What Essentials Should You Bring To Pride Festival?


If you’re thinking of heading to your nearest Pride festival, there are plenty of things to account for first – you want to make sure you’ve got everything and you’re not missing any of the essentials that will make your Pride festival as good as it can possibly be. So, what do you need to make sure you pack?

Some of the most essential things include bottled water, comfy footwear, sunblock, a bag, some cash, a portable charger, your cell phone, your Pride flag or wristband, an umbrella, snacks, and some first-aid equipment. Let’s check each of these things out in more detail!

It’s important to think about what kind of weather you’re likely to encounter when planning – you’ll need extra water if it’s going to be hot, and better sunblock if it’s going to be sunny. With that caveat in mind, let’s plunge in!

Pride Festival Essentials

1) Bottled Water

Nobody wants to end their Pride day dehydrated and feeling unwell – and it’s really hard to enjoy yourself if all you can think about is how dry and sticky your mouth feels. Making sure you drink enough is important for preventing heat exhaustion and for keeping yourself feeling fresh. 

You should have a bottle of cold water with you (adding some ice cubes or freezing the water in advance and drinking it as it melts may be a good idea if it’s really hot), so you can keep sipping throughout the day. It may be a good idea to carry a spare bottle if you’re celebrating Pride somewhere really hot, or find somewhere you can fill it up throughout the day.

Getting dehydrated isn’t good for you – so pack water in your bag before you do anything else!

2) Comfy Footwear

You might decide you’re going to start the day in some really wacky shoes – it is Pride, after all, and Pride means crazy – but you should make sure you’ve got some comfy footwear no matter what you’re beginning the day in. Pride often involves a lot of walking and even if you’re not planning on a really long march, your feet are likely to be pretty sore by the end of the day.

That means cracking out the ultra comfy footwear and making sure you’ve got something you can slip on when those killer heels start really killing! It’s a good idea to pick something that you could walk in for a few miles, and possibly consider slipping some band-aids into your bag too – just in case!

3) Sunblock

Still on the health and wellness theme, it’s important to make sure you’ve got some sunblock available, even if you’re not expecting it to be a particularly hot day. Nobody wants sunburn as a result of being out celebrating, and it’s liable to happen when you’re outside for several hours – especially if you’re rarely outdoors.

Make sure you step outside fully protected, therefore, by using a high-quality sunblock. We’d recommend at least SPF 30, but you may want to go higher if you burn easily or you’re celebrating somewhere hot. Always go higher than you need to protect yourself!

Pride Festivals

4) A Bag

You may be thinking that a bag is going to ruin your outfit, but if you take the time to choose a great one, it can make your aesthetic even better – and honestly, you’re very likely to need a bag to put everything else in.

Your phone, keys, wallet, and water alone will often require you to have at least some kind of bag on you, and that’s true wherever in the world you are. Sure, you may be able to scrape by with pockets, but it’s much better to have somewhere you can stash things, especially if you plan to get any souvenirs. 

There’s nothing worse than juggling ten things at once while also trying to eat a burger – so make sure you’ve got a bag you can stash everything else in. You will be very glad of it!

5) Some Cash

Cash is also a must for Pride, even if you don’t expect to buy anything. You don’t want to suddenly find you’re hungry and you don’t have any cash to buy food, or that you need a cab home and you’ve got no money on you. Plus, you may decide to buy trinkets or donate to a charity. Whatever it is, having some cash available is very important.

You never know when you might end up in an emergency and need some money to deal with it. It’s safest to always carry at least a bit of cash on your person, and we’d recommend having both your wallet and a little extra emergency money tucked away somewhere else, just in case you lose your wallet. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

6) A Portable Charger

A phone suddenly dying on you can be a real problem when you’re out and about – you won’t be able to contact your friends, call an Uber, get a ride home, check Facebook, or any of the other millions of things we do every day on our phones. Even a fully charged phone won’t necessarily stand up to a full day of use, especially if you’re playing some tunes or navigating a bit.

These days, you can get some great portable chargers for very little money, and often they’ll fit nicely into even a fairly small pocket. Yes, nobody wants to lug one of these things along, but it’s one of those things that is very practical to have – and if you need it, you will be very glad to have it.

You may also get an opportunity to help out others who are running out of phone battery, and that’s very much in the spirit of Pride. Crack out your charger and make sure your phone will hold you through the entire day.

7) Your Cell Phone

When we mentioned having a battery pack above, we made the assumption you’ve already got your phone stashed in your bag – but if you haven’t, get it in there ASAP. Your phone is probably one of the most essential items you can have; it will serve a whole range of purposes, possibly even letting you pay for services.

You can keep up with friends, check the news, video and take pictures of the parade, and a whole lot more – so make sure you don’t forget your phone, whatever else you leave behind!

8) Your Pride Flag/Wristband

This is very much an important part of Pride (maybe not quite on the level of water or sunblock), and you’ll be sorry if you leave it behind – have a flag or a wristband so that you can really join in with the color around you. Flags are great to wave and you can buy or make one very inexpensively. 

Wristbands are a more passive symbol, but still very much something you want for Pride. Make sure you’ve got your wristband handy so you can show off your beliefs loud and proud.

9) A Whistle

Not absolutely everybody wants to take a whistle to Pride, but oh my goodness, it’s great fun to have one! It’s not often that you’ll have an excuse to make as much noise as possible, and blowing on a whistle at full volume can really let out some pent-up energy!

Get yourself a rainbow whistle for the ultimate Pride power, and enjoy blowing your heart out. Whoosh, this part of the Parade is great fun (but don’t go blowing it in your friends’ ears; they aren’t going to appreciate that!).

10) An Umbrella

An umbrella may not seem like an essential item, but it absolutely is in many cases. For starters, the weather can be capricious and unpredictable; you might leave your home in glorious sunshine and return home in a torrential downpour. An umbrella can save you and your Pride outfit from getting drenched, so it’s important to consider this.

Plus, an umbrella has various other uses. You can protect yourself from overly bright sunshine (and possibly sunburn), you can wave it around (it’s well worth having a rainbow one for this explicit purpose), and you can even signal with it.

That said, we’d advise being very cautious if you’re using an umbrella in a crowd. You don’t want to accidentally get somebody in the eye with your umbrella – but you and any companions will be very glad of it if the weather turns against you.

11) Snacks

Snacks aren’t a must for everybody, but honestly, if you’re going to be on your feet all day, you’re probably going to want something to eat. There’s usually food available at Pride events, and sometimes really good food – but it’s still wise to have something to eat packed in your bag, just in case.

You might find the food is too expensive or that there’s nothing you like, so make sure you’ve got some chips, nuts, candy, or even a sandwich stowed away so you can refuel in the middle of the day when you’re starting to feel those hunger pangs. There are lots of travel-friendly snacks you can grab – stuff something in your bag, and you’re likely to be glad of it part way through the day!

12) First Aid

Okay, so hopefully you’re not going to need any of this for any reason; with any luck, Pride won’t result in any injuries for anybody. However, if you do need some first aid, you’re really going to be glad you took the time to put together a little kit. Preparation is almost always worthwhile, and a first aid kit doesn’t have to take up a lot of space in your bag.

A few band-aids, a bit of alcohol gel, and some painkillers of your choice will leave you well-prepared to tackle most of the problems Pride might throw at you. If you’ve got any extra essentials, such as an inhaler, don’t forget to throw that in too, even if you don’t expect to need it.

Our motto is always be prepared, and a mini first-aid kit is a big part of that preparation. Don’t underestimate how glad you’ll be of these things if you do end up needing them!

Pride March Stuff

13) Makeup

You probably won’t want to lug your whole cosmetics kit around with you, but if you’ve got good makeup going on, having the equipment to touch it up is pretty essential. You want to finish Pride looking as great as you started it, so stash some eye shadow or eyeliner in your bag, grab any colors you need, and remember to pack a mirror!


Being ready for Pride is easy with this helpful checklist; run through and make sure you have everything that applies, and you’re bound to have a fun, easy day! Grab your favorite bag, wave your rainbow flag, and you’re all set to get celebrating with the others.

Gay Worlley

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