The 14 Best Lesbian Movies Which Everyone Needs To Watch

Sometimes it can be very difficult to find movies which you think accurately represent you.

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The 14 Best Lesbian Movies Which Everyone Needs To Watch

For those in the LGBT+ community this has been even more of an issue, especially historically with representation of anyone in this group deeply frowned upon.

Lesbians especially have struggled to find movies which accurately represent the lesbian experience, and are capable of doing this while showing a happy relationship.

Watching a movie can be an incredibly personal experience, and being able to relate to the characters makes this experience even more engaging.

If you never see relationships like your own represented, it can start to feel like they do not exist, and it can be a very isolating experience, especially for queer youth.

We are lucky nowadays that movie studios are becoming more and more aware about the lack of representation and are seemingly starting to make up for it by including more inclusive plot lines and characters in their stories.

While we can now recognize more LGBT+ side characters, there are still a disappointingly low amount of movies that actually center around lesbian characters.

However, just because there is a low amount, does not mean that these movies do not exist. This article is here to celebrate 14 of the best lesbian focused movies to ever be released and to recommend those which may have been overlooked.

The older of these movies tend to be seen as cult classics, while the newer ones have actually been able to gain more mainstream popularity. No matter when these movies were released, they are all high quality and worth watching.

If you are in the mood to watch a movie which you want to be represented in, and you want to ensure that it is a good representation as well as an interesting narrative, make sure to read this list!

Unfortunately there are just as many bland or bad lesbian representations in movies as there are positive ones, so this list will help you sort the good from the bad to save you from wasting any time.

These movies are not ranked in any particular order so do not take the order of their appearance as any signifier of their quality as all of these movies are definitely worth your time.

So if you want to watch a lesbian movie and are unsure where to start, keep reading!

The Top 14 Lesbian Movies To Watch Now

Saving Face

What Is This Movie About?

This movie surrounds the relationship between a Chinese-American daughter who is a lesbian and her incredibly traditionalist mother.

She is very reluctant to be open about herself as her secret love very clearly is in opposition to the expectations which are clear for women in her culture.

What Do We Like About This Movie?

This is an incredibly sincere and heartfelt movie, and it goes over so many themes in such a genuine way like; coming out, maternal relationships, cultural clashes when it comes to expectations, clashes between American and Asian cultures, as well a community and what this means.

The most important theme however is the conflict between being yourself and your reverence for tradition and family. The unique bond which is portrayed in this movie has not been recreated yet, and it is a must-watch because of this!

Does It Have A Happy Ending?:

*SPOILERS* Saving Face does have a happy ending!

The Handmaiden

What Is This Movie About?

This movie looks at a woman who has been hired to be a handmaiden for a Japanese heiress, the conflict and crux of the movie is about the complex and elaborate plot she is in with a Korean con artist with the goal of defrauding the heiress by seducing her.

What Do We Like About This Movie?

While a lot of lesbian movies are great, many tend to revolve around either romance or coming, or a combination of the two, so to have a movie involve sexuality as a focal them into an incredibly gripping plot line which features so many twists that even the most well watched movie fan will struggle to predict where the movie is going next.

The whole movie will have you guessing if the movie is going to end tragically or if there is hope for a happy ending, and this anxious engagement makes this movie so worth watching!

Does It Have A Happy Ending?

*SPOILERS* Perhaps one of the most surprising elements of this movie is that is does have a happy ending.


What Is This Movie About?

This is maybe one of the more popular movies on this list, and it follows the relationship between a young beginner photographer called Therese played by Rooney Mara, and her burgeoning relationship with the beautiful but significantly older Carol played wonderfully by Cate Blanchett.

Perhaps what makes this movie stand out, so well is the beautiful 1950s New York setting.

The complicated nature of their relationship drives the movie with a strong plot device being whether Carol will be able to work up the courage to be able to leave her husband.

What Do We Like About This Movie?

It is so wonderful to watch a movie which has gotten its casting perfect and this movie is one of those spectacular experiences. The way this movie is filmed is also astounding and amazing to look at.

The storytelling is done well throughout the movie’s runtime and will keep you fully engaged.

This movie managed to be nominated for an amazing 6 Academy awards with Cate Blanchett as well as Rooney Mara getting nominated for both best actress as well as supporting actress.

Does It Have A Happy Ending?

*SPOILERS* Carol does have a happy ending.

Kiss Me

What Is This Movie About?

This movie follows a young woman who has found herself engaged and soon to be married, however, she ends up unexpectedly falling for the lesbian daughter of the woman who will soon be her stepmother. 

What Do We Like About This Movie?

While being a quite typical lesbian romance the story is told in an incredibly engaging way which you lead you to be rooting for the relationship to work.

Both leads have their own struggles and developments and the relationship they have with each other is incredibly detailed.

The actions and feelings portrayed in this movie have clear consequences and the movie revolves around whether the leads will have the strength to overcome this.

Told with both amazing cinematography and acting, this is a great movie to watch as soon as possible!

Does It Have A Happy Ending?

*SPOILERS* Kiss me does have a happy ending.

I Can’t Think Straight

What Is This Movie About?

This movie follows a journalist who is based in London called Tala who is getting ready for her incredibly upscale wedding with her fiancé, however everything goes awry when she meets Leyla who is a British Indian woman who happens to be dating one of her best friends Ali.

The conflict comes up as Tala is a strong Christian and Leyla is a Muslim so as well as the religious contrast, there is also the element of their immediate attraction which has to be addressed.

The developments in the relationship between these two women is what makes this movie so engaging.

What Do We Like About This Movie?

This is one of those classic rom coms which surrounds a lesbian relationship where neither are expecting the relationship to happen until it does and the romance is just so well done that you can not help but root for the couple.

The acting is not the best, but this almost adds to the flair of the movie and the portrayal of the obvious cultural tensions is what makes the narrative so engaging and makes up for this.

If you love well written coming out and romance narratives, this movie should definitely be watched!

Does It Have A Happy Ending?

*SPOILERS* If you could not ascertain from the description, Can’t Think Straight has a happy ending.


What Is This Movie About?

This movie follows schoolgirls that have been groomed to be members of a national defense organization called DEBS however, their plan is thrown into disarray when their star agent and the girl who is supposed to be their leader happens to fall for the villain which they are targeting.

What Do We Like About This Movie?

If you are craving a more fun and lighthearted movie, this is definitely for you.

The action is campy and fun to watch, but the chemistry between the lead actresses is what grounds this movie and makes it easy to watch. This is easy viewing and will definitely become a favorite.

Does It Have A Happy Ending?

*SPOILERS* DEBS does indeed have a happy ending.


What Is This Movie About?

While World War 2 is taking place a writer called Alice has her life upturned when an evacuee from the Blitz is put into her care.

She first once to get rid of him, but she finds her emotions of her past lesbian romance being reawakened from his presence.

What Do We Like About This Movie?

The cinematography of Summerland is super high quality and while the lesbian romance is not the center, it did intertwine with the main plot line very elegantly. The development of all the characters is also very believable.

Does It Have A Happy Ending?

*SPOILERS* Summerland has a happy ending.

Love Classified

What Is This Movie About?

This movie follows a romance writer called Emilia who after a long time returns to her home and follows her relationship reuniting with her children who are finding their love.

The lesbian focus is on a character called Arienne and the romantic relationship she has with Emilia’s daughter.

What Do We Like About This Movie?

This is another more feel good type movies and is a great choice for rewatching. The ending is well built up to and is very satisfying. 

Does It Have A Happy Ending?

*SPOILERS* Love Classified features a happy ending.

The Firefly

What Is This Movie About?

Lucia is recovering from the incredibly sudden death of her brother and she ends up needing to be comforted by the woman his brother was engaged to called Mariana.

While they start the movie as strangers, we follow them bonding over their mutual grieving and storytelling of their brother/fiancé.

As their relationship slowly becomes romantic we see Lucia have to make the decision between returning to her husband or living a new life.

What Do We Like About This Movie?

A very unique concept for a lesbian romance is never going to be ignored and this movie touches on deep themes very meaningfully as well.

If you want an interesting and heartwarming romance, this is the way to go!

Does It Have A Happy Ending?

*SPOILERS* The Firefly does have a happy ending.


What Is This Movie About?

The protagonist return to the Orthodox Jewish community she grew up in who shunned her because she was attracted to one of her female friends as a child.

But when they reunite their passion for one another can not be ignored or overlooked.

What Do We Like About This Movie?

The plot line for this movie is incredibly though provoking and the romance between the two leads is very believable.

The chemistry between the two is great to watch and while this movie is not lighthearted it will make a very entertaining watch!

Does It Have A Happy Ending?

*SPOILERS* This movie partially has a happy ending, but this is more debatable than others.

Battle Of The Sexes

What Is This Movie About?

Amidst the sexual revolution and the women’s movement, this movie follows the 1973 tennis game between Billie Jean King the women’s champion and Bobby Riggs the former men’s champion.

What King is doing for equality is also paired with her relationship and friendship with Marilyn Barnett and how this develops.

What Do We Like About This Movie?

A very empowering feel makes this movie unique and the queer themes makes this a great movie to watch!

Does It Have A Happy Ending?

*SPOILERS* Battle Of The Sexes has a happy ending.

Blue Is The Warmest Color

What Is This Movie About?

The life of protagonist Adele is changed once she meets a blue haired woman called Emma who leads her to discover her desire to assert herself. This journey is one of self discovery and includes very sapphic themes.

What Do We Like About This Movie?

Both a coming of age as well as a story about coming out, this movie is a beautiful representation of self-discovery as well as heartbreak.

Does It Have A Happy Ending?

*SPOILERS* Blue Is The Warmest Color does not have the happiest ending

Imagine Me & You

What Is This Movie About?

A movie about an engaged woman falling in love with her wedding’s florist and debating whether she should leave everything to pursue their relationship.

What Do We Like About This Movie?

This is a fresh and funny rom com which is an easy watch and has a satisfying finale.

Does It Have A Happy Ending?

*SPOILERS* Imagine Me & You has a happy ending

But I’m A Cheerleader

What Is This Movie About?

Megan is sent to a conversion camp when everyone she knows accuses her of being a lesbian and while she is in denial at first, her relationship with Graham helps her realize they may have been onto something.

What Do We Like About This Movie?

While covering dark themes and topics like conversion therapy, the way this movie handles them makes the movie entertaining but almost aggressively real.

Does It Have A Happy Ending?

*SPOILERS* But I’m A Cheerleader does have a happy ending.


Hopefully this list has inspired you to watch at least one of these movies as they are genuinely all worth your time to watch!

Not one of these movies is bad, but they are all good in their own unique way, and if you were to watch all 14 of these movies you would be sure to fall in love with one of them!

If this movie has not told you about any movies you have never heard of, hopefully it has at least inspired you to watch one you have not seen yet!

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