Is Denver Pride Free? [Admission Information]

Denver Pride takes place every year, and it’s a two-day event with everything to do.

The whole weekend is dedicated to celebrating Pride, and it’s become one of the biggest Pride events in the country.

Is Denver Pride Free? [Admission Information]

But you might be worried about how much it will cost you to attend. The good news is that it costs absolutely nothing just to attend Denver Pride.

However, that doesn’t mean you won’t need money. There are multiple vendors, exhibitors, and so many fun things to do that may require a few dollars.

But much of that will depend on the year you attend and who’s returning each year.

When Is Denver Pride?

While Denver Pride occurs throughout the entire month of June, PrideFest, which is organized by The Center on Colfax, occurs over two days in June.

The 2022 Denver PrideFest took place on the 25th and 26th of June.

Throughout the week preceding it, there’s a week of Pride events that take place throughout Denver.

Each year Denver Pride takes place on different dates, so make sure to keep an eye out for when they next announce it.

Usually they will announce the dates a few months in advance to prepare for any volunteers joining or for anyone to prepare for joining the Pride 5K or the Parade.

What Is Denver Pride?

While PrideFest is the main event, it’s not the only one that takes place. Officially, Pride Month throughout the entire country starts at the beginning of June.

The whole point of Pride is to celebrate and raise awareness for the LGBTQ+ community and embrace the history of said community.

Anyone can celebrate Pride, with not only members of the LGBTQ+ community welcome, but allies as well.

The entire month is used to celebrate the community, and many events are used to educate everyone, regardless of orientation and sexuality.

You don’t even have to celebrate Pride during one month of the year, in fact, you could celebrate it the whole year round.

How Much Is Denver Pride?

Celebrating Pride is free of charge. PrideFest itself is open to the general public for free admission.

While there are events outside of PrideFest that you will need to purchase tickets for, the Coors Light Pride Parade and the Pride 5K cost nothing to attend and show support for.

There are hundreds of exhibitors, over thirty food and drink vendors, and many more who attend Denver Pride.

While these will cost you some money, it is mostly to purchase food and drink. You could also donate to the runners of the Pride 5K.

Overall, Pride doesn’t cost anything to attend. If you want to go and check it out, then feel free to head over to show your support for the community.

Where Is Denver Pride?

If you’re interested in attending Denver Pride, then I have good news, it’s really easy to get to.

The exhibitors and vendors for PrideFest are all located in Civic Center Park which is in the heart of downtown Denver.

It’s hard to miss, with Civic Center Park being at the intersection of Colfax and Broadway.

The Pride 5K is the starting point of PrideFest, with the 5K beginning at the Colorado State Capitol Building on Saturday morning.

Registrations begin at 8AM, and the race itself will start at 9:30AM.

The participants who choose to take part in the Pride 5K will then head out straight at that time, and they’ll head through to Cheesman Park and then head back to the Colorado State Capitol Building where the race began.

Then, once the race is finished, everyone can head on over to Civic Center Park to enjoy the events taking place.

The Parade always begins on Sunday morning, and you can see them head through the 14 blocks of Colfax Avenue.

You’ll be able to see the parade from Cheesman Park to the Civic Center, where you’ll be able to enjoy your day going through the exhibitor’s stalls and the many events they have going on.

Is It Free To Enter The Pride 5K?

Is It Free To Enter The Pride 5K?

It doesn’t cost anything to enter the Pride 5K, but if you do want to enter, you will need to register in advance.

Each team will have a participant’s login where they can access their fundraiser, for which everyone is eligible to donate.

All you have to do is register in advance, and you’re free to enter.

All of the funds that are raised go to The Center on Colfax, with the funds being used to help Colorado’s LGBTQ+ community.

So you can expect all of the donations to be used for their youth center, support groups, and health services.

The Pride 5K is a great way to get involved with the community!

Accessibility At PrideFest

Pride is for everyone, so no one will discriminate against any disabled attendees.

All activities are available for all guests, and if you do experience any issues, then feel free to notify a member of staff.

It can be difficult to navigate Civic Center Park due to it being built in 1919, but there are maps that offer anyone with disabilities alternative routes to everywhere in the festival.

How Much Is Parking?

Free parking isn’t always guaranteed, so they recommend you reserve your parking using LAZgo.

You can head over to the LAZ Parking website to pay for your parking spot, and then you just need to print your pass.

The pass will have the GPS to where you need to go, and then you just need to show your pass to the attendant when you park.

If you don’t have a printer, then don’t worry, because all you need is your smartphone, where you should be able to view it.

If you don’t want to use that, you can also reserve your parking spot with SpotHero, where Denver PrideFest will have its own page.

However, if you’re heading over via bicycle, it’s important that you know neither your bike or, if you’re a fan of unicycles, unicycles, will be allowed in Civic Center Park.

So, you will have to park those further away if you’re cycling over.

What If I Can’t Attend?

If you can’t attend Pride and you’re bummed about missing out, then don’t worry.

Many virtual events are available, so you can see everything going on from the comfort of your own home.

All events include an ASL interpreter, which is brilliant for anyone hard of hearing.

You can also celebrate Pride wherever and whenever you want in the world. Just because you aren’t there in person doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate at home!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, PrideFest itself doesn’t cost any money to attend.

But you may still need to pay for parking, and you will be expected to pay if you buy anything from any exhibitors or vendors.

While PrideFest itself is free to the public, that doesn’t mean Denver Pride events that aren’t affiliated with PrideFest will be free.

If you go to events, they might not be free. When you book in for any events, make sure you know the price beforehand.

But if you just want to check out what’s going on? Then it’s completely free of charge!

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