, so you should feel free to be whoever you want here. In fact, just wander around the many small streets of Brighton and you’ll be in awe at just how comfortable everybody is to be here. We love it!

Because Brighton has a massive gay population, the place is absolutely packed with gay bars and pubs, which means that you shouldn’t have too many issues finding people to party the night away with. Not a fan of partying? That’s fine too! There are plenty of other activities that you can dive into.

On top of all of this, Brighton is right by the beach. Head here in the summer, and you can have a good soak in the sun. You’re just an hour away from London by the train too, which is nice if you want to explore one of the other top cities in the world. London, of course, isn’t really known as bing a ‘gay city’, but there are plenty of options there if you fancy taking the journey. 

San Francisco, United States

San Fransico gay culture

If you are in the United States, then San Francisco may be perfect for you. As you probably know, San Francisco is also known for its gay culture, and just how accepting everybody is here. A good chunk of the city is packed full of gay businesses but, honestly, you’ll find those places just about everywhere you look. We don’t think there is any other place in the US where you can feel more accepted for who you are.

Of course, because San Francisco is so accepting of gay people, it isn’t going to be unsafe to travel there, even as a solo traveler. Once you are in San Francisco, we doubt it’ll be too long before you find some people to chat to, especially if you head to one of the many gay bars in the area.

Of course, being the ‘gay capital of the United States’ isn’t the only thing that San Francisco brings to the table. It is also a cultural hub, and you’ll find plenty of art galleries and museums scattered around the area. As it is a larger city, and a major tourist destination, you’ll have no trouble finding an attraction or two to visit.

If you want to head to San Francisco (and we seriously suggest everybody visits this city at least once), then we suggest that you come during the gay pride event held each year. We don’t think there is a single place in the world that will make you feel more welcoming and, if you’re willing to put yourself out there, you’ll probably make friends for life! 

Prague, Czech Republic

Gay friendly Prague

The Czech Republic is known as one of the most accepting countries in Europe when it comes to gay rights. You could head almost anywhere within the country and you are going to feel accepted. However, for a solo traveler, we suggest that you head to Prague. 

Prague is a bit different from the two other major cities that we have discussed so far. This is because Prague is still an ‘up and coming’ gay city. It is a new entrant on the gay scene, basically. Most of the gay culture (i.e. your bars and clubs) is concentrated around the Vinohrady area, but you probably won’t find as much of a culture as what has developed over decades in the likes of Brighton and San Francisco.

So, why are we recommending Prague to you, then? Well, because the city is incredibly accepting. While there isn’t a huge amount of dedicated ‘gay’ activities in the city, there is nowhere that you can walk in Prague and not feel safe. It is one of the safest cities in Central Europe.

Prague is also a very old city, and much of the original city still remains. This means that there is plenty to explore, and you’ll get to enjoy beautiful buildings and museums that will show you the history of the Czech Republic, and Europe as a whole.

On top of all of this, Prague is an insanely cheap city to head to, considering it is in Europe. So, if you are a solo gay traveler on a budget, then it may be worth making a beeline for Prague. You’ll find a decent gay community, with lots and lots of history and culture, and you probably won’t have to spend too much cash to enjoy the area. How cool is that?

Mexico City, Mexico

Over the last decade or so, Mexico City has rapidly grown its gay culture. It started out as a rather bohemian town where artists and freethinkers would gather, and this led to Mexico City starting to develop a reputation for being an incredibly accepting place. So, if you are a solo gay traveler, then it may be worth visiting.

Now, we know that you have probably heard horror stories of the violence that Mexico has to deal with. However, we can assure you that Mexico City is safe. Obviously, there is a little bit of crime, but the same can be said for pretty much any other major city on the planet. As long as you keep your wits about you, you should be fine. We promise you that nobody will directly target you for being gay.

In recent years, Mexico City has developed its own gay area. Almost all of the best activities are going to be centered on Zona Rosa. So, if you want to be at the heart of gay culture in Mexico City, then we suggest that you book a hotel or hostel in or around this area. The area boasts a party atmosphere almost every night.

If you head outside of Zona Rosa, you may find a few other gay clubs and bars, but nowhere near as many as within Zona Rosa itself, mostly because the gay culture in Mexico City is still developing. 

If you want the most excitement in Mexico City, then we suggest that you head here in June. This is when the annual gay pride event happens, and it seems to get bigger each year. Most of the festivities will be targeted on Zona Rosa, but almost all the top businesses throughout Mexico City will get decorated up to celebrate gay pride.

Bangkok, Thailand

Gay friendly Bangkok

Unfortunately, there aren’t a huge number of places in Asia where you can really feel accepted as a gay person. Well, you can. There just isn’t much of a gay culture there, which can make it insanely hard for a solo traveler to be able to interact with people. Thankfully, you have Bangkok.

Bangkok goes all-in on the gay culture, and there is barely a place in the city you can go without being greeted with it. We love that! During the summer months, and the latter part of the year (normally around New Year’s Eve), the city has a wealth of gay pride celebrations that you can take part in.

Now, don’t get us wrong. Bangkok is a very expensive place to travel, at least compared to some of the other places that you’ll find in Thailand. But, if you want to travel to Asia and get absorbed in gay culture, then Bangkok is probably the best place to head. The only other place that even comes close is Hong Kong.


As you can see, when it comes to cities to visit for gay solo travelers, you have plenty of choices. We highly recommend that you check out each of the destinations on this list. If you do plan to head somewhere else, then make sure that you always do your research. This way, you can be sure that you’ll end up in a gay-friendly destination. 

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