What Can I Gift My Gay Friend?

Choosing a thoughtful, appropriate gift for a friend can be difficult at times, and if you’re struggling with a gift for a gay friend, you might be feeling like there’s just nothing out there that’s suitable. However, there are lots of amazing options to choose from: you just need a bit of inspiration!

Great gift ideas include things like rainbow jewelry, cute and funny mugs, t-shirts, lamps, pillows, candles, and more. It’s good to spend some time thinking about your friend’s hobbies, sense of humor, and preferences so that you can select something appropriate – but there are lots of good choices out there!

Let’s explore the top gifting options for your gay friend, so you’re not reduced to a rainbow keychain and a feeble card when their birthday or Christmas rolls around.

1) Rainbow Jewelry

Both men and women wear jewelry, and presenting them with an appropriate piece can be a wonderful way to tell your friend “I’m thinking about you.” Consider what you’ve seen them wear before when you make your choice, to increase the chances of you selecting something they’ll love.

Rainbows often make a cute motif for a gay friend, although you should think about whether it’s something your friend will appreciate or not. If they love a splash of color and they’re keen on showcasing their support for equal rights, it’ll be perfect. You can choose lovely rainbow earrings, a bracelet with rainbow beads, or a rainbow pendant necklace.

If you think your friend isn’t so keen on the rainbow theme, jewelry could still be a lovely choice. Opt for something classy and elegant, and you’ll find yourself getting a big “thank you.”

2) A Funny Mug

Buying a funny mug is a great way to ensure your gift is both practical and raises a smile. A funny mug might include a phrase about their gayness, or might just have something on that you know will make them laugh. Bonus points if you can come up with an inside joke! Extra bonus points if you can also find a mug that’s nice to drink from and dishwasher safe.

Most people drink hot drinks and will appreciate a mug, especially if they’re a person who is anti-clutter and generally hard to buy for. Choose something thoughtful, and your friend will be delighted.

Sounds gay I’m In Mug

3) A T-shirt

If you happen to know your friend’s size, t-shirts make popular gifts. They come in basically every design imaginable, so you’re bound to find one your friend will love. Find one with their favorite video game, their favorite food, or even their favorite TV show, and you’ll have demonstrated how thoughtful you are.

Alternatively, pick a shirt with a funny phrase on it, or even a meme. If you know the kind of humor they enjoy, you can give them something that will make them laugh every time they wear it – and that’s a real gift. If nothing seems quite right, there are plenty of places that make custom shirts!

I’m Not Gay But My Girlfriend Is TShirt

4) A Lamp

If you know your friend loves a cozy space and enjoys curling up with a good book, a lamp can be a perfect gift. Choose a novelty lamp for extra points – such as a video game character if your friend is a gamer, or maybe an elephant-shaped lamp if they love animals. The more personal you can make it, the more likely they are to love it.

If that doesn’t seem right, just a plain lamp with a dimmer setting could be a classy and much-appreciated gift. Alternatively, pick up a lamp shaped like a book, or get them a portable one to take when they travel. The options are endless!

5) A Throw Pillow

Throw pillows make great gifts for the right recipient, although you do have to know your audience with this one. Not everybody will appreciate this idea, but for those who do, it’s a fabulous option. A huggable, warm, and decorative item will be thoroughly loved, especially if you happen to know your friend’s favorite color, or hit upon a particularly nice fabric.

You can even get personalized throw pillows if that strikes your fancy. Maybe you’ve got an idea of something your friend would just love on the pillow, but you can’t find it anywhere? Have it custom printed – it’ll look fantastic!

6) Candles

Candles are the ultimate cozy gift, and they come in so many scents and aesthetics now, you’re bound to find something your friend will love. You can buy a candle for just about any preference, whether your friend would like a simple, traditional white candle, or a flamboyant rainbow affair.

With a nice holder, a candle is a thoughtful, useful present, and your friend will think about you every time they light it!

Woke Up Gay Again Candle

7) Cocktail Shaker Set

If your friend is into fancy drinks, a cocktail shaker set makes a fantastic gift; they’ll use it again and again, and they’ll be able to experiment with all sorts of fancy drinks at home. You could even make the present more generous by including a few mini bottles of alcohol for them to get started.

For those whose gay friends do like the rainbow touch, it’s possible to get some incredible rainbow stainless steel sets that look absolutely fabulous, and subtly speak your support at the same time. This is definitely worth considering for your friend who’s a cocktail snob!

8) Rainbow Pride Socks

Socks aren’t the most exciting gift in the world… but when you combine the option with rainbow pride and choose some really nice pairs, they can still be a very solid choice. You could go for subtle rainbow stripes around the ankle, or for a full on rainbow affair. You can even get rainbow toe socks if you’re looking for something a little more quirky.

9) A Notebook

A lot of people use their phones when they just need to scribble down a note these days, but most of us still have a penchant for a really good notebook… or ten. If your friend enjoys writing or drawing, or even just doodling, they’ll love being gifted a high-quality notebook to do it in. 

Luxury notebooks are often things we don’t buy for ourselves because we don’t want to justify the cost – which makes them a perfect birthday gift when you want to spoil somebody. Combine this with some really nice pens or a set of high-end pencils, and you’ve got an unbelievable gift that your friend will love.

The Gay Agenda Notebook

10) Pot Plants

Plants are getting more and more popular all the time, and they’re almost universally loved. Okay, you’ll get a few folks with no green thumb who swear they kill every plant that comes into their lives, but most of us just want to bond with a plant as soon as it’s in our possession. Before you know it, your gift will have a name and pride of place on the best windowsill or the coffee table.

Succulents can make great beginner options, although they are sensitive to being over-watered. If your friend is already a confident plant parent, you can choose almost anything, and there are some incredible options out there. Spider plants, bonsai trees, monsteras, peace lilies, and more are beautiful gifts to give, and make a change from the clutter of a consumerist world.

11) Tea Or Coffee

You need to know your friend’s preferences here, but tea or coffee can be a fabulous gift to give, and is often very appreciated. Again, it’s an area where you can splash out and get something luxurious because you’re giving it as a gift – so you want something a little bit special.

Find out your friend’s preferences and then do a little research. If you aren’t sure what to get, artisan tea and coffee shops will often be happy to make suggestions. This gift is ultra practical and won’t add clutter to the person’s home, just joy to their life!

12) Chocolates/Candy

On that no-clutter theme, chocolate is another very safe bet for most people. It’s a good idea to check about any dietary requirements in advance (no nuts, no dairy, no gluten being common ones), but you almost can’t go wrong with a lovely box of chocolates or a bag of their favorite candy.

Take the time to choose something they’ll really enjoy, do it up with a fancy bow, and you’ve got a lovely gift for any occasion. If you’re lucky, you may even get included in the eating of this particular present!

13) Bath Stuff

There’s a myth that bath stuff is only for women, but the LGBTQ+ world is fighting this stereotype, and you can join in by buying your gay friend (of either sex) some really lovely bath items. Go for bath oils, bath salts, an oat scrub, a luxury body wash, and maybe even a rainbow washcloth, and you’ve got a beautiful present that you know they’re going to love.

A lot of people don’t take enough time to pamper themselves, and that’s where friends come in. Encourage your friend to slow down and have a bit of me-time by giving them a bath to remember.

14) A Board Game

Board games can be great fun and if you know your friend enjoys an opportunity to kick back and have some fun in the evenings, this could make an excellent option. There are plenty of gay-themed party games if you think they would enjoy that, or you could get them a nice set of Monopoly, Scrabble, or something more adventurous.

You’ll soon be getting together for a game night and seeing your gift in action, so this is definitely worth your consideration. There are games to cater to essentially every taste out there; don’t dismiss this option because you think board games are… well, boring. Have a look around and you’re bound to find something that sounds fun.

15) A Hobby Item

If you know something that your friend loves doing, it’s always worth thinking about whether you could get something related to their hobby. For example, if they love reading, a book might be appropriate. If they’re a golfer, look for golf-related gifts, if they love jigsaws find a puzzle mat, if they’re a carpenter, look for cool tools – and so on.

There are so many hobby-related gifts out there, you’re bound to find something great, and this is also a good way to show you’ve been thoughtful. Most people really appreciate it when a friend gifts them something related to their hobby, because it’s both useful and demonstrates that the gift has been carefully considered.

16) A Framed Picture

One of the best ways to tell your friend how much they mean to you is through a shared memory – and a framed picture may be the perfect opportunity. Choose a moment that captures the two of you together, doing something fun, and find a suitable frame for it. 

This can be a particularly personal gift that’s ideal for long-term friendships and special birthdays. Write something on the back of the picture about what your friend means to you, and you’ve immediately got a piece they’re going to treasure for years to come!


Choosing an appropriate gift for a gay friend requires you to think carefully about the things they love and what matters to them. If you can do this, you’ll pick a gift that’s just right for their preferences, whether that’s thoughtful, funny, sentimental, practical – or perhaps a mixture of each!

Gay Worlley

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