Lgbtq Books With Happy Ending

Love an incredible LGBTQ+ story, but hate the ones that end up tragically? Life is sad enough without devastating endings in our favorite books, which is why we have collected up some of the top LGBTQ+ books that have happy endings. You’ll enjoy every word of these books, and you can rest assured that the endings are solidly happy.

Some of the top LGBTQ+ happy-ending-books include things like Bareback, by Chris Owen; Red, White and Royal Blue, by Casey McQuiston; A Prince on Paper, by Alyssa Cole; Tell Me How You Really Feel, by Aminah Mae Safi; Her Royal Highness, by Rachel Hawkins; Heartstopper, by Alice Oseman; and Not My Problem, by Ciara Smyth.

If you’re ready to set aside the tragedy and enjoy some really amazing stories with endings that will leave you smiling, let’s get started!

Book 1) Bareback, By Chris Owen

If you want to enjoy an incredible book about a ranch in Arkansas, Bareback is an excellent option. Join Jake as he falls in love with Tornado – dark-eyed, stubborn, and dashingly handsome. Caught in a rainstorm, the two admit their feelings, and embark together on a rollercoaster through many different events. 

Try as the world might, it can’t tear these two asunder, so you can rest assured that the story is going to wind up happy, even if things look bleak at points! It’s nice reading this book with that security, and while the cover may be a little peculiar, the book is fantastically written, with compelling characters, excellent plot points, and all around depth and excitement.

It’s really nice to see this kind of chemistry written well between two gay individuals, and if you’re looking for an adult story… well, this might well be it. A lot of fans have described it as a decidedly hot read, and it’s definitely graphic, so don’t pick it up if that doesn’t tickle your fancy. If it does, though, you’ll be delighted to learn that there’s also a sequel!

Book 2) Red, White And Royal Blue, By Casy McQuiston

Now a film too, this book has an awful lot to offer to its readers. The story is very beautiful and compelling, drawing you quickly into the intricacies of the character’s lives. If you’re fascinated by British royalty and want to see that theme played out in an American setting, this is certainly a good book for you.

The main character, Alex Claremont-Diaz, is charismatic, intelligent, and enormously engaging, but he’s in for quite a ride, especially as things heat up with his rival across the pond, Henry – who might just turn out to be more of a friend than a true enemy. With diplomatic relations at stake and the eyes of two countries upon them, how will the two young men manage?

Witty, sexy, thrilling, and very well written, this is another book to add to your list, and it’s got everything you could want in terms of happy endings. It’s also got some amazing things to say about topics like homophobia, racism, sexism, grief, and more – all handled with aplomb and superb grace. This is a must-not-miss!

Book 3) A Prince On Paper, By Alyssa Cole

Part of the Reluctant Royals series, A Prince on Paper has a lot to offer to readers, including a “real” Prince Charming. With a faux engagement and all the drama and glamor of a story following the royals, this is a heartwarming story that has captivated readers everywhere.

It’s also one of those books where you just know it’s going to end happily, in spite of the challenges the characters face – and you’d be right, because it all comes out okay! Even so, there are plenty of heart-stopping moments as the characters grapple with family drama and personal challenges along the way.

Deeply satisfying, warm, and full of love, this is a fantastic book to enjoy on a cold, dark evening in front of the fire – or on a beach in the sunshine, depending on your preferences! Don’t underestimate just how much you’ll fall for the characters, either; they’re engaging, empathetic, and very enjoyable.

Book 4) Tell Me How You Really Feel, By Aminah Mae Safi

Love a story that tells it from both perspectives and makes you really root for the characters through thick and thin? This is the one for you! It’s a fantastic young adult novel about two young women finding love in each other – where they previously thought only hate existed.

Rachel is a dedicated, intelligent young woman working to create her very own movie masterpiece, and when she’s casting, her eye lights upon one particular person: Sana. Sana, though, is everything Rachel hates – she can’t forgive her for their past. Sana’s got it all; she’s an overachiever, she’s getting top marks, and she’s a cheerleader to boot.

A book filled with energy and intrigue, it’s an utterly adorable addition to LGBTQ+ literature, and you can bet your boots the ending is going to be happy – how could it not be, given the circumstances?

Readers everywhere have fallen in love with Sana’s confidence and Rachel’s strength of character, and one of the great things about this book is that it’s not in any rush; the writer knows there’s plenty of time to help you fall in love just the way her characters do. 

The book also grapples with complicated family issues, the challenges of poverty, and the grimmer, more realistic side of living in LA. If you’re ready for the cutest lesbian book to hit the shelves, grab your copy now! 

Book 5) Her Royal Highness, By Rachel Hawkins

Another book handling the glamor of royalty, this story explores the romance between Millie Quint and Flora, the princess of Scotland. Another enemies-turned-lovers tale, this story is a fresh take on the falling-for-someone-at-boarding-school trope that has been so explored in straight literature – and all the queer fans are here for this alternative approach.

Does sapphic content make your heart soar and your blood sing? This is the story for you. Even more so if you think Scotland is the land of romance; that’s where the story takes place, set in the stunning highlands, where American Millie is considered adorable and interesting.

Sure, Flora may be a little spoiled, but when you read this, you know what’s coming: you know Millie is going to fall for her, and that she’s going to fall back just as hard. It’s a very sweet tale, and one that the queer community has been waiting on for far too long!

Book 6) Heartstopper, By Alice Oseman

You’ve probably heard of Heartstopper, and if you haven’t, gosh, it’s time that you did! This book has enjoyed a lot of attention online, but don’t dismiss it all as just hype, because it really isn’t. It’s a best-seller, and if you enjoy it, the great news is that there’s also a Netflix series being created!

Nick Nelson and Charlie Spring make a fantastic couple. Nick is a soft-spoken, sweet rugby player, a year above Charlie, and Charlie… well, take a look.

And yes, we really mean take a look; this isn’t just a novel, but a graphic novel. The incredibly talented Oseman both wrote and illustrated it, and many fans have absolutely fallen in love with having the ability to see the character’s faces, right there in front of them, full of emotion.

This isn’t like your normal reading experience; you’re hooked by the pictures as well as the words, and you feel like you’re taking every step of the characters’ journeys with them. This is one of the reasons that such rave reviews have been afforded to the story. If you want a light-hearted but enormously enjoyable read, don’t hesitate to pick this up.

Book 7) Not My Problem, By Ciara Smyth

Want a book with slightly more grounding in reality, and a more cynical take on life? This could be the one for you. It follows the journey of Aideen, a young woman with a whole pile of problems that she has no way of fixing… and then along comes Meabh, who adds to them. Meabh is followed by another student seeking help from Aideen, and the narrative unfolds from there.

This is a lovely coming of age story, and adds a nice touch with a diverse cast of characters, as well as being a representation of bisexuality. It explores all sorts of challenging themes, including gaslighting, Islamophobia, homophobia, racism, toxic friendships, family issues, and more.

Okay, that might be making it sound like a grim read, but it really isn’t; it deals with these issues, but still manages to stay reasonably light-hearted, and it’s very easy to get through. It’s worth noting that romance is just one of the themes in the book, so if you’re looking for something that deals with more than just relationships, this could be a great option for you.

Book 8) She Drives Me Crazy, By Kelly Quindlen

Another enemies-to-lovers narrative (honestly, we never get tired of them, even if there are a lot!), this is a high school love story between Scottie Zajac and Irene Abraham. The two start out at odds with each other, pushed together by well-meaning but overbearing mothers – and from there, the romance takes flight.

This is a wonderfully cozy book, with a lot to offer readers who just want something light, easygoing, and engaging. The characters are fun and interesting, and the romance is well-developed and satisfying, not rushed the way some are. You’ll want to read about these two for hours once you get to know them.

The fun of watching the two fake date to get back at Scottie’s ex and gradually find that they’re falling for each other is hard to overestimate – and readers everywhere have loved this book. It’s got enough deep moments to carry the story without making it heavy or exhausting, and while the book has been described as a little bit ridiculous by some, it is said fondly, and there’s no question it’s a very enjoyable read!

Book 9) Hani And Ishi’s Guide To Fake Dating, By Adiba Jaigirdar

Back on the fake dating bandwagon, but this time, the book’s very self-aware and literally says it on the cover. And no, it’s not an actual guide to fake dating, but for readers who find this trope enjoyable, this is an absolute must-read. Another young adult novel, this one follows a diverse cast, with Muslim and Bengali main characters.

The setup lets the book grapple with some challenging themes, and ones that many LGBTQ+ people can relate to. It’s very validating for minorities within this community to see books that touch on the varied, unique experiences that they have. You also see examples of biphobic bullying through Hani, who is attempting to make her friends recognize that she’s bisexual.

This is an example of the fake dating trope being done right, too: you can really feel the chemistry between the two characters, and they both have compelling reasons for entering into the agreement. Light and enjoyable, this is perfect if you just want something you can dip in and out of.

Readers have very thoroughly celebrated just how cute this book manages to be, praising it for good character development, believable and strong antagonists, and excellent relationships. 

It’s also super relatable for many, and guess what else? It’s funny, at the same time as being deep and real about some particularly important concepts. It questions what it means to truly be ourselves, and how friendships can be supportive of that – or not, in some cases. There’s a perfect balance of depth and humor, and this is very much a happy read.


As you can see, there are lots of LGBTQ+ books out there that will offer you a happy ending – and we’re glad, because the world needs more of this. So, whether you’re looking for a steamy read, something cute and funny, a coming of age story, a bit of royalty romance, or a combination of all of these, hopefully you’ve enjoyed the list, and you’ve got some great ideas for your next cozy novel!

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