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Doing your makeup for Pride is an all-important moment that requires great focus and concentration, and not a little ingenuity – and many people are interested in figuring out the best ways to make sure they look incredible. So, what are the best Pride makeup ideas that haven’t been overdone and will let you stand out from the crowd?

You have a ton of choices here, including things like rainbow eyes, love heart eyes, metallic rainbow blush, or rainbow face paint. Rhinestones are very Pride-focused, and you can use these to glitz up any outfit. Alternatively, opt for some subtle lavender hues, embrace the power of pink, or go for super bright lips. Colorful hair and body art are also great options.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ve got bucketloads, so don’t worry – keep reading and you’ll soon have a Pride makeup setup to amaze anybody.

Rainbow Eyes

Rainbow eyes may not sound like the most unique idea out there – but that’s because you may not be thinking outside the box about all the incredible ways in which you can approach this! There are tons of amazing things you can do to make your rainbow eyes stand out from the crowd.

The first option is a basic blended hue of colors, but choose some pearlescent eyeshadow to make it stand out. This can be a very stunning approach, even if it’s one of the simpler ones. You can also color your eyebrows to match, which looks stunning. However, if you’re wondering about something a little more unique…

Why not paint a rainbow arc from eyelid to eyelid, framing your face with bright color? Alternatively, paint rainbow streaks running down from your lids, like beautiful tears – a lovely expression of the sorrow behind the celebration. If that doesn’t click for you, you could consider creating a bright rainbow mask, as though attending a masked ball. Leave the rest of your face bare, and it will stand out beautifully.

Other people have created a rainbow running through one or the other eye and streaking down across the face, which looks dazzling, especially when paired with rainbow earrings or a rainbow scarf. Really, you can get as inventive as you like with this technique!

Love Heart Eyes

Love heart eyes are another great way to celebrate Pride, and could be a better option if you’re not so fond of bright colors and you want to move away from the more standard rainbow. Love hearts can be painted on in any color, and you can even use a mini stamp if you have one.

To complete this technique to the best effect, it’s often a good idea to create yourself a backdrop of eye shadow in one block color, such as blue or pink. Next, take a makeup wipe and swipe a clear line in the eye shadow, above your eye.

Now take your stamp and choose your color(s) and then stamp some little hearts onto the clear skin. If you don’t have a stamp but your hands are steady, you can also draw them on, and they’ll still look amazing.

Metallic Rainbow Blush

It doesn’t have to be the eyes you decorate – why not make your whole face into an incredible artwork of color by applying some metallic rainbow blush to your cheeks? Metallic makeup is classy, whimsical, and oh-so-beautiful, and it’s not even all that expensive.

Whether you’re a guy or a girl, you will look incredible with some rainbow blush decorating your face and highlighting your cheekbones, so definitely consider this as an option, especially if you want something simple that you can put together in just a few minutes.

Rainbow Face Paint

For something more elaborate, rainbow face paint could be the best option out there. Choose a myriad of bright colors and then decorate your face any way you want, whether that’s drawing feathers on your cheeks, painting on some swirls, writing an important phrase, or adding a few flowers – anything can look amazing when it’s in vivid colors.

Rainbow face paint is inexpensive and versatile, meaning you’ll have some left for many Pride marches to come (and other events too), and there are endless designs just waiting to be created. It doesn’t take too much skill with a brush to make your face look phenomenal! If you get inspired, why not move onto your upper arms or neck/chest/any other exposed skin too?

Rhinestone Splash

If you want to bring some glitz and glamor to your outfit, why not consider creating a splash of rhinestones across your face? Whether you opt for just one zizzy color or go for the whole rainbow look, this is an incredible way to decorate your body for Pride.

Again, there are many different options here. Some people create arced rainbows on their faces – forehead or cheeks will work for this. Alternatively, a streak of rainbow across one side of your face would look incredible too.

If that’s not you, a few flashy rhinestones around your eyes is always an amazing way to decorate, or you could outline your brows in winking sparkles. Still not sure? A few tasteful sparkles around your hairline might be the option for you, lending you an air of mystery and beauty while leaving most of your face clear.

You can get larger, shaped gems to stick on your face if you prefer, and some incredible art has been created with these. Try heart-shaped or diamond-shaped rhinestones, or go for a mix and create pictures on your own skin. You will wow everybody at the celebration, that’s for sure!

Lavender Hues

Lavender is very much a color associated with the LGBTQ+ world, and for good reason – it’s got a long history. If you don’t want to go all out on the colors, a bit of lavender rarely goes amiss. It’s more subdued, but that’s very much what some people want, and it’s often a unique option among the clouds of rainbow you’ll see at Pride.

You could opt for lavender eye shadow or lavender blush, or go for the full lavender look, with eyeliner and lipstick and everything. Add some hints of lavender around your hairline, or match your makeup to your outfit, and you’ll be a stand-out figure in the crowd, without having to crack out any other colors!

Pink Power

Pink is just as popular (if not more so), and gosh, that’s not surprising when you see some of the incredibly vibrant pink makeup people create for themselves. Shocking pink eyes, pink lashes, or pink hearts are all excellent starting points, and you can add in other, darker tones or stick to the bright ones.

Draw some pink stars on your cheeks, add a bit of pink blush, or spice it up with pink rhinestones. Consider coloring your hair pink or choose a pink outfit, and you’ll be one of the brightest of the bunch – and certainly one of the most unique. 

Not everybody loves pink, but there’s no question that this bold color is loud and proud, making it perfect for Pride. A fully pink ensemble might be a bit much for some, but pink makeup is a wonderful starting point, and you can easily match it to your nails for a coordinated look.

Bright Lips

The lips have been neglected somewhat so far, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect yours – here’s an incredible blank canvas for you to work on. A solid block of bright color is a very effective way to do Pride makeup; theme it with your outfit or other makeup to ensure it looks put together.

Alternatively, go for a few stripes of different colors. Blue, purple, and teal look amazing together, as do orange, yellow, and red. If you’re with a group of friends, why not coordinate and match your lips to create a full rainbow? You’ll certainly look incredible!

If that’s not for you, how about some rainbow, glittery lip gloss for that irresistibly shiny, tempting glaze of color?

Body Art

Makeup doesn’t have to be limited to your face; depending on your outfit, you might be showing a lot of other skin you can work with. Many people get particularly creative when painting on their arms, chests, stomachs, or legs – so consider the whole canvas of your body with care.

You might want to splash a rainbow across your skin, paint stars on your body, write your pronouns, or capture your favorite phrase about love and acceptance. You could draw love hearts, extend the rhinestones theme, or paint psychedelic swirls across your skin.

No matter what you go for, body art is very attention-grabbing, and it’s easy to find unique ideas that speak to the heart of who you are and what Pride means to you.


As you can see, there are lots of unique options when it comes to doing your makeup for Pride – grab the makeup brushes and get busy. Sparkles, rainbows, glitter, and fun; it’s all at your fingertips, and this day is an opportunity to be your brightest, best, wackiest self. Remember, anything goes at Pride!

Gay Worlley

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