The 23 Greatest TV Lesbian Ships Ever (And Where To Watch Them)

We all love some romance, and there’s nothing better than watching it slowly but strongly build between two great women.

The 23 Greatest TV Lesbian Ships Ever (And Where To Watch Them)

There’s plenty of great lesbian ships in media, especially in some classic movies, but we’re going to be looking at the best ones on TV today. 

Some took longer to develop than others, but they’re all iconic and worth talking about! A few of them might be over, but we can also revisit and rewatch them, bringing back all the sexual tension again. 

In the guide below, you’ll find the 23 greatest TV lesbian ships, with descriptions of what made them so brilliant. On top of that, we’ll tell you where you can watch all of them! You’ll be binging and shipping in no time. 

Tina And Bette – “Tibette” – The L Word

The L Word is one of the most groundbreaking TV shows to depict lesbian and LGBTQ relationships on the screen because it the first to ever feature an ensemble cast of lesbian and bisexual characters.

On top of that, it was also the first TV series where the majority of its writers and directors were queer women. That’s right, this show was revolutionary!

The characters all lived in West Hollywood, and one of the key couples were Tina and Bette. Of course, this meant that their ship name was “Tibette”, which is just one of the best and funniest couple names out there! 

When it came to Tibette, the show did a brilliant job showing all the depth and struggle that comes from real world relationships. There was plenty of love and beauty to it, but also a fair deal of loss and scandal.

Really, the two didn’t have a completely healthy relationship together, but we the audience could always tell that there was a proper love deep down inside each of them.

Love is difficult, but you stick by the right person and grow!

The original L Word TV show finished with Tibette all happy together, but the reboot (Generation Q) revealed that they were later divorced. Given the ups and downs in their relationship, though, there’s always a chance they’ll get back together! 

Lesbian Relationship Score: 10/10

Where Can I Watch? You can stream The L Word on Hulu and Showtime

Arizona And Callie – “Calzona” – Grey’s Anatomy

Another great ship name here, it almost sounds like a pizza! And just like pizza, this relationship was wonderful. Seriously, not to undersell it, but this was an all-time lesbian TV ship. 

You’ve probably heard of Grey’s Anatomy, because it’s one of the longest running TV shows of all time. It focuses on the lives of workers at a hospital, and all the triumphs and struggles they face.

Better yet, it’s full of diversity, a brilliant factor that the show’s creator has continued to bring to all her other hit shows. 

Two of the key doctors on the show were Arizona and Callie, who got together to the delight of fans all over the world.

Their lesbian relationship would end up being a show highlight, and be one of the longest lasting romances that the show saw. 

It was brilliant representation on screen for lesbians and LGBTQ people the world over, who – alongisde the rest of the audience – were constantly moved to tears by the sweet, romantic love story.

Of course, the relationship had its low points, but that’s what makes the love even stronger. 

Lesbian Relationship Score: 10/10

Where Can I Watch? You can stream Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix and ABC

Juliana And Valentina – “Juliantina” – Amar A Muerte

North America isn’t the only place putting out great TV lesbian ships, because the Mexican telenovela Amar A Muerte (translation, Love To Death) has a great one in the form of the lovers Juliana and Valentina.

The lesbian relationship of these two characters was a massive moment for Mexican TV, since it was the first ever same-sex relationship ever shown on a Mexican telenovela. 

The show put great efforts to build a deep and meaningful lesbian relationship, with fully developed characters and the beauty of seeing the two enjoy their love.

However, the show was also brave enough to cover tough LGBTQ real-world issues like homophobia, showing the ugliness and pain that lesbain couples can suffer from prejudiced people. 

Lesbian Relationship Score: 10/10

Where Can I Watch? You can stream Ama A Muerte at this website.

Arizona And Carina – “Carizona” – Grey’s Anatomy

Hold on, we know what you’re thinking! What happened to Arizona and Callie? We were only just describing how beautiful their love story was, and now Arizona seems to be off with somebody else.

Well, we hate to break it to you, but Arizona and Callie did break up at some point. 

Arizona went through a series of romances until she got to Carina – who would become her long-term lesbian lover.

The tension between them built up for a while before they got together, making us ship them harder and harder, but when they did start dating it was beautiful. 

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However, it eventually ended – but in a beautiful full-circle kind of way. Arizona and her daughter move away to be with Callie again, which is where we last saw her. 

Lesbian Relationship Score: 8/10

Where Can I Watch? You can stream Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix and ABC.

Maggie And Alex – “Sanvers” – Supergirl

Supergirls is a superhero TV show that’s all about Superman’s cousin. The show had a brilliant lesbian relationship in full focus near the center of the story, with the romance of Maggie Sawyer and Alex Danvers – hence the catchy ship name “Sanvers”! 

Alex is Supergirl’s human sister and DEO agent, while Maggie is a detective for homicide. With their two jobs bringing them close, the two developed a fun friendship, with them bonding over beating baddies.

Maggie was an out lesbian already, but Alex was a bit more complicated, unsure of her sexuality. Maggie helps her get to grips with her sexuality, with Alex eventually telling Maggie that she likes her – and the rest is beautiful history. 

It isn’t all easy, either. Maggie’s father was homophobic, leading to a powerful confrontation between the two. Both are incredibly strong women, and their love makes them even stronger.

They can get through anything together, which is why they’re one of the strongest lesbian relaitonships on TV.

Unfortunately, they do eventually end things. But it isn’t before we’ve got to watch them blossom into their beautiful romance, with all the wonder and love that comes of that. 

Lesbian Relationship Score: 10/10

Where Can I Watch? You can stream Supergirl on Netflix and the CW

Emily And Alison – “Emison” – Pretty Little Liars

Now this is a classic TV show! If you’ve never seen Pretty Little Liars, firstly you can fix that by streaming it at the links below.

Secondly, it’s about a clique of four high school girls whose group breaks apart when their leader disappears. 

Two of the four girls are Emily and Alison, who had a whole interesting story together, with a whole “will they, won’t they?” thing going on for a long time.

This was because Emily always had a crush on Alison. This kind of story always makes them prime shipping material, because the audience is just dying for them to finally get together! 

Eventually they did, and the pair even married in the show’s final episode. What a beautiful, happy ending! Better yet, they had two lovely daughters.

Now, unfortunately the show’s spin-off “The Perfectionists” revealed that they later got divorced and became co-parents.

Well, let’s just try and forget about that, and instead focus on the beautiful build up to the relationship, and all the happiness they eventually did have!

Lesbian Relationship Score: 6/10

Where Can I Watch? You can stream Pretty Little Liars via Amazon

Sara And Ava – “Avalance” – Legends Of Tomorrow

Like Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow is another TV show about superheroes. Also like Supergirl, it has a terrific lesbian ship right at the forefront!

These two lovers in question are Ava Sharpe and Sara Lance, which leads to the genius lesbian ship name of “Avalance”. And, just like an avalanche, they start slowly and then erupt into love. 

Ava is a clone that works for the Time Bureau (it makes sense if you’ve seen it!), while Sara is the leader of the Legends of Tomorrow.

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To begin with, the two don’t like each other, which has always been the start of many great relationships in media. 

From haters to lovers, they gradually grow in their liking for each other, learning to respect one another and then falling into flirtation. Eventually, they become a full blown couple, which is especially beautiful to see after all that rocky build up. 

Lesbian Relationship Score: 8/10

Where Can I Watch? You can stream Legends of Tomorrow on Netflix or the CW

Cosima And Delphine – “Cophine” – Orphan Black

If you haven’t seen Orphan Black, then it’s a fairly crazy (and crazy good) science fiction program that has Tatiana Maslany playing a whole series of clones.

This allows the actress to try different looks and personalities, which is always fun to see, but it also meant that she could also act out various different relationships through the individual clones.

One of these clones, Cosima, has a lesbian relationship with Delphine – with their ship name being the fun “Cophine”.

They have the best kind of on screen romance, because it’s beautiful and messy, with real depth – just like real relationships.

Their romance is both intimate and intellectual, with these two clever women sharing a love that’s sexual and highly emotional. 

That’s why this is one of the greatest lesbian relationships (and probably just relationships in general!) ever on TV. It has all the depth of a real romance, with all the nuance and ups and downs.

The show is a must see already, but especially because of these two characters and their lesbian romance. 

Lesbian Relationship Score: 10/10

Where Can I Watch? You can stream Orphan Black via Amazon

Petra And Jane Ramos – “Petramos” – Jane The Virgin

Their ship name “Petramos” may sound like a spell from Harry Potter or something, but that’s kind of fitting – because this relationship is magical. Jane The Virgin was a show about a 23 year old virgin who somehow became pregnant (we won’t reveal how!).

Now, Jane Ramos isn’t actually the main Jane from the show’s title, but she is one of the most interesting of the other characters that show has to offer. This is largely due to her romance with Petra.

The two meet in a fairly unique and exciting way, because Jane was the lawyer for Petra at some point. There’s nothing like a bit of court romance! We guess that’s why they use to call dating “courting”. 

Jokes aside, they start to date when it seems that the court case in question is over. It ends up being a brilliant and beautiful elsbian TV romance, because each of the characters are so well written by the show’s writers, with full depth to each of them.

These are women that are fiercely intelligent, complicated, and human. On top of that, the show covers bisexuality in a beautiful and insightful way. 

It all goes to make one of the greatest lesbian TV ships ever seen, and is so good that it almost takes the attention away from the show’s actual main Jane! Now that’s quality there.

Lesbian Relationship Score: 9/10

Where Can I Watch? You can stream Jane the Virgin on Netflix

Waverly And Nicole – “Wayhaught” – Wyonna Earp

This is a show with a beautiful lesbian relationship in full focus.

Though the show is a mix of supernatural stuff and a Western (what a combination!), there’s a deeply human aspect to its core with the wonderful long-term lesbian relationship between the sheriff, Nicole Haught, and Waverly Earp (sister of the titular Wyonna). 

As with the best on screen romances, it doesn’t begin straight away. Sheriff Nicole tells Waverly that she likes her, but the interest isn’t returned. Instead, Waverly says that she likes guys and even has a boyfriend. 

This is something that Nicole can relate to, expressing a negative view of boyfriends, and hinting that things for Waverly and her beau might not last.

Sure enough, the two women get together, and fall into a beautiful and committed long-term relationship. It ends up being absolutely one of the greatest lesbian ships on TV.

Oh, and you get all the supernatural cowgirl action on the side too, with demons getting battled and so on! 

Lesbian Relationship Score: 10/10

Where Can I Watch? You can stream Wyonna Earp on Netflix

Piper And Alex – “Vasueman” – Orange Is The New Black

Orange Is The New Black is one of the defining Netflix hits, one of the earliest and biggest shows that cemented them as a great voice in television. Better yet, it was full of diversity.

The story is based on a memoir about a woman’s time in prison, covering all the diverse female inmates she met there – and all the loves and dramas that came from them.

Perhaps the most interesting relationship in the show, though, is that of the lead character, Piper and her once-ex, Alex. Their ship name comes from the combining of their surnames, Chapman and Vause respectively. 

However, what makes this relationship so interesting? Well, Alex is actually the reason that Piper has been sent to jail, because Piper had transported a suitcase full of drug money for Alex when they were originally dating.

That’s right, it’s a relationship with an international drug smuggler who caused you to be arrested – romantic!

And yet, in a way, it turns out to be! The first episode ends with the cliffhanger of Alex finding out that Piper is actually in the same prison as her, and the show builds from there.

Understandably, Alex is pretty annoyed with Piper, but as time passes the two work through it and come out with a much stronger bond – and love. They help each other through tough times, and that makes it an incredibly wholesome lesbian ship. 

Lesbian Relationship Score: 8/10

Where Can I Watch? You can stream Orange Is The New Black exclusively on Netflix

Casey And Izzie – “Cazzie” – Atypical

This ship name, “Cazzie”, is one of the best ship names there is – because it becomes a pre-existing name! Better yet, the actual lesbian couple are pretty great too.

The show Atypical is about an 18 year old autistic boy called Sam. His younger sister is Casey, who eventually goes to a prep school and bumps into Izzie.

But it isn’t romance at first sight! Like many of the best TV romances, they’re actually enemies at first. Nevertheless, over time they realize that they share plenty of interests, and the buds of friendship begin to blossom.

And from that? Love! In the show’s third season, Casey and Izzie finally get together.

Like the best crushes, we get the constant teasing of “will they, won’t they?” as we watch them grow closer and hope that they’ll eventually get together.

When they finally do, we’re doubly overjoyed because of all our waiting! Their relationship turns out to be very wholesome and endearingly relatable, being one of those cases where you’re young and develop a crush on a friend.

What do you do? If you tell them, it may ruin the friendship. 

Thankfully that isn’t the case with Cazzie, and this is a beautiful and sweet young romance. 

Lesbian Relationship Score: 8/10

Where Can I Watch? You can stream Atypical exclusively on Netflix

Sterling And April – “Stepril” – Teenage Bounty Hunters

They may not have the best ship name, but they do have a lovely lesbian romance. The show Teenage Bounty Hunters is about two twin sisters, Sterling and Blair, who balance school with bounty hunting. We’ve all been there!

More relatbale might be the beautiful lesbian relationship between Sterling and a girl named April. They start as rivals, but slowly become close and closer, finishing as girlfriends.

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The build up is heartwarming and gentle, and the show covers many other important themes: family, coming out, and more. It’s a great show for LGBTQ representation, with a great lesbian ship at the center. 

Lesbian Relationship Score: 8/10

Where Can I Watch? You can stream Teenage Bounty Hunters exclusively on Netflix

Maya And Carina – “Marina” – Station 19

Another ship where the ship name just happens to be a real name, this is an interesting and lovely one. Why? Well, you may notice the name Carina. That’s right, it’s the very same Carina of Grey’s Anatomy. 

Station 19 is the second spin-off show of Grey’s Anatomy, right after Private Practice. Rather than a hospital, the show is set at a fire station – so you can bet that the temperatures are going to be high and the passions hot!

Carina gets with the captain of the Station 19 fire department, Maya, and the two have a passionate and exciting romance.

Between all the saving lives and high drama, the two awesome women share a wonderful romance, which is lovely to see. 

Lesbian Relationship Score: 6/10

Where Can I Watch? You can stream Station 19 on Hulu

Santana And Brittany – “Brittana” – Glee

Any Gleeks out there? We used to love watching Glee back in the day, with the hit songs, crazy comedy, and high school dramas. The famous show was all about a high school glee club (a singing club) and how its members deal with all the struggles of life.

Two of the singers are Santana and Brittany, who are also cheerleaders. They’re dismissive of the glee club at first, but soon fall under its charm.

They have one of the most interesting kinds of TV relationships to watch, being on and off again. They’re great friends, but also sometimes more than that, and that’s exciting to watch. 

Both characters come to terms with their own sexualities over time, and it’s beautiful to see them find themselves – and each other. They get married at the show’s very end, the perfect happy ending.

Lesbian Relationship Score: 8/10

Where Can I Watch? You can stream Glee on Hulu

Dani And Jamie – “Damie” – The Haunting Of Bly Manor

A show that’s a bit more chilling here, The Haunting Of Bly Manor is a ghost story. However, it’s also just as equally a love story. It focuses on a governess who goes to a country house to look after a man’s nephew and niece.

However, she soon finds ghosts haunting the place…and love! 

Dani, the governess, falls for the gardener of the country house, Jamie. The two team up to find out what’s going on with all the supernatural haunting, but they also team up romantically if you know what I mean.

It turns out to be a lovely lesbian ship, with the two supporting each other, and just both fizzling with chemistry. If anyone can beat ghosts, it’s love – and this lesbian couple had plenty of it.

Unfortunately, have the tissues at the ready though. This is ultimately a tragic romance, and it’ll break some viewer’s hearts that the couple don’t have the greatest future. However, that almost makes the lesbian romance more beautiful and special, you know?

Lesbian Relationship Score: 10/10

Where Can I Watch? You can stream The Haunting Of Bly Manor exclusively on Netflix

Lena And Stef – “Stena” – The Fosters

Now this is the kind of long-term, deeply loving lesbian romance we love to see. The Fosters is a show about a family that adopts four children alongside the one biological child they already have. That’s right, the Foster family is a foster family!

The family is led by Stef and Lana. Stef is a cop, while Lana is a Vice Principal at a local school, two demanding jobs that highlight these women as hardworking professionals – on top of having to raise all those kids.

It can clearly be exhausting! But what gets them through it? Each other!

The show really excels at showing us two women who are fully committed to each other in a beautiful long-term relationship, doing their jobs and raising kids.

It’s beautiful to have representation of a typical lesbian married couple, getting through life and tackling all its little hiccups with the help and support of one another.

The show ran for five seasons, giving us an amazing insight into the lives of these two perfect lesbian partners. 

Lesbian Relationship Score: 10/10

Where Can I Watch? You can stream The Fosters on Hulu

Jean And Sidney – “Jeaney” – Gypsy

This Netflix show only lasted a season, but it did star a massive name like Naomi Watts as the lead, Jean. She plays a New York therapist who begins to cross the boundaries of her professional life and her personal life.

How? Well, she begins getting into steamy relationships with people close to her patients. One of the biggest examples is Sidney, the ex of one of Jean’s patients.

Honestly, this isn’t the nicest of lesbian relationships, but it is plenty steamy. It’s certainly an intimate relationship, but it’s completely toxic, packed with lies and deceit.

It’s not much of a surprise given that Jean is already pushing boundaries by getting involved with people in her patient’s lives. 

If you want something sexy but not sweet, this short-lived show is a good pick.

Lesbian Relationship Score: 4/10

Where Can I Watch? You can stream Gypsy exclusively on Netflix

Lexa And Clarke – “Clexa” – The 100

The lesbian ship of Clexa came from the fascinating and thrilling show The 100. It’s a science fiction drama that is set well after a nuclear war has destroyed all civilization on Earth.

The only humans left are the ones on the space stations, who start procreating, and we time-jump three generations later. 

Unfortunately, the humans (now measuring a few thousand) are struggling to continue surviving. For that reason, they feel returning to Earth is their only option. But is it safe?

The 23 Greatest TV Lesbian Ships Ever (And Where To Watch Them) (4)

Well, there’s no better way to test whether it’s safe or not than sending 100 prisoners down to test it out. Two of the titular “100” prisoners are Lexa and Clarke. 

As you can see stakes are already high before Lexa and Clarke have even got together! This makes the romance even more charged, arguably, because there’s all the danger.

On top of that, the pair actually begin as enemies, which is always fun to watch. Over time, they learn to work together and grow close. 

Eventually, the two get to share a thrilling lesbian romance, with ups and downs. It would be one of the very best lesbian ships on TV if it hadn’t ended poorly, though. Lexa dies just as things are looking positive for the couple. 

This was met with a big backlash from the show’s fans, many believing that it was just following the shallow trope of killing off LGBTQ characters.

It kind of sours the relationship in hindsight, but if you forget about the bad ending then it was a great elsbian ship while it lasted. 

Lesbian Relationship Score: 6/10 (sadly!)

Where Can I Watch? You can strea, The 100 on Netflix

Ji-Wan And Sol – “Soljiwan” – Nevertheless, 

Hopping outside of America, Nevertheless, is a Korean TV show that was actually based on a webtoon!

It’s all about two people who are attracted to one another, yet hesitant to take the leap because they’re both mistrusting of relationships thanks to previous bad experiences. However, these two people are not the couple we’re looking at. 

The characters Ji-Wan and Sol are our focus, who are two best friends that eventually fall in love. This is a classic type of story, and also results in a great lesbian ship.

We love watching them bond as friends, then slowly develop feelings for another, and eventually begin a romance. 

The show drags it out a bit much, teasing the relationship for too long, making them friends for longer than most watchers will want.

However, the pair have great chemistry, and it arguably makes the eventual relationship even more rewarding to watch, because we’ve been through all the bumps to get there. 

Lesbian Relationship Score: 8/10

Where Can I Watch? You can stream Nevertheless, exclusively on Netflix

Franky And Bridget – “Fridget” – Wentworth

If you’ve heard of Wentworth prison, then you can probably guess where this show is set! In that sense, it’s quite similar to Orange Is The New Black, with a prison full of women navigating various loves and difficulties.

Naturally, this means that there’s plenty of great relationships to ship. 

The show begins because a woman named Bea has tried to murder her abusive husband. She’s arrested as a result, and is sent off to the titular Wentworth women’s prison.

However, she is all shaken up by what has happened, and this makes her especially unsuitable for the prison environment. 

With her all ruffled, the other prisoner’s easily use her. One of these prisoners is Franky, the leader of the inmates. Franky uses Bea’s shaken up state as a way to force her into doing things. 

But where does Bridget come into this? Who is she? Well, Bridget is actually the forensic psychologist for the prison – she’s not even an inmate!

She and Franky begin a lesbian relationship, one of a few that Franky has throughout the show, and it becomes one of the best ones on TV. It all has an extra hint of excitement and risk because of their two positions, which makes it steamier. 

Lesbian Relationship Score: 7/10

Where Can I Watch? You can stream Wentworth on Netflix

Alex And Marissa – “Alissa” – The O.C.

The O.C. is an absolutely classic show. Focusing on a group of super rich kids growing up in Orange County (the O.C.!), the show had plenty of relationships and drama.

Unfortunately, most of the relationships were straight, but there was the occasional look at lesbian love. 

This was in the case of two of the main teenagers, the girls Alex and Marissa. Alex was bisexual, but it was never quite made clear whether Marissa was too, it sometimes seeming as if she was just bi-curious.

The 23 Greatest TV Lesbian Ships Ever (And Where To Watch Them) (5)

The two of them get together quite suddenly, and it doesn’t exactly last long either. 

Some criticized the whole thing as a ratings stunt, rather than proper representation of a relationship that wasn’t straight – like most of the others were. It isn’t clear if this was the case, but we’re left with a brief lesbian ship at the end of it. 

Lesbian Relationship Score: 4/10

Where Can I Watch? You can stream The O.C. via Amazon

Emily Dickinson And Sue – “Emisue” – Dickinson

This Apple TV+ show is all about the famous poet Emily Dickinson. Many scholars believe that Emily was in love with her sister-in-law Sue, so the show is based around that lesbian ship. 

Though the history may not be true (who knows!) the show has plenty of fun with it, giving us a beautiful lesbian romance that’s exciting and heartfelt. 

Lesbian Relationship Score: 7/10

Where Can I Watch? You can stream Dickinson exclusively on Apple TV+

Final Thoughts

There you have it! This list is packed with plenty of iconic and inspirational lesbian TV ships, which makes it the perfect resource for finding your next binge-watch. Get shipping!

Gay Worlley

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