Luxury Brands That Support LGBT

As modern-day consumers, knowing more about the brands you support is essential. Knowing that these brands share your values could inspire you to help them even more so they can continue championing the causes you’re passionate about. For example, if you support the LGBT community, you’ll want to know which luxury brands do the same.

Five top luxury brands that support LGBT are Gucci, Burberry, Versace, Levi’s, and Tom Ford. They show their support in many ways, like promoting special collections in support of Pride and making significant donations to charities. These organizations also have policies that reflect diversity, inclusion, and non-discrimination values.

In this guide, you’ll learn more about the luxury brands that support the LGBT community. You’ll discover their contributions, why they do so, and what you can do to help the brands you believe in.

What Luxury Brands Support The LGBT Community?

Here are 5 luxury brands that are well-known for their support of the LGBT community:


First on our list is the Italian high-fashion brand Gucci. As you might already know, Gucci is well known for creating the best in everything from clothes to handbags, footwear, eyewear, and plenty of other easily recognizable accessories.

Gucci is also well-known for championing inclusivity in all its forms. That’s why it should come as no surprise that the brand has been an ally to the LGBT community for a long time.

For example, Gucci made a $1 million donation in 2020 in the spirit of diversity and inclusion. That donation went towards several LGBTTQ+ organizations, proving that the brand wasn’t just providing lip service but backing it up with their money.


Another well-known luxury brand that counts itself as an ally is Burberry. This British brand is known for its timeless British styles, most notably with its line of trench coats and other accessories.

Burberry is also very vocal in supporting the LGBT community as part of its commitment to building an inclusive society. The company has a strong culture that fights against discrimination in the workplace and has also supported Pride Month for several years.

Similarly, the brand makes continuous donations to charities that work closely with LGBTTQ communities worldwide.

You’ll also find special Pride collections designed and sold by Burberry. The profits made from these items often contribute to the donations mentioned earlier.


Another luxury Italian brand, Versace, also earns a place on this list for their contributions to the community. The brand is well-known for its bold designs but has also built a strong reputation as an ally of the LGBT community.

Like the other brands on this list, Versace continuously shows solidarity during Pride Month. Unlike other brands that treat it as a one-off affair, Versace’s repeated participation has demonstrated that the brand is true to its commitments.

You’ll also see that Versace features models from the LGBT community in its shows and campaigns, and several special edition items appear as part of its collection.

The profits from those collections also go towards charities supporting and benefiting the community.


American jeans company Levi Strauss & Co., known as Levi’s, is also a staunch supporter of the LGBT community. The brand doesn’t necessarily fall into the conventional ‘luxury’ category, yet its influence in the fashion world is undeniable.

What’s important is that a big part of the company’s history has also supported the LGBT community.

For one thing, the brand has been directly involved in several community initiatives to champion inclusivity and fight against discrimination.

Simultaneously, Levi’s has also released special collections commemorating Pride Month.

Like the other brands on this list, the proceeds from their special collections are donated to global organizations championing similar causes.

Tom Ford

There’s no shortage of American brands on this list, and Tom Ford proves it. The name represents the founder, a designer and film director, and the fashion brand itself.

Unsurprisingly, both have been vocal supporters championing the rights of the LGBT community.

For example, Tom Ford has used his popularity many times to release statements supporting the inclusion of the LGBT community.

Meanwhile, the brand has featured LGBT models in its campaigns and organized many events for the community.

Most importantly, the corporate culture within the company also reflects the values that Tom Ford champions. All of that is reflected in the company’s policies, which promote inclusivity, diversity, and equal opportunities.

How Do Brands Benefit From Supporting Communities This Way?

When you pay attention to the brands that support the LGBT community, you’ll realize that not all are genuine about it. The sad reality is that some companies only do it during certain times of the year, like around Pride Month, to reap the benefits of showing their support.

As consumers, we must understand how brands benefit from showing their support.

Here are 4 examples:

1. Championing Values They Believe In

The brands whose support is genuine do it because they get to champion the values they believe in. This in itself is one of the main benefits for them.

The luxury brands mentioned earlier are perfect examples of this. They would likely still do well in business even if they stopped supporting the LGBT community.

Yet, they do it because their founders and employees believe strongly in values like diversity, inclusion, and anti-discrimination.

Championing these values connects all stakeholders to the same cause.

2. Seizing Market Opportunities

It’s undeniable that brands support the LGBT community to seize market opportunities. By showing their customers that they share similar values, they can create and sell products directly to community members and profit from them.

Many would argue that there’s no problem with that as long as their support is genuine.

However, consumers need to know which brands are genuine supporters and which ones only claim support as an unethical way to increase sales.

3. Improving Employee Retention

A brand doesn’t just support the LGBT community to win customers over. They also do it to win their employees over, many of whom are likely members of the same community.

Their public support shows employees they work for an organization that shares their values. As such, it fosters employee loyalty and helps retain them in the organization for longer.

4. Becoming The Employer Of Choice

Lastly, brands show their support for the LGBT community to become the employer of choice and attract the best talents in the industry. This is a long-term strategy to improve their success.

High-quality employees often choose where to work based on the organization’s values. They’re more likely to choose one they share similar values with, like a company that champions inclusion, diversity, and anti-discrimination.

How Do You Support A Brand That Shares Your Values?

Suppose you’re a member or supporter of the LGBT community and want to show support to the luxury brands that share your values.

In that case, here are 5 ways you can lend them your support:

  • Buy from them: First and foremost, you can support them by purchasing their products and services. One of the most direct ways to support a brand you agree with is by using your dollars and cents.
  • Research them: Next, take some time to research them and understand what they’ve done for the community. For one, it’ll help you develop a deeper appreciation for their efforts. On top of that, you might also gain some new ideas for supporting the same community more directly.
  • Publicize them: You don’t necessarily need to spend money to support the brands you believe in. Instead, you can help to publicize the luxury brands and how they’ve supported the LGBT community. Remember: not everyone knows about the excellent work they’ve been doing, so you can help to change that!
  • Give Feedback: Companies are always looking for grassroots feedback from their customers. So, if you have any thoughts that might be helpful to the brand, let them know. Send them an email, a letter, or just call their customer service hotline.
  • Keep them accountable: Lastly, keeping brands accountable is essential. You should do so when a brand makes a mistake or doesn’t show support in a way that you think the community deserves. You must give them credit where it’s due but also point out how and where they can improve.

You’re creating a positive feedback loop by supporting the brands that share your values. When you contribute to the brands that share your values, you enable them to continue supporting the LGBT community for longer and in more significant ways.

Final Thoughts

So far, you’ve learned that top luxury brands are strong supporters of the LGBT community. The examples mentioned here were Gucci, Versace, Burberry, Levi’s, and Tom Ford, though plenty of others are doing the same.

By doing your homework and understanding which brands share your values, you can support them in continuing their good deeds. You can do so by purchasing their products and services by publicizing their support, among many other ways.

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