Vacation Plans? Try The Colorado Gay Dude Ranch Adventure Tour!

Deciding on the right vacation destination can be a real headache sometimes. You have to weigh up the activities, the cost, the travel situation and all the other extras. 

Vacation Plans Try The Colorado Gay Dude Ranch Adventure Tour!

A vacation idea that many decide to do is a ranch getaway. One such ranch is the Colorado gay dude ranch adventure tour. There’s so much to see and do there, you’re bound to agree it’s a perfect vacation idea.

But, if you’ve never heard of it or been there before – you’ll likely be wondering what it is, what they have to offer and how it all works.

This guide aims to clear all that up for you. So, if your interest is peaked – read on to learn more!

What Is The Colorado Gay Dude Ranch Adventure Tour?

This unique experience is a way for the LGBTQ community to enjoy all of the fantastic aspects of a dude ranch. For those of you who are unaware, a dude ranch is a way to enjoy the classic cowboy lifestyle – like a Western vacation.

Dude ranches likely began some time in the 19th century for travelers from the East Coast and Midwest areas to have a getaway from their suburban and city livestyles. 

They were able to come and relax, experience a rejuvenating, spiritual and calming time in the Western nature settings. 

Dude ranches try to offer “homes away from home” with a highly immersive, inclusive and fun-packed environment. When it comes to the Colorado gay dude ranch, this is no exception. 


Some of the highlights of this unique experience are the following:

  • Morning coffee in the rising sun whilst watching the horses come out. A cool breeze soothes you as you set your eyes on the majestic settings and landscape. 
  • Fly-fishing for some supreme trout! 
  • Riding your horse through the gorgeous creeks, mountain meadows and beautiful rivers. 
  • Exploration of the Durango town 
  • Play pool, horseshoes, pickleball and lots more games.
  • Relax by the poolside with a refreshing drink. 

But this is merely the tip of the iceberg. Let’s look at more of the basics first though.


This particular dude ranch experience is a tour – meaning it takes you through different locations whilst enjoying a nice hike on the way. 

In the beautiful landscape of the Rocky Mountains Colorado, you’ll begin your new adventure in Durango, traveling through Southwest Colorado and enjoying many activities and sightseeing opportunities on route. 


There will be plenty of things to do if you choose this for a vacation idea. We’ll take a look at their proposed itinerary later in this guide, but at a glance – you can expect all the usual dude ranch activities, including:

  • Fishing 
  • Hiking 
  • Horseback riding 
  • Cattle sorting 
  • Clay pigeon shooting 

On top of this though, you’ll further enjoy the luxury side of things. You will have the opportunity to soak up the sun poolside with a cool, refreshing drink or maybe take a well deserved dip in the hot tub.

It’s all entirely up to you! 

Who Is The Tour Best Suited To?

If you’re a member of the LGBTQ community and love the idea of participating in the cowboy lifestyle but also enjoying the luxuries you’d expect with a vacation – then this dude ranch tour is definitely up your street. 

You don’t even need to be an expert at some of the activities. This tour caters for all needs and levels – so if you’ve never ridden a horse before (or even seen a horse before!), you are in completely safe hands.

The expert wranglers will be able to guide you through an unforgettable experience and your skills will likely improve over the week that you’re on the ranch. 

If however, you don’t feel like doing some of the activities – don’t worry about it, you can simply enjoy the rest of what the locations have to offer.

What Is Included With The Colorado Gay Dude Ranch Tour?

There are few vacation ideas that offer as much as this one does. You’ll not only love all of the fun things they have at hand, but also some of the super extras. These include:

  • 8 night lodging accommodations
  • Medical insurance for US travelers (who otherwise have no cover)
  • Airport transfers 
  • Guides 
  • Tours and adventures
  • Food, drink and alcohol! 

Food And Drink

Yes you read that correctly. Food and drink – including alcohol is included in this trip. You will have all of your breakfasts included and all of your dinners! 

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Wash that down with your favorite drinks. They don’t need to be alcoholic, but the option is there if you wish, including some of the finest wines and liquors. 

The expert ranch’s chef will create some of the most amazing meals with the finest, fresh ingredients. Some of the dishes could include salmon, rib, chicken, beef, pasta, vegetables, homemade bread and more! 

If you have any dietary restrictions or requirements, let them know beforehand and you will be catered for also. 

What Is The Itinerary?

You’ll rightly be wondering what exactly happens when you arrive and what you might get involved with. We’ve got the usual itinerary plans listed below in more detail. 

Day One – Welcome! 

You will begin your unique and amazing adventure by touching down in Colorado’s Durango airport and you will be greeted by your friendly transfer team who will take you on a 30 minute ride to the nearby Durango town. 

For the next two nights, you will be settling into the fantastic and relaxing mountain area and given the chance to explore the nearby locations. In the evening, you will attend an orientation with a welcome dinner and welcome drink.

The staff will inform you of what you will expect over the course of your vacation, whilst giving you the opportunity to chat and socialize with other members. 

When you’re ready, you’ll settle in for the night and wake up beautifully refreshed in the morning, ready for the next part of your adventure. 

Day Two – Let’s Hike! 

You will awaken to the soothing environment and meet up for a tasty morning breakfast. After this, you will get ready to enjoy a moderate hike which also allows you to absorb all of the sights, views and sounds of the area.

You are then ready for a spot of lunch before setting your attention on Main Street, which will provide you with the chance to explore the town better. During this time, you can take the opportunity to enjoy the region’s unique, famous wines. 

Day Three – It’s Ranching Time

After waking again in the calming morning sun and cool breeze, you will enjoy the early afternoon in Durango town and grab some tasty lunch, getting the energy for heading to the ranch. 

Your friendly staff will greet you upon arrival and get you settled into your new accommodation for the week ahead – which are some amazing, romantically appearing cabins! 

Once you’re fully settled in, the time is yours to do with what you like. Why not take the chance to enjoy the pool and relax until later, when you will meet up for an evening drink and ranch dinner. 

Days Four Through Eight – Fun Packed

Every morning throughout these days, you’ll wake feeling refreshed and content – ready for the day. You’ll enjoy the beautifully cooked breakfasts and prepare yourself for the days ahead.

Within the 1000 acre space available, the ranch staff will get you involved and acquainted with fun packed activities like horseback riding through the San Juan National Forest, hills, mountains, creeks and rivers.

Oh, and don’t worry if you’ve never been on a horse before. The expert wrangler team will ensure you find a horse that works with you and your skill set. By the end of your time, you will feel a bond with your horse buddy.

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However, it’s not all horse riding. You will have the chance to enjoy plenty more fun filled activities with everybody. The ranch has over two miles of private waters through the Florida River and ranch ponds.

This gives you lots of time to have some relaxing fishing time – or maybe you want to head to the Amandas river and take part in some white water rafting!

Or maybe you want to stay on land! This isn’t a problem either, because there’s lots you can do. Perhaps you want to practise your horse riding skills – you can do that in the riding areas.

Other than this, you may decide to take part in some archery or clay pigeon shooting and really get some action! 

And then, there’s always more relaxing stuff you could try. Read a book on the porch within the calming setting, enjoy the heated pool and hot tub, take part in a nature hike, play some sports – or even just sit and relax!

Sports include pickleball, volleyball, basketball, horseshoes, billiards, cards, pool and more! After a long day of all this, you will always enjoy a fantastic dinner with some gorgeous cocktails or other refreshments!

Want to check your emails, social media or post your pics? There’s wifi available! 

Day Nine – Time To Go

After lunch, you will have your final opportunity to take everything in and say goodbye to your home away from home, including your new horse friend from the week. 

The Bottom Line

The Colorado Gay Dude Ranch Adventure Tour really has to be tried to be understood. With its unique experience and setting – why not decide to book your next adventure with them!

Gay Worlley

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