What Do You Bring To A Gay Engagement Party?

Do you have some gay friends who are planning to get engaged, and if so, are you wondering what sorts of gifts you should bring to the party? We’ve got all the answers you might need! Finding the perfect gift can be a challenge, but it’s fun to do and there are tons of great options out there if you look carefully.

Depending on what your friends like, you might want to choose things like His & His or Hers and Hers pillowcases, a personalized cutting board, customized sweatshirts, or a scrapbook album. There’s also the option to get something romantic, like missing puzzle piece bracelets, or something practical, like a picnic blanket. You might also want to bring along some food for the party-goers to enjoy, some flowers, or some sparkling wine.

As you can see, there are lots of wonderful options, so let’s check some of them out and discuss why they make great gifts!

1) His & His/Hers & Hers Pillowcases

Luxury and comfortable bedding is a fabulous thing to have, and if you can find some nice quality items with these cute phrases on them, you’re probably onto a winning formula. Opt for 100 percent cotton and a high thread count to ensure that they feel great, and you’ll be giving your friends one of the most valuable things today – a good night’s rest!

This is ideal for couples that you know reasonably well, especially if you have a good sense of their taste in bedding or at least bedroom decor. If you don’t but you still want to use pillowcases as a gift, consider choosing neutral tones, such as white or gray, so it’s likely to match other bedding.

2) Personalized Cutting Board

A personalized cutting board is a lovely way to help your friends think about you every time they cook, and it’s perfect if one or both members of the couple is keen in the kitchen. You can just add their names to it, or include a sweet phrase, the date of their engagement, or something else.

Choose a high-quality option, such as a nice wood, and get it engraved, and you’ll be giving a present that will last for many years. Giving practical gifts is very satisfying, and avoids your gift becoming unwanted clutter a few years down the line.

3) Customized Sweatshirts

A pair of customized sweatshirts is another way to offer a practical gift, and will often be very appreciated. You could opt for something like a pair of “wife” or “husband” sweatshirts, or add a meaningful date or cute phrase for them. They can then think of you in their cozy moments, and appreciate the gift of warmth!

Wifey Tshirt

4) Scrapbook Album

If you know the couple well, a scrapbook album full of memories would make a fabulous and thoughtful engagement gift. Choose some of the best moments, and consider writing some well-wishes or favorite memories alongside the pictures.

For couples you don’t know so well, a blank scrapbook can be a nice option, allowing the couple to fill it themselves as they start to build their lives together.

5) Missing Piece Bracelets

If you’d like a gift that’s sweet and romantic, missing piece bracelets can be lovely, symbolizing the idea that the couple completes each other. Necklaces can also be appropriate. 

There are many different options here, so you can choose something that really suits the couple in question, such as a silver or gold puzzle piece bracelet, padlocks and keys, etc. Select with care, and you’ll be gifting a beautiful keepsake that will be treasured throughout the relationship.

6) Picnic Blanket

Some people like to give practical gifts, and if the couple you’re gifting to enjoy the great outdoors, a picnic blanket could be wonderful. With it, you’ll be giving the couple the opportunity to make memories and spend romantic days in the sun together. 

If you’re looking for a slightly bigger gift, go for a whole picnic set, and they’ll have a wonderful time sitting under the trees and enjoying each other’s company.

7) Ring Holder

A ring holder can also be a beautiful present to acknowledge a union between two individuals. There are many different styles of ring holders, so you can select anything that would suit the couple, whether that’s a rustic, pottery affair or an elegant silver piece.

Ring holders are practical and a great way for them to ensure that their jewelry stays in order, so this is a wonderful gift for an engagement party.

8) Wall Art

Be strong Be Proud

Another excellent alternative, wall art can be particularly good if the couple has recently got or is considering getting a place together. When you’re just starting out, you often lack decorative items, and a piece of carefully chosen wall art can be a wonderful way to help brighten up their new home.

This gift usually only works if you know the couple and their tastes well, but if you do, it may be easy to find something that’s just perfect for them.

9) Mug Set

If the other practical suggestions haven’t suited you but you do want something that the couple can use, a set of cute mugs can be lovely. You can again choose something with a romantic phrase, or cups with a matching picture, or return to the missing piece concept and get a jigsaw and puzzle piece set.

Another option would be to just pick two mugs that you know the couple will like, especially high-quality pieces that are likely to last. Mugs are just about the most practical gift that anybody can get, so if you’re struggling for an idea, this is a very safe bet!

10) Personalized Candles

Candles are one of the best luxury purchases you can make, and although you have to know your audience to an extent here, they can be ideal in the right situation. Even better, you can personalize them, creating a candle that can be lit on special occasions, such as anniversaries or birthdays.

Make sure you pay attention to the candle’s material and choose something appropriate according to the recipients’ preferences; don’t buy a beeswax candle for vegans, for example.

Tom & Peter Candle

11) Espresso Maker

The epitome of practical gifts for coffee drinkers, an espresso maker is a lovely and classy gift to give. Opt for a high-quality, stainless steel model and your friends will be enjoying it for decades to come. You’ll be with them in spirit every morning as they make their first cup of coffee – so this is definitely a winner.

12) Custom Engraved Watches

If you’re looking for a pricier gift, a pair of custom engraved watches with the couple’s wedding date or the anniversary of their meeting could be a beautiful choice. Watches are practical, thoughtful, and very beautiful, and a lot of couples would love to have matching ones. 

You can tailor this to your friend’s preferences here too; choose light and dainty for those who’d prefer an elegant adornment, or go for something heavier and more stylized if they like chunky jewelry. It’s easy to demonstrate that this was chosen with care, making it a lovely option.

13) Personalized Platter

If your friends are foodies, a personalized platter could be a meaningful choice, allowing them to have a permanent reminder of their love displayed in the kitchen. Add your favorite picture of them or engrave their special date, and you’ll have a winning present for any couple. Do think about things like making sure it’s dishwasher and microwave safe, though, to ensure it’s practical!

14) Glass Heart Ornament

An ornament is ideal if you want something luxurious and frivolous, and there are some very beautiful choices out there, such as glass hearts. All you need to do is decide what to have engraved on it, and you’ll be gifting something that your friends can use to celebrate their first Christmas together – or just hang up in their home year-round if they love it enough.

15) Photo Jigsaw

For those who love puzzles, there’s not much better to give than a puzzle with their faces on it! Your friends can enjoy all the fun of putting together their favorite photo of themselves together, creating both an enjoyable activity and an everlasting memento of one of their best days out. 

Help them cherish their special memories and demonstrate how much thought you’ve put into the gift all at once! This is a beautiful way to symbolize love and commitment, and celebrate the start of their journey.

16) Matching Slippers

If you live in a cold part of the country, nothing says “great gift” like some matching slippers that will keep both their toes and their hearts warm in the winter. Some couples love to match each other, and slippers are a cute, fun way for them to do so. These are great for both men and women, and will help them think of you in their happiest, most relaxed moments.

17) Bath Salts

Both men and women enjoy a little pampering now and again, and bath salts can be a lovely gift to give either sex, especially if you pair them with some luxury soaps or perhaps some nice, high-quality washcloths. 

Give the gift of relaxation by encouraging them to soak and unwind for a few hours. If you want to make your gift a little quirky, why not buy them a cute rubber duck to go alongside!

Bath Salts Engagement Party

18) Warm Throw

Back into the realms of practical gifts, a warm and cozy throw can be a wonderful present. Humans almost universally love to cuddle up in soft, fluffy, snug blankets, even when the weather isn’t particularly cold, and this will be ideal for the couple when they’re curling up to watch a movie or even just cuddling on the couch.

Pick the color with care and you’ll have a thoughtful gift that they’ll use for many years to come. Even if they’ve already got some blankets, having a new, luxury throw is pretty much always a delight – so this is a great present.

What Else Should You Bring?

You might decide that you also want to contribute some other items to the party, and that’s great! There are many things that are appropriate: think practical and fun. Food is often perfect, although you should check in with your hosts first and see what they have organized and whether your offering will be welcome. Think about easy-to-eat finger food, such as sandwiches or chips.

Alternatively, consider bringing along some fun decorations, like party streamers, balloons, or colorful umbrellas for everybody’s cups. These can be a great way to elevate the party mood and encourage everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves. If the couple are into the eco-movement, be conscious of this when choosing decorations, and go for reusable or recyclable items where possible to ensure the gifts are appreciated!

You may also want to bring a bottle (or two) of sparkling wine for everybody to enjoy; this makes a lovely gift as well. If it’s an alcohol-free party, some fancy grape juice or cordial may be the perfect pick instead, and can be just as delicious as wine.

Alternatively, consider a bunch of beautiful flowers for the couple. While they’re traditionally reserved for women, most men love receiving flowers too, and these will serve as both a decoration and a gift – making them a win-win.


There are so many things you can take to a gay engagement party! It’s a good idea to spend some time thinking about the couple in question and what you know about their hobbies, and then use this to narrow down the list. You’ll soon have the perfect gift for them!

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