What Do You Wear To Drag Brunch?

Curious about the best things to wear to a drag brunch, and want to be dressed your best? Most people spend a long time planning their outfits for these occasions, and if you are staring at your closet in despair because you just can’t seem to choose anything – we’re here to help, so don’t worry! You’ve got a ton of choices for looking amazing.

Almost anything goes at a drag brunch, but on the whole, these are casual affairs where people don’t tend to go too crazy. After all, if you’re going for a lazy meal out, you may not want to spend hours on your outfit – and you can look great without. A bright shirt and pants can work, or you can go a bit dressier and choose something like a sequined top and colorful pants.

We’ve covered the whole range, from casual to up market, so you have choices galore. Let’s check out some great options for wearing to a drag brunch so you know what to grab from your closet with the minimum hassle!

Casual but Cool for a Drag Brunch

Option 1) Casual But Cool

First up, we have the simple option, the one that says “I’m here, I look good, but this isn’t a big deal.” If you’re just going to a fun brunch with friends, this could be a great option for you to choose, and the good news is, it doesn’t take long to throw together. So, what does this outfit entail?

First off, you’ll want to pick a shirt or blouse that you feel comfortable in, and that’s bright and colorful. After all, you’re trying to make a statement, and bright hues are a perfect starting point. Many people like a multicolored shirt, because it’s eye-catching and interesting, and it’s possible to really bring in the Pride vibes if you go for something loud and enthusiastic.

If you don’t have a multicolored shirt or you’d like something less loud, a single vibrant hue can also do the trick. Make sure it’s a shirt that you feel good wearing, and you’ll be well on your way to a great outfit!

Next, pants: these need to go with the shirt to some extent, but that can be pretty straightforward if you choose a neutral color. If you’re looking for a more dressed-down look, consider black or navy pants, or even some nice, fitted jeans. You can also opt for a skirt if you’d like; this is slightly dressier, but can still be part of a casual ensemble if it’s chosen with care.

Onto the shoes: some sneakers are the most obvious option, but if you’d like something a bit more showy, you could go for some nice sandals, or some low heels. The great thing about this outfit is that once you’ve got the basics, you can dress it up or down by tweaking the shoes and choosing your accessories with care (more on that later). 

Dressy And Breezy for a Drag Brunch

Option 2) Dressy And Breezy

Going for brunch somewhere hot and want something that will let you stay cool, while still looking amazing? If you don’t mind showing some skin, this outfit’s for you: don some short black shorts and a black bralette or skimpy top, thrown over with a sheer covering. 

You can use any covering you like, whether that’s fishnet, a clear gauze, some floaty rainbow, or plain translucent white – you’ll look amazing in all. A few rhinestones wouldn’t go amiss either – so choose the covering with care, and you’ll be delighted with the results. This is the “interest piece” of the outfit; make sure you love it.

You can finish off this outfit with black heels if you want to go for the “killer” look, or just choose some casual black pumps to dress it down a bit. If you feel like the ensemble is too drab on its own, why not add some colorful makeup, or a bright hairpiece to bring a dash of brightness to it?

You’ll look amazing and sophisticated in this attire, ready for a brunch at the most upmarket place. At the same time, it’s comfy and practical, and you’ve probably already got what you need in your closet.

Option 3) Leather Pants Look

Who doesn’t think leather pants look amazing? They are not necessarily the most comfortable and practical clothing choice, but who doesn’t feel incredibly sexy donning these pants and admiring how they shape their form? If you’ve never worn them before, be warned that they can get uncomfortably hot and sticky – but oh, they look so good.

You can pair leather pants with any form-fitting top, but if you really want to kill with your appearance, a corset can be the way to go. Lace it up tightly and admire the way your whole body becomes a sleek line.

This is definitely not the outfit to choose if you’re aiming for comfort and casualness, but if you’re looking to dress up and stun those you’re brunching with, it could be a top choice!

Option 4) Sequinned Dress

If you want to be flashy and upmarket, a sequined dress is a very simple option that will look good no matter what. Choose one in your favorite color, and you’ll fall in love with the way the light dances off you at every move you make. This is a wonderful way to keep the dressing simple without looking boring.

A sequined dress always feels special, no matter what occasion it is donned for, and it will make you the gem of any brunch. You can again choose almost any shoes to go with this; heels will bump up the flashy effect, while plain pumps will make it more casual, which might be appropriate for a brunch.

With a bit of jewelry to complete the look and nicely done hair, this is one of the best options for a drag brunch, especially if you want to impress!

Option 5) A Catsuit

For days when you really want to show off your uniqueness and still keep it very simple, a catsuit is a must-have. These are very popular among the queens of the community, and for good reason: they look amazing, they stand out, and they are still low-effort. Simply grab your favorite from the closet and you’re 90% done already.

You just need some suitable shoes (stilettos are great, but you can also choose something more casual since it’s only brunch) and a bit of jewelry, and you’re away! This is very much a bold choice, so if you want to be loud and proud, go for it. You’ll be a bold, sleek queen, and you don’t have to worry about colors clashing or something looking out of place with this outfit choice.

Option 6) Animal Prints

Animal print shirts are pretty much always getting the thumbs up from the queer community, and who wouldn’t be on board with this? You can find all kinds of fun, unique styles, some beautiful and some quirky. An animal print shirt is ideal for the more casual brunch, where you want to show off your leanings but still keep it relaxed.

A pair of skinny jeans will go well with this choice, or you can go for short shorts and fishnet tights if you’d like something a bit cooler and showier. The great thing about this outfit is that it’s adaptable to the weather, and you can again choose your shoes to either dress it up or tone it down. It’s flexible and fashionable, and doesn’t take long to put together.

If animal print shirts don’t do it for you, you can pull off almost exactly the same look with floral prints instead. These are a fairly subtle way of dressing for a drag brunch, so if you want to attract less attention but still show your pride in your style, this is a perfect choice.

Option 7) Neon Colors

Do you really love the bright looks? Want to stand out in any crowd, no matter who you are with? Neon colors will do it for you, and they’re far more available than they used to be, so fill your closet with phenomenal hues and enjoy the attention they attract!

It can be harder to put together an outfit that looks good with really bright colors, so here’s our advice: get two matching pieces, and then use either black or white to set them off. For example, a fitted neon jacket and neon shorts (in the same or a complementary color) will work well, and you can add a fitted black or white tee.

Alternatively, go for a matching tee and shorts, and add a plainer jacket on top. Match your shoes to the non-neon color and avoid any other hues in the outfit, and you’ll look phenomenally put together. Bonus points if you can get a neutral purse, earrings, etc. 

Adding color to a Drag Brunch

Think Accessories

Okay, it’s only brunch, but you’re still going to want some gorgeous accessories to set off your outfit, no matter what you’ve chosen. So, how about earrings? Big, flashy earrings are pretty “in” at the moment; choose some hoops to dance against your cheeks or some unusual studs to attract the eye.

Necklaces and chunky bracelets are great additions too, making even plain outfits more interesting. If you’ve opted for a single color in your clothing, such as a catsuit, your jewelry will become even more important in adding interest to the look. Select something that sets off the colors well, and enjoy the fun of putting together a truly great ensemble.

If you’re not a necklace fan, a bright scarf can also look fantastic, especially if you’ve gone for one of the toned-down options in terms of color. Adding a bright scarf or a headpiece can lift the whole outfit and shows you’ve put in some effort – something you definitely want when it comes to looking your best at a drag brunch.

Finally, select a purse or bag to match the rest, attend to your makeup if you’re wearing it, and you’re ready to hit the streets. Makeup can be as bold or subtle as you like, but make sure it matches if you’ve gone for bright colors in your ensemble: this will help everything to look put together and deliberate.


There are tons of choices when it comes to getting yourself ready for a drag brunch, and the great news is, you can go as casual or as high-end as you want. Roll out the sequins, the rhinestones, and the catsuits, or just breeze along in animal prints and fishnets – either way, you’re going to look amazing! 

It doesn’t take long to throw any of these outfit suggestions together, and most can be styled up or down with accessories and shoe choices, making them suitable for pretty much any setting or occasion.

Gay Worlley

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