Is Tom Holland Gay?

The celebrity lifestyle might seem amazing and glamorous. The one massive drawback though is the fact that everything in your life is under the microscope. 

Is Tom Holland Gay

You simply cannot move without someone asking you questions about your life, and yes – that also means something as personal as your sexuality. 

Celebrities are often asked about their love interests, and one celebrity who is often on screen nowadays is Tom Holland – so of course he’s been asked if he’s gay. 

No, Tom Holland is not gay – but there’s a lot to link him with the LGBTQ community and there’s a lot of things to know about Tom Holland’s work with this. 

Today’s article will look at this and explain it in much more detail. So, if you want to learn more about it – read on! 

Who Is Tom Holland?

For those who are unaware or unfamiliar with Tom Holland, he is a British actor who is probably best known for playing the MCU version of Spider-Man. 

He has played many other roles and has been in other movies – but it is his role of Spider-Man that most people will recognize him from. 

Additionally, it is this role that is particularly interesting when we analyze his career, especially from an LGBTQ standpoint.

So, Tom Holland Is Not Gay?

No. However, there have been lots of rumors and speculation about his sexuality – and this has a lot to do with what he posts and says. 

Back in 2019, fans of his on the social media platform Instagram questioned whether or not Tom Holland was bisexual.

The thing is, he never confirmed nor denied anything about his personal life – so this sort of fueled the fire a little bit more.

Due to his silence, many influencers and vloggers began making YouTube videos in which they claimed his absence of denial was almost proof that he was gay or bisexual. But – this wasn’t and isn’t proof. 

As we mentioned though, some of the things that Tom Holland posts only add to the speculation. In 2020, he uploaded a video on Instagram with co-actor Jake Gyllenhaal saying it was his “husband”.

The post itself was quite cute and sweet, which led many more fans to question this further. Of course, this also meant that Jake Gyllenhaal was under the microscope too!

The Dating History 

The thing is, we’re convinced that Tom Holland is not gay though. Let’s take a look at his dating history. 

Over the years that Tom Holland has been in the spotlight, all of his dating history has been reserved for women only. His current girlfriend is actually his on-screen girlfriend in the Spider-Man series too.

Funnily enough, there was lots of speculation about whether or not the two stars had chemistry off the big screen – and it was this speculation that ultimately was true in the end. 

Tom and Zendaya have plans of settling down in a London address, which is estimated to be around $4 million and features things like a “man cave” and home theater, along with a personal gym! 

The MCU, Spider-Man, Holland And LGBTQ

While Tom Holland may not be gay, the MCU and the Spider-Man character are certainly moving into the LGBTQ community more and more. 

Some of the big characters in the series are being confirmed as being homosexual, bisexual and transexual. However, currently Spider-Man is heterosexual. 

Although, that has not stopped Tom Holland speculating about this changing. He has openly said that he wouldn’t mind a gay Spider-Man character.

Prior to the movie Spider-Man: Far From Home was released into cinemas, Tom Holland said in an interview with the London Times newspaper that he was quite open to a gay Spider-Man in the future.

He said that he has no knowledge or any say over how the character of Spider-Man will go, but he also recognized the need for more gay characters in fiction – especially for movies like that.

This is because generally, these superhero characters have been almost entirely straight and white males – but as Tom Holland has said, the world is not exclusive to this demographic. 

We are a world of all colors, races, genders and sexualities. As a result, the representation of everybody is extremely important. 

Take a look at the original “Phase One” of the MCU movies. We have Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and The Incredible Hulk. All of these characters are straight, white males. 

Are Any Superheroes Gay?

There are some LGBTQ superhero characters on the big screen, but none play the main role. However, there has been speculation that newer movies will have the main superhero character in the LGBTQ community. 

Having said this, in the comic book world – many mainstream superheroes have had changes to their character arc in different universes, or indirectly.

Recently, there was controversy via Twitter for the modern Superman being openly gay. Many claimed they were unhappy with the change to the original, iconic character – but rightly, people have shot this down.

Replies to this argument stated that as the character is in a different universe timeline, the character can be any race, gender and sexuality – and therefore does not need to be the same iteration.

(Additionally – the character in question was the son of the original!) 

The point here is, while Tom Holland is not currently playing a gay superhero character (and is not gay in real life), he is openly advocating for changes to the way superhero characters are being portrayed and cast.

This, of course, can only be a good thing for representation and inspiration to a younger demographic. 

The Bottom Line

No, Tom Holland is not gay and there’s no evidence to suggest that he is – despite all of his adorable Instagram posts with other male actors! He is however a positive influence for gay characters on the big screen!

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