Is Daniel Radcliffe Gay?

When it comes to the limelight, it’s almost no surprise that there are actors that are often thought to be gay – or at least rumors circulate that they are gay! 

Is Daniel Radcliffe Gay

One of the biggest stars of the last decade or more is Daniel Radcliffe, and while he is not gay – there have been plenty of rumors and speculations that he is. 

In today’s article, we’ll look at who the Hollywood star is and why there were rumors of him being gay. 

Read on to learn more. 

Who Is Daniel Radcliffe?

Daniel Radcliffe is a British actor, who is perhaps best known for his role as Harry Potter – a movie series based on the literary works of J.K. Rowling. 

He has an estimated worth of around $110 million due to his huge roles, but he has also done work on Broadway and on the small screen. 

However, his sexuality was cleared up because of a newspaper article in the UK back in 2015. Despite Daniel being together with his female partner since 2012, rumors still suggested he was gay. 

Within the newspaper interview (and subsequent article), Daniel Radcliffe said he was absolutely thrilled that the media thought he was gay, although he is not.

Why Did People Think He Was Gay?

Daniel Radcliffe said that newspapers had reported him as having a “gay face” and a “gay voice”. He also said it was flattering that gay men might have a crush on him. 

In fact, if anything – he thought that the rumors suggested his career was going well, because when the media begin to question if you are gay or not – it suggests you’re still relevent. 

However, it’s not only these claims that made people think he was gay. Daniel has been linked closely to the LGBTQ community for some time now, because he is quite vocal and supportive of LGBTQ rights.

Back in 2012, Daniel Radcliffe recorded a video for an organization that provides support for LGBTQ people – known as the Trevor Project Helpline. 

He was reported as doing this because he wanted to support the bullied gay youth who have had difficulties with others. 

He is very supportive of gay marriage. In an interview with Attitude Magazine, he said that gay marriage should be legalized everywhere as a way to send a message about equality. 

He cited an example of a married heterosexual couple and an unmarried gay couple – both being together for the same duration of time, but the relationship is not the same as one couple cannot legally marry. 

Has Daniel Radcliffe Ever Acted A Gay Role?

Yes – in fact, he played a gay character in the movie “Kill Your Darlings”, which also starred his long term girlfriend Erin Drake. He played the gay poet Allen Ginsberg. 

As you may expect, playing this role (in which there is a gay sex scene) generated many more rumors and fueled further speculation of his sexuality. 

But Daniel didn’t see this as a problem. In an interview with Vanity Fair, he said that he felt filming that scene was not a risk – it was simply a part of the movie and the plot. 

Of course he understood however that the movie would get people talking about his potential homosexuality though, but he said that wasn’t something that would trouble him.

If anything, it was filming the emotional scenes.

Interestingly, Daniel Radcliffe had to do a lot of research about gay culture for the role. The director had to discuss with him all of the facets of being a bottom. 

John Krokidas was the director, and as a gay man, he was able to talk to Daniel about how he would feel throughout the gay sex scene, allowing Daniel to visually portray that for the camera. 

He said that as first time gay sex is very painful, he would have to show this – and then during the sex scene, John would tell him more and more about his feelings and how to show it. 

The reason for this scene being so important to the director is because he said that out of all the gay sex scenes in movies, none he had scene had accurately depicted or portrayed the feelings of the couple. 

Open About Sexuality 

Daniel Radcliffe is a very open person about his sexuality, but also to how actors and others in the limelight would have trouble being as open as him. 

He said in an interview with British journalist Victoria Derbyshire that some celebrity actors might have difficulties saying they are gay and coming out because of a fear of work. 

They might think that directors might only see them as gay and not as gay actors, meaning their roles are now only designated to gay characters. 

He cited the exception to the rule, providing Neil Patrick Harris as an example of a gay man that has found success playing the opposite role to their sexuality.

Neil typically is known for roles as a “ladies man”, including the role of Barney in How I Met Your Mother. 

But he continued to explain that gay actors might also fear the public eye, that people can no longer see them in a specific role because their sexuality would then make it less believable. 

Daniel Radcliffe’s Partner 

So, there’s no evidence to suggest that the former Harry Potter star is gay. His long term girlfriend Erin Drake is also rumored to be his now fiance – so it doesn’t look like Daniel is going to be on the market any time soon either! 

The two were stars in Kill Your Darlings, and while there were other rumors of Daniel being linked with other women – it was Erin that he is in love with.

The Bottom Line

No – Daniel Radcliffe is not gay, but there were lots of rumors to suggest it! We hope this article has cleared it all up for you!

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