What Genre Are The Most Read In Gay Webtoons?


If you’re just getting into gay webtoons, you might be curious about the different genres and which are the most popular within this sector – a lot of people want to know, either so they can find great webtoons or figure out what they should be looking to produce themselves if they’re interested in making gay webtoons.

There are many different genres of webtoons, and it’s tricky to say precisely which genre is the most read – but we can explore the most popular ones. Slice of life is one of the most commonly seen, and BL and GL are very readily available. There’s also fantasy, thriller, romance, drama, and many more. A lot of the webtoons will span multiple genres, but these are a starting point.

With all this in mind, there’s a high chance that you’re looking for some top gay webtoons to explore, so let’s check these out, and consider what genres they fit into!

1) Boyfriends, By Refrainbow (Slice Of Life)

If you’re looking for a light-hearted, easygoing webtoon where everybody is sweet and lovely, this is the one for you. It’s a very pleasant read and covers all kinds of relationships, including polyamorous ones.

The phrase “heart eyes” was pretty much made for this comic, with people falling for each other left, right, and center, and some wonderful explorations of dating life going on. There’s also a bit of subtle trans representation going on with a character wearing a binder – and that’s totally got readers on board.

This webtoon is well worth a read if you want something representing everyday life and the ebb and flow of various relationships, so check it out!

2) To The Stars And Back, By Peglo (Slice Of Life)

Love a main character who reflects your introverted tendencies and makes you feel okay about yourself? Kang Dae likes to be by himself as much as possible; he’s one of the ultimate introverts… until the typical sunshine sweetheart, Bo Seon, steps into his life and turns everything around for him.

Bo Seon is your standard darling: bubbly and energetic and full of fun – and determined to pull Kang Dae out of his shell and into a beautiful romance. He’s so adorable, readers everywhere are falling in love right alongside Kang Dae, and although it’s a story that has been done before, we’re totally here for it.

The comic is a wonderful representation of the slice of life genre that we all know and love; it’s so nice to watch the average, everyday happenings of the world made magical by this approach.

3) Small World, By Wonsun Jin (Slice Of Life)

The title says it all here: this is a comic that just follows the everyday moments of a gay couple navigating the world and handling the challenges and beauty of the everyday. If you want to see normal life represented in a heart-warming, beautiful way, this is the comic for you.

It follows Julien and Robin’s journey through life, focusing on the things that bring them together and the world that they exist in. It takes a sweet, funny, silly approach, and it’s full of warmth and love, reflecting a romantic relationship that many readers adore.

We love every moment, big or small, and we also love the art style; it’s simple, sweet, and unique – perfect for the story that Wonsun Jin is weaving. If you want an easygoing gay webtoon, this really is one you should check out.

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4) Obnoxious Hero-Kun, By Amanda Rahimi (BL)

If you enjoy seeing the stereotypical tropes of BL turned on their head, you’ll love Obnoxious Hero-Kun, a self-aware webtoon that plays around with some of the more tired ideas and makes them fresh. Hiro is the much-loved and somewhat narcissistic main character who can win girls over with a smile and a wink.

Takashi sits in front of Hiro in class, and he’s an aloof, stoic, cold character who Hiro is definitely not interested in… but who is he kidding? Takashi takes his breath away, and the reader’s too – the first kiss between them is quite something.

The story is pretty mature, but for readers who love satire and want to see the standard approaches inverted. Not all of the jokes land with us (the humor is pretty dry), but overall, it’s well worth reading, and it’s got a decent level of spice in it!

5) Eyes On Me, By Loonytwin (BL)

If you love a slow-burn relationship, this is the one for you – and it gets pretty spicy at points, although there are more censored versions available, depending on where you look online. If you want the full version, check it out on Tapas, while for the more PG one, head to Webtoon. Neither is over the top, but you can opt for the more SFW one if you prefer.

The plot follows shy Evan and his cautious venture into a relationship with Marcus – who is a little more experienced, and finds Evan irresistibly cute. It’s not just a standard romance, though; both characters are harboring secrets that they aren’t yet ready to share, and this threatens their growing relationship.

With a distinct art style and satisfying, sweet drawings, Eyes On Me has a lot of readers happy, and it’s a great addition to the BL genre.

6) Us Right Now, By Yurine The Bunny (GL)

Moving into the GL genre, we have Us Right Now, a sweet and moving webtoon that follows the relationship between two girls, Noa and Rina. The two meet at university and fall deeply in love with each other, but when Noa runs away from home, how does Rina react?

The two are deeply in love, but not without their problems – as we see in the very first episode. It’s an adorable relationship, but it goes much deeper than you might expect, unraveling powerful feelings and many of the challenges that couples face in the modern world.

You can fall deeply for both Noa and Rina, so if GL is the genre that attracts you, this is certainly one worth checking out.

7) Solar Eclipse, By Mimiilu (GL)

For readers who like to mix some fictional elements into their GL genre, Solar Eclipse is definitely a promising read. The story follows the war of angels and demons, a war that has been raging for centuries… but all that is about to change when the angel Anthéia comes across a strange female demon with locks of gold.

Suddenly, the war ceases to matter, and all Anthéia can think about is the demon girl she is starting to fall for. The art in this webtoon is very unique and the color choices are amazing. There’s something very soothing about the style choices, although they are more simplistic than you’ll see in some other webtoons.

The story starts out with the young Anthéia’s curiosity about the demons, and her posing the naive question of friendship – only to be shot down by her classmates and teacher. This beautifully sets the scene for her falling in love with a demon, and crafts a narrative arc of enemies-to-lovers, which many readers love.

8) Always Human, By WalkingNorth (Sci-Fi)

Want to step into the sci-fi genre and see snippets of the future that could be? Always Human could be your best bet here! The story follows the paths of two young girls who are falling in love with each other, in a world that has become supremely focused on technology.

The idea behind this is that humanity will prevail, no matter what tech we create, and human emotions will continue – including love. The women live in a world of genetic engineering, nanobots, and more, but Sunati and Austen are exploring a very wholesome relationship in the center of all that.

Sure, the tech has relevancy and it alters the world that the characters live in, but the author’s message remains clear: we are fundamentally always going to be human, and our emotions will never be eradicated, no matter what we invent or how powerful it is.

Add to that the beauty of this webtoon, which is soft, gentle, and deliciously watercolor, and it’s no wonder it has left fans starry-eyed. Where you might expect webtoons in the sci-fi genre to be technical and full of sharp, harsh lines, this is nice and subversive, and we totally love it.

9) Muted, By Miranda Mundt (Fantasy)

A delightful witch-based fantasy, this follows the story of Camille Severin, a black sheep in a family of witches. An orphan, she has been protected by the clan up to the crucial coming-of-age ritual, but then things go very wrong… and that leads Camille to a journey where she must learn about who she is and the secrets of her life.

The story is gripping and engaging, and this is a great addition to the world of gay webtoons. The art style won’t be to everyone’s tastes, but it’s bright and attractive enough for most! If you’re a fan of fantasy and you like a bit of magic in your stories, check this out.

10) Hotel Phryne, By Studio Sibo (Thriller)

This actually fits into a whole range of genres, including BL, fantasy, mystery, and more, but we’ve included it under the thriller category. It’s a wonderfully mature take on romance and covers an ambitious and exciting plot, incorporating supernatural elements to make everything more engaging.

The story follows Hyung and Doyoung, who are heading on a date together – but that goes rather wrong when Hyung is cloned repeatedly, and Doyoung must devote his energies to figuring out which the real one is…

It’s an emotional rollercoaster throughout, and it beautifully approaches the idea of different personalities, questioning identity and the sense of self. The story is very unique, and we can pretty much guarantee you won’t have read anything else like it.

The reviews have been extremely positive, praising the story for its extraordinary take on life and people. It’s definitely one to get into if you love a touching ending, too – though prepare to be a little traumatized at the same time!

11) The Doctors Are Out, By Blau (Romance)

Want a pure romance between two doctors with very similar names and professions? This is a hilarious but very emotional webtoon, where Dr. Guevara and Dr. Guevera initially form a heated rivalry and cause much confusion for their would-be patients… and there’s some wonderful pettiness going on.

As the story develops, though, the two begin to see more in each other, and gradually – well, you can probably guess what happens. Light-hearted but still serious enough to grab readers, this is a wonderful webtoon to explore.

12) Novae, By KaixJu (Drama)

This could just as easily come under the heading “romance” to be honest, and it also incorporates elements of fantasy as it follows Sulvain and Raziol. Sulvain is a necromancer with a painful past, but a very good heart, while Raziol is an astronomer – and they’re about to plunge into the beauty of exploring the cosmos together.

This is a relationship written in the stars, but it’s not as simple as all that… when trouble begins to ignite in the streets of Paris and the body of another astronomer is found, it’s necessary for the two to work together and try to save the world.

We can’t mention this one without also raising the fact that this is some of the most stunning art you’ll see in a Webtoon; it will take your breath away!


As you can see, there are lots of different genres to explore on Webtoons, and while BL is one of the most popular, there are plenty of other options too. You will fall in love with the diverse choices out there; there’s something for everyone!

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