What City Has The Best Drag Queens?

Drag enthusiasts worldwide always search for the city with the best drag queens. But as you’ll soon discover, there are plenty of different destinations with thriving drag communities, each with its unique flair.

It’s impossible to say that just one city has the best drag queens, as that’s a matter of personal preference. Still, you’ll likely find your next favorite performer in cities like New York, Montreal, Berlin, Bangkok, and Sydney. These cities have thriving drag communities that attract the best talents in the world, making it easy to find your next favorite drag queen!

Read this guide to learn more about finding the city with the best drag queens according to your preferences. As you reach the end, you’ll also learn what makes one drag queen better than the other so you can gauge which ones are the best!

Which City Has The Best Drag Queens?

One of the most enduring debates in the LGBTQ community surrounds the question of which city has the best drag queens. Everyone seems to have an answer they’ll passionately defend, which shows how diverse the community is, even with its opinions.

You won’t get a clear answer to that debate because much nuance is involved. In other words, what makes a drag queen good or bad is quite subjective, and everyone has slightly different preferences.

Suppose you want to decide for yourself which city has the best drag queens. In that case, your best bet is to start with the most popular gay cities worldwide.

That’s because those cities attract the best drag talents from many different states and even countries thanks to factors like:

  • Diversity: Those cities already have plenty of diversity, which enables drag queens to fit in comfortably and live their lives openly.
  • Community: The city’s diversity also means its community is very supportive towards the LGBTQ community as a whole, including drag queens and their lifestyle.
  • Nightlife: Wherever you find a thriving community, you’ll also find bustling nightlife. That includes bars, clubs, brunch spots, and others where drag queens can perform and build a strong following.
  • Events: Diversity, community, and nightlife naturally mean there will also be events organized for drag queens and by drag queens as well. These include drag competitions, brunches, and others which help the best drag talents gain recognition.
  • History: Lastly, all of the above also means the city will likely have a strong history and legacy regarding drag lifestyle.

So, again, your quest to find the city with the best drag queens for you should begin with the most popular gay cities that have the traits listed above.

Some of the ones you can explore are New York (US), London (UK), Montreal (Canada), Berlin (Germany), Bangkok (Thailand), and Sydney (Australia).

We’ll explore a little about each of these cities and their uniquenesses below.

New York (United States)

First, let’s begin state-side with New York. The city has always been a melting pot of cultures from all over the world, and that includes the LGBTQ culture as well.

New York’s community and overall environment make it an amazing place for drag queens and their shows to thrive, especially with large audiences that make those shows highly sustainable.

One factor contributing to New York as a hub for the best drag queens is the city is a worldwide destination for cutting-edge fashion.

The elaborate outfits that drag queens wear on stage are typically amazing wherever you go. But in New York, where there are plenty of talented designers, the outfits you’ll find are even more impressive.

So, if you judge your drag queens based on their fashion sense above all else, New York might be where you’ll find the best ones in your eyes.

London (United Kingdom)

Things are a little different across the pond in London, though they are equally impressive. There, you’ll find plenty of different drag show genres and lots of talented queens who make them possible.

For example, London might be the place with the best drag queens for you if you prefer those who are the best at cabaret-style shows. If tradition isn’t your thing and you prefer those with a more avant-garde taste, you won’t have to look very far.

It’s impressive how just one city hosts some of the best drag queens across multiple genres. As you’d expect, they’re also highly talented, whether singing, dancing, or even lip-syncing.

Plus, owing to them calling the United Kingdom home, you can expect plenty of that signature British wit and humor from many of these performers as well!

Montreal (Canada)

Some might be surprised that Canada is known for more than just maple syrup and friendly personalities. In Montreal, specifically, you’ll find some of the world’s best drag queens giving top-tier shows night after night.

Every city and its drag queens have their own unique flavor that they bring to the art, and Montreal is a perfect example. Here, a noticeable French touch permeates the shows as queens perform in styles from burlesque to cabaret and more!

Montreal also hosts some drag venues that are known worldwide, making them a beacon for some of the best talents around. 

For example, Cabaret Mado on Saint Catherine Street is a 1920s-inspired venue that continues to host some of the best drag queens around. Montreal has plenty of other examples, making it a must-visit city for serious drag enthusiasts.

Berlin (Germany)

Anyone who’s into the more avant-garde side of things knows that Berlin is the place to be. That’s especially true if you’re looking for the best drag queens anywhere in the world.

Here, Berlin stands out thanks to its underlying culture of self-expression and judgment-free experimentation. Those elements are evident in all kinds of subcultures that call the city home, most notably in the drag scene as well.

Like Montreal earlier, Berlin also has world-famous drag venues where you should start your search for the best drag queens. 

SchwuZ is a perfect example of a well-known venue where some of the best talents appear in this city. It’s supposedly the largest queer club in the city and boasts of bringing together art, community, and dancing in one venue.

With a description like that, you know you can’t go wrong!

Bangkok (Thailand)

You can find the best drag queens almost anywhere in the world, not just in the western hemisphere. Further east, Bangkok is one city where you are bound to find whatever you’re looking for.

This city is incredibly diverse and has a strong acceptance of all things related to the LGBTQ culture. That has allowed the drag community to thrive and, along with it, enabled some of the best performers to sharpen their talents.

As you’ve seen so far, every city has a unique flavor. In Bangkok, the city combines its strong local tradition of cabaret and beauty with all the flair and flamboyance of drag.

So, if you’re looking for the best drag queens on this side of the world, you’ll find what you need in Bangkok.

Sydney (Australia)

The Australians have certainly earned their place on this list thanks to Sydney, with popular venues and performers known worldwide. This city is another example of how an accepting society and thriving nightlife can produce some of the best drag talents you’ll find anywhere worldwide.

The performers here are known to be larger-than-life and can certainly hold their own on stage, whether that’s with singing, dancing, lip-syncing, or even standup comedy.

If you’re looking for something a little unique regarding drag queens, you won’t be disappointed exploring Sydney.

What Factors Determine A Drag Queen’s Success?

Discovering the city with the best drag queens is only the first step. You’ll also want to know what makes a performer better than another, rising to the top to become ‘the best’.

Here are 5 factors that determine a drag queen’s success:

1. Raw Talent

First and foremost, the best drag queens are full of raw talent. Singing and dancing abilities are the most important, though you’ll find many of them with other special abilities.

2. Charisma

Charm and the ability to work a crowd are also important if a drag queen wants to become the best. Honing their charisma will help make them a crowd favorite in the long run, attracting visitors who want to see them perform specifically.

3. Uniqueness

The best drag queens are unique in their own ways. In drag culture, a queen can stand out through her style, special talents, unique abilities, and more.

The best drag queens find their uniqueness and use that to stand out among the rest.

4. Competitiveness

The world of drag is quite competitive, so a drag queen must have that fire in them if they want to be called the best. Drag competitions are one example of how these personalities can gain recognition and attract more people to their performances. 

5. Online Presence

Online presence matters a lot today, and that’s certainly true for drag queens on the international stage. The best ones have a global following that’s strong enough to attract audience members from faraway places to come and see their shows.

Final Thoughts

This guide has covered 5 of the most popular cities where you’ll find the best drag queens. It’s impossible to say that only one has the best drag queens because everyone has unique preferences and will prefer one city over another.

Still, the 5 cities covered here have thriving drag communities where the best talents have risen to the top. So, you’ll find whatever you’re looking for when you visit any of these cities to enjoy the drag performances there!

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