Is RuPaul Married?

We can confirm that RuPaul Andre Charles is indeed married! He is commonly known as RuPaul or Ru.

He has been in a relationship with his current husband for 28 years and his dating history has been straightforward and drama free!  

Is RuPaul Married?

RuPaul kept this quite under wraps until he revealed on television in 2017 that they got married on their 23rd anniversary.

Their marriage was relatively small and was kept on the down low. 

What would Ru say to his husband George LeBar, you ask? Shantay, you stay.

When Did RuPaul Marry?

RuPaul got married in 2017 on his 23rd anniversary with his now husband George LeBar. The pair met in 1994 on a dance floor at a club in New York City. The club was called Limelight.

They met on George’s birthday in January, so on that day in 2017, they married.

Who Is RuPaul Married To?

RuPaul is married to George LeBar. The two of them have been in a relationship for nearly three decades.

They didn’t marry until 2017 when the couple tied the knot on their anniversary which is also George’s birthday.

George Lubar is Australian and RuPaul mentioned their marriage on Hollywood Today Live.

RuPaul and LeBar met in 1994. They met in a New York Nightclub and they married on their 23rd anniversary.

George LeBar owns a 60,000-acre farm in Wyoming. LeBar doesn’t show much interest in show business, instead being more interested in running his farm.

The pair have only been seen and captured on camera a few times over the years, and they are very private about their relationship. 

RuPaul has previously mentioned that the pair only see each other every three weeks but their relationship is strong.  

Did RuPaul Plan To Get Married?

RuPaul never really saw himself as getting married. He never saw himself as being in a monogamous relationship, either.

RuPaul has spoken about this in an interview with Vogue.

In 2019, Ru did an exclusive interview with Vogue where he discussed their relationship.

He mentioned that George is his favorite person but that love is free and he won’t place shackles on the man he loves.

This interview indicated that the pair are not completely monogamous but that they have found a way to indulge in a relationship that suits both of them well. 

They have always chosen to keep their private life very private, and it has never been publicized if they have taken other partners over the years.

Because Ru is such a big personality, being the star of such high-profile shows, it is unexpected that he should be so private about his relationship.

For him, an open and private relationship seems to have held the key to longevity.

RuPaul Manifested Their Relationship

RuPaul Manifested Their Relationship

Many people would presume that RuPaul has been with many different people because he has existed at the center of the freedom of expression scene. 

It is said that RuPaul has manifested a perfect relationship with George. The queen of drag is the queen of manifesting, after all. RuPaul has stated that his husband is the answer to his prayers.

He speaks very highly of his husband who is a sweet and funny Australian. He claims that he prayed for this man and manifested himself.

George LeBar’s Opinion On The Limelight 

RuPaul is the heart of the drag queen and acts as the heartbeat of the community.

He has made huge changes to the lives of many drag queens all over the world. Drag Queens are dynamic and bold artists who have been encouraged and welcomed by Ru.

Ru has spent a long time in the center of the limelight and he loves the glitz and glamor of the drag world! 

Ru’s husband, George, doesn’t have much care for the limelight. RuPaul has laughed about his husband’s disinterest in the limelight. George much prefers spending his time on his farm in Wyoming.

As we know, Ru loves his outfits. He says that when he goes to the farm he dresses up in his best Western attire but no one cares! 

Why Did It Take The Pair So Long To Get Married? 

RuPaul is not well known for following the norms. He made a great name for himself in the 1980’s where he became an artist and a performer.

He paved the way for many members of the LGBTQ+ community by breaking down barriers. 

He has never been someone who conforms to the norms, and he spent a lot of time in New York staying on people’s couches in order to kickstart his career. 

Ru never really planned to get married. He didn’t see himself doing the same thing that others often do, because he didn’t want to conform to the norms.

He must have changed his mind on this one, though, as the couple tied the knot in 2017.

How Did The Pair Meet?

LeBar and Ru met in 1994 in a nightclub in New York. Their relationship started out as quite a whirlwind because Ru was living his life in the limelight.

Within a week of the meeting, it has been reported that the pair were seen traveling on John’s – the pop star – private plane.

The pair’s romance developed quickly and they have been together and very much in love ever since!

What Attracts Them To Each Other?

Ru has stated that he had never been able to put his arms around someone who is taller than him before.

RuPaul, who is 6 feet 4 inches tall, is shorter than George LeBar. While there are lots of things Ru loves about LeBar, this really helped! Ru claims that he noticed LeBar because he is taller. 

The initial spark obviously stuck because the pair have been together ever since their first meeting.

Final Thoughts 

RuPaul got married to his long-term partner George LeBar in 2017. They have been together since they met in 1994, but they took 23 years to tie the knot!

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