How To Tuck

Everyone has different reasons for why they want to learn to tuck. Many people learn to tuck to feel comfortable with their body and gender, while others may learn for drag or cosplaying.

How To Tuck

No matter why you want to learn to tuck, everyone should have the opportunity to learn to do so safely.

That’s why this article will help you learn how to tuck in a way that you can stay safe.

It’s essential that you practice at home before you do so in public so that you feel comfortable with the process. But first, if you’re new to this, you may wonder, what is tucking?

What Is Tucking?

If you’re new to the terminology, you might be confused about tucking. What is it, and what does it mean? The answer is a simple one.

You see, tucking is a way that someone can hide their genitals so that it looks like it’s completely smooth down there. Many people may choose to tuck, whether it’s because they’re trans or non-binary or because they just want to do drag or cosplay.

So, let’s keep you updated on what you need to tuck.

What Materials Do You Need?

Before you try to tuck, you need a few supplies. First, you’ll need to get some snug pairs of underwear so your genitals won’t try to be free. You’ll need some medical tape to help secure everything together.

Make sure you don’t get any other type of tape, or you may hurt yourself. You can include a gaff to establish a flat, smooth surface. 

If you’re wondering what a gaff is, it’s a fabric that can flatten the lower body. Gaffs tend to be made out of cut pantyhose, or you can purchase one online. Once you have all your materials, you can start the tucking process.

How To Tuck The Testes

Now, let’s start tucking the testes. You don’t want to rush this step, so lie on your back and make yourself more comfortable. You’ll want to use two or three fingers and push your testicles into the inguinal canals.

The inguinal canal is a passage in your lower abdominal wall, where your testicles enter your scrotal sack. You can push your testicles back here, but you must do so carefully.

If you’re struggling, you can have a cold shower to encourage your testicles to move back towards the inguinal canals.

Once that’s done, you can tuck your scrotum and penis, which you can do with or without tape. So let’s briefly explain how you can tuck yourself with tape first.

Tucking With Tape

I’ll reiterate that you should never use duct tape for this. Medical tape is always the option that you should choose for tucking. It’s easy to find in any pharmacy, grocery, or department store.

Before you use tape, you should make sure that you shave any hair from around the area. Pulling it away later will be less painful, and you’ll be more comfortable moving around while wearing the tape.

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Once your testicles are in the canal, gently wrap your scrotum around your penis and secure it with the tape.

To do this, keep one of your hands on your genitals to keep everything snug, and with your other hand, tuck your genitals back between your legs and butt. Then, when you’re finished, pull on your pair of snug underwear or your gaff. 

Tucking Without Tape

You’ll experience a similar process when you’re tucking without tape as you would with it. However, you’re less likely to disturb your skin, and you’ll find it easier to go to the bathroom.

To get started, pull up your underwear or gaff up to your knees so you won’t lose your balance. 

You can skip this step if you find it more challenging, but you should still keep your gaff or your underwear close to you. That way, you’ll find it easier to keep everything secure.

Once you’ve secured your testicles in their respective canals, you should wrap your scrotum around your penis. Keep a hand on your genitals to keep them wrapped, and pull it back between your legs and buttocks.

With your other hand, pull up your underwear or gaff and make sure everything is secure with both hands. Once you’re secure, you should be safe to let go.

The Untucking Process

Like with the tucking process, you must ensure you don’t rush the untucking process. If you use medical tape, peel it away from your scrotum and move the penis back to its usual position. 

Use a wet cloth and soak the area in warm water if you’re finding it difficult to remove the tape.

Medical adhesive remover can also be used, so if you’re worried about this step, don’t be afraid to pick some up from the store.

For those who didn’t use tape, gently guide your penis and scrotum back to resting with your hands. 

Remember that you should take this step slowly, so you don’t accidentally hurt yourself or cause discomfort.

Final Thoughts 

Now that I’ve told you a few things about tucking, I should review a few notes. You shouldn’t panic if you get aroused while you’re tucked.

You won’t suddenly untuck unless you weren’t appropriately tucked before. If anything, you will just find it uncomfortable or slightly painful. 

If you’re worried about the size of your penis and whether you can still tuck, it should only require a bit more time in the process. If you’re using tape, you might need more of that too.

If you don’t use medical tape, you may need to include another layer of underwear to get smooth. All you need to ensure is that you don’t accidentally cut off any circulation. 

Tucking is a reasonably safe process, but there hasn’t been much research on the long-term effects. If you are worried about what will happen in the long term, you should contact your doctor or any other medical professional for any answers to your questions.

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