What Is A Binder Bra?

For lots of non-binary and transgender people, a binder can be a very helpful and effective way to deal with gender dysphoria.

What Is A Binder Bra?

Wearing a binder helps to boost mental health because it works as a great tool for people to express themselves, specifically those who want to portray a more masculine or non-binary look. 

A binder works as a compression garment that flattens your breasts. They are commonly made from spandex and nylon.

They are very tight and before you use one you should be informed on how to wear one so as to prevent injury! 

Read on for more information on binder bras and how to safely wear one. 

What Is Binding?

Binding is a technique commonly used to reduce the effects of gender dysphoria. Binding reduces the way that a person’s chest looks. 

It is not a tool that works for everyone, and not all non-binary or transgender people find that it works for them.

Not all people who are trans masculine and non-binary will bind if they have not had surgery. 

It is also important to be aware that just because people bind, it does not necessarily mean that they identify as transgender or non-binary. Some people choose to use binders to reduce the appearance of their breasts for other reasons.

Is It Dangerous To Use A Binder?

Binding can be dangerous if it is not done properly. However, for most people, these physical risks are worth the benefits of using the binder.

For many, binding provides a strong emotional relief that outweighs the small physical danger that they pose. 

What Are The Risks Of Using A Binder?

If a binder is not used correctly, there are some physical risks involved. These include: 

  • Back problems 
  • Restricted breathing 
  • Restricted blood flow
  • Cracked ribs

How To Safely Use A Binder?

Because using a binder can cause these physical injuries, it is important to follow these steps to ensure that you are using a binder safely.

  1. Ensure you purchase your binder from a reliable manufacturer. You should accept that you may have to try a few different binders before you find one that fits you well. 
  2. You should measure your chest so that you purchase a binder of the correct size. 
  3. Make sure you listen to your body. You may not be able to wear the binder all the time as it can get uncomfortable. Make sure you give your body a break when it needs it. It may be harder to wear the binder during the summer. 
  4. Seek professional help and advice. Especially if you experience any pain when you are binding. 
  5. Ask a professional to show you how to put on and take off the binder at first in order to learn how to put it on correctly and safely.

What Should You Avoid When Wearing A Binder?

What Should You Avoid When Wearing A Binder?

It is recommended that when you are wearing a binder, you follow the steps below to make sure that you are using it safely. 

  1. You should avoid using duct tape to bind with. This can be very dangerous and can cause severe injury! You must use something that is intended for binding. Sometimes, people who can’t afford a binder may choose to bind their chest using tools they can find at home. This is a bad idea as it will damage your skin and, if you use duct tape, it will tighten as you move, causing very serious injury.
  2. If you often find that you are between two sizes, you should always choose the bigger size to avoid injury. If it turns out to be too big, you can always exchange it. 
  3. It is a good idea to take days off from binding, for instance, if you are just going to be at home for the day, this is a good opportunity to take a break. 
  4. Make sure that you don’t bind for more than 10 hours at a time.
  5. It is not safe to double bind as this can cause injury. 
  6. You can wear two t-shirts on top of your binder to help to make your chest look flatter. 
  7. You should never sleep in your binder. 
  8. You should never wear your binder during exercise. There are swimming binders available, or you can opt for a sports bra during exercise.

Are There Any Alternatives To Binding? 

Binding is not for everyone, and some people find that it really doesn’t work for them. If you find it uncomfortable, you could consider talking to your family and friends about the experience as this may make you feel more comfortable with taking breaks when you are with them. 

Exercise can change the appearance of breasts, changing some of the breast tissue. This may make your chest look flatter.

There is also the option of using TransTape. This was invented by someone who didn’t get on with binders. 

Layered clothing is a good alternative to binders as it makes your chest look flatter.

A sports bra will also make your chest look flatter and it is a lot more comfortable than a binder.

Do not design yourself a makeshift binder at home. You must have a specially designed binder in order to avoid any injury or damage.

What Material Are Binders Made From?

In order to achieve the compression that they are aiming for, the majority of binders are made from spandex.

They often contain a cotton panel which is added in for comfort. Binders are designed to be worn underneath clothing.

If you are wearing a binder as a swimming top, you should ensure that it is made from a material that is water friendly.

Final Thoughts

It is understandable that when you are wearing a binder, you want it to look a certain way. It is very important to make sure that you do not cause any injury or harm to your body in the process.

Binding is a fantastic tool for those who experience gender dysphoria or those who identify as transgender or non-binary, as long as it is used safely!

Gay Worlley

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