Is Andrew Garfield Bi?

It comes as little surprise that when someone becomes famous, they almost always are scrutinized in every aspect of their lives.

Not only does this include their public life but also their private life. Of course, this also means that their love life and sexuality is often under the microscope too.

Is Andrew Garfield BI?

Sometimes though, celebrities say or do things that create a lot of speculation about their sexuality.

One celebrity that has done this for a while is Andrew Garfield. While we’re pretty sure that he is not bisexual and entirely hetereosexual, there’s a lot we need to go over.

So, if you want to know more about the sexuality of Andrew Garfield – read on!

Who Is Andrew Garfield?

Andrew Garfield is an American actor, but he grew up in the United Kingdom as his mother and grandparents are British, so the family moved to England.

Garfield has played many roles in his career, but the two roles he is perhaps best known for is in the Social Network with Jesse Eisenberg and The Amazing Spider-Man with Emma Stone.

Is Andrew Garfield Gay Or Bisexual?

This is where it can get a little complex.

When asked about his sexuality, Andrew Garfield said that he would call himself entirely heterosexual, but he also said that there are impulses within him that could come out at any time.

Of course, this creates a lot of questions and speculation, but we’re pretty sure that he is heterosexual exclusively.

However, there’s more to it than this. Particularly the controversy that arose from his comments when starring in the movie “Angels In America”.

He played Prior Walter, who is a gay man living with AIDS during the 1980s height of the crisis.

During an interview about the role, he said that he was essentially “a gay man without the physical act”.

This stirred up a storm among members of the LGBTQ community which was fueled more after he said he prepared for his role as a gay man by watching Ru Paul’s “Drag Race With Friends”.

The storm arose mainly through social media from members of the LGBTQ community who said that despite Andrew being a talented actor, he seemed oblivious to the comments he was making.

It seemed Andrew was conflating the appreciation and respect for the community without recognizing the oppression and hardship that can come with it.

This is often known as being a “straight tourist” and can be quite offensive to the LGBTQ community.

Indeed, one person wrote on Twitter that it is “obtuse at best” to prepare for a role as a gay man with AIDS by watching Ru Paul.

This would not be the first time that Garfield would get in hot water with the LGBTQ community though.

He once kissed Ryan Reynolds at the Golden Globes and many people believed he was trying to mock gay men kissing.

Does Andrew Garfield Support LGBTQ?

Despite some of the blunders he has made in terms of his comments, it does not mean that he is opposed to the LGBTQ community.

In fact, there are many ways he has shown his support. One such way is through the Spider-Man character.

He was involved in a controversy with Sony after interviews which openly stated he wanted Spider-Man to be bisexual.

This is quite a complicated situation, so let’s look at this in more detail.

Bisexual Spider-Man

Andrew Garfield has for many years, said that there could be a bisexual Spider-Man. In fact, his comments were more than that.

He believes that the superhero character stands for everyone.

This means people of any race, gender and sexuality. As a result, Spider-Man could easily be a bisexual.

Mary Jane or Gwen Stacy – the love interests for Peter Parker – could quickly be changed to men.

Not only this, but the character of Peter Parker (Spider-Man) has always been portrayed as an outcast.

This is a young man that has lost his parents and new father figure in Uncle Ben.

He has two main friends and always has had trouble speaking with others, especially love interests.

He was always an outcast character, shown as being very nerdy, scientific and computer savvy – and a very skilled engineer too.

The thing with this is that those types of people now run the world and are no longer outcasts, meaning the representation is lost.

The original story was trying to stand up and give inspiration to those who struggled with bullies for being outcasts.

However, if the character is now the “norm”, then it must change – and Andrew Garfield believed this outright and gave these comments in a multitude of interviews.

The problem is, he said that after his comments he was pressured into retracting them.

He said that it might be giving movie tickets to bigots. However, the majority of people believe that this was likely pressure given by Sony.

Andrew Garfield Dating History

Indeed there’s no evidence to suggest that Andrew Garfield is bisexual.

Not only has he said that he would call himself heterosexual, but he has never been with a male.

In fact, his dating history mainly surrounds some of his female co-stars in major movie roles.

He was engaged in a four year relationship with his Spider-Man co-star Emma Stone, in which she played his love interest.

After this though, he began dating Chrstine Gabel – although this was very private and only came to the public light much later in the relationship.

Once this relationship had run its course, Andrew Garfield was then romantically linked with Alyssa Miller but we’re not entirely sure what happened with that!

The Bottom Line

We’re sure that Andrew Garfield is not bisexual despite his comments and some of his actions!

He seems to be very comfortable as a heterosexual and engages with heterosexual relationships.

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