How To Meet Gay Guys Without Apps

Dating apps seem to be the preferred way to meet gay guys these days, but is that the only way? After all, there were plenty of ways to meet gay guys in the past, even before these apps became a thing. If you’re looking for some of those ways, you’ve come to the right place!

You can meet gay guys in many different ways without using apps. Generally, it’s best to stick to your interests so you’ll meet like-minded guys as you go along. You can find them through your existing social circles, by volunteering, or even by joining a club. Just remember that these clubs also exist online and can be a gateway to your next in-person meeting!

Check out the rest of this guide to discover how you can meet gay guys without using the apps that everyone seems to be on. You’ll find some good ‘old-fashioned’ ways of socializing and learn a few tips to keep yourself safe while you do that!

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Top 8 Ways To Meet Gay Guys Without Apps

With so many ways to meet gay guys online these days, many people forget that there were ways to do it before apps came on the scene. These IRL (“in real life”) methods are still effective ways of meeting others, whether as friends, potential love interests, and more!

Here are the top 10 ways you can meet gay guys today without using mobile apps:

1. Through Social Circles

One of the best ways to start meeting gay guys IRL is through your existing social circles. That includes your friends, family members, and coworkers who may or may not be gay themselves.

Remember: even the straight people in your life might know a few gay guys they could introduce you to!

Have you heard of the ‘the six degrees of separation’? In a nutshell, that’s the idea that you are connected to everyone else on the planet through six or fewer social connections.

That means you’re already somehow connected to all the other gay guys in your city. You just need to figure out how to leverage your social circles to meet them!

Try this: The next time your straight or gay friends invite you to a social gathering, say yes! Discreetly let them know that you’re interested in meeting other gay guys.

That way, they can make the proper introductions for you to meet others in your shared social circles.

2. Attend Community Events

Another way to meet like-minded guys is to attend gay community events. That’s also an incredibly efficient way to socialize because you can be sure plenty of other gay guys will be there, as well!

Community events like film festivals and singles nights are excellent because the people there also want to meet other gay guys.

There is no shortage of gay community events you can search for, no matter your interests. For example, you can find events for the arts and music if you’re looking for creative types.

Alternatively, you can also search for sports and fitness events if you prefer to meet more active individuals.

Try this: Finding gay social events is incredibly easy these days. You can search for them online, through social media, or even on the board at your local coffee house!

Of course, you can also ask around in your social circles to hear about events you can attend.

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3. Take Up A Sport

Suppose you’ve always wanted to take up a sport. In that case, meeting gay guys could be your motivation to get started!

Sports are a great way to meet people of all backgrounds. It’s also an excellent way to build friendships through cooperation, like when playing team sports.

You can meet plenty of gay guys this way, especially if you look for sports clubs and events that cater mainly to the LGBTQ community.

Of course, there are added benefits to meeting gay guys this way. Taking up a sport improves your health, keeps you fit, and helps you feel confident.

In other words, it sets you up for success when socializing!

Try this: Starting a new sport can be awkward initially, especially if you’re doing it alone. So, try to find a friend who’s willing to join you. You can find sports events at your local gym, online, or through social media postings.

Remember to ask around your workplace as well. Some of your colleagues likely play sports to blow off steam after work!

4. Volunteer At A Nonprofit

Imagine if there was a way for you to give back to society while meeting gay guys with good hearts. Well, there is such a way, and that’s through volunteering!

Contact local nonprofits to ask if you can volunteer your time and energy to help them. Soup kitchens and animal shelters are two examples, and almost every city has them.

You’ll meet people from all backgrounds who are lending a hand, some of whom might also be gay.

If you want to increase your chances, you can volunteer at nonprofits explicitly aimed at helping the LGBTQ community. 

Your help would be greatly appreciated, and you’ll meet people with the same interests as you!

Try this: Consider your interests or passions when choosing a nonprofit to help. If you like working with animals, then an animal shelter might be the best place for you to go.

Choosing one based on your interests will also help you find like-minded gay guys to meet.

5. Join A Club

At this point in the guide, you’ll notice a pattern: an excellent way to meet gay guys is to follow your interests. That’s also true when it comes to joining a club!

Naturally, joining a club will help you meet gay guys who share common interests with you.

But clubs are also a good choice because you’ll likely meet the same people at each meeting. That means you’ll have multiple opportunities to build connections with the same people!

Try this: You can use the same approaches when seeking a club to join. Searching online might be the fastest way, though you can look for postings at your local coffee house or speak to friends.

The people you know might already attend the clubs you want to join. So, they’re the best people to introduce you.

6. Go To Gay Venues

Meeting people from all walks of life is excellent. But if you want to increase your chances of meeting gay guys, it’s best to go where many of them will gather.

Look for the most popular gay venues in your local area and spend more time there. They could be gay bars, clubs, and even brunch spots!

You can rest assured that these places will be full of gay guys looking to meet other people like yourself.

Try this: When visiting a gay venue like a bar or club, try to avoid going in large groups. Other people are more likely to approach you and introduce themselves if you’re alone or only with a friend.

Simultaneously, going alone or only with one friend will help you feel more comfortable approaching others!

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7. Travel

Sometimes, meeting people in your local area can be challenging. That’s because you might feel shy or insecure, making it more difficult to approach others. Unfortunately, that can also make others feel uncomfortable about approaching you.

So, what can you do?

Well, you could benefit from a change in scenery. Indulge in some travel to destinations that gay guys frequent!

Traveling to a new place naturally helps people lower their guard, especially when they don’t know anyone around. You can be whoever you want to be, and that will bring your confidence up dramatically!

Popular gay travel destinations will be full of solo travelers and other guys looking to meet new people. You can also socialize with the locals who are also looking for gay guys to meet!

Try this: Plan a trip with a friend or fly solo to a popular gay travel destination! Be sure to do your research online first to ensure that you visit the best places to meet gay guys.

For example, search for local gay communities and businesses you can visit. You’ll be sure to meet plenty of friendly people there!

8. Online Communities

Just because you’re avoiding gay apps doesn’t mean you can’t leverage the internet to meet gay guys!

So far, you’ve seen several ways to meet gay guys through shared interests. You can do the same and cast a wider net by visiting online communities first.

Of course, the aim here is to meet people in those virtual places and eventually meet some of them in person.

Popular websites like Reddit have plenty of different categories you can browse to find people with similar interests. From there, you can narrow down the people you meet by searching for groups local to your area.

Beginning your journey through online communities has many benefits, and it certainly costs less than going out or traveling far.

Try this: Reddit is a perfect place to start because it has many communities based on different interests. On top of that, it’s straightforward to communicate with other users and find even smaller groups unique to your local area.

On Reddit and elsewhere, search for groups dedicated to your hobbies. They could range from cooking to books and anything else!

Remember to be safe when meeting your online acquaintances in real life. No matter how safe they might be, it always pays to be cautious before letting your guard down.

How To Stay Safe When Meeting People

Whether you’re meeting gay guys for dating or just to make new friends, it’s always best to keep yourself safe.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when meeting new people:

  • Meet in public: First and foremost, it’s always best to meet in a public place. That could be somewhere like a coffee shop or even at a public park during the daytime. Not only will this keep you safe, but it’ll also help you stay comfortable and confident.
  • Inform friends and family: It’s also an excellent idea to tell at least one friend or family member where you’ll be and who you’re meeting. This might seem excessive to some people, but it’s better to do too much than too little when keeping yourself safe.
  • Do your research: Most people have a digital footprint nowadays. So, do some research on the person you’re meeting. For example, if they have them, browse their social media profiles on platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn. The point here is to confirm they are who they claim to be.
  • Take precautions: As you read earlier, it’s always better to take too many precautions than too few. If you feel more comfortable meeting someone while your friend is nearby, that’s what you should do! Again, if nothing more, having them there will help you stay relaxed and confident so you can put your best foot forward!
  • Trust yourself: Lastly, trust yourself and your instincts. If something doesn’t feel right, or if something is a little off about the person you’re meeting, there’s no harm in canceling.

Remember: taking precautions isn’t just about keeping you safe. It’s also about giving you peace of mind so you can enjoy the experience of building new connections!

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of ways to meet gay guys these days, and mobile apps don’t have to be your first choice. You might even find that meeting people the old-fashioned way might be better, as it helps you build new connections much more effectively.

Use the methods described above to meet gay guys with similar interests. But no matter what you do, remember to always keep yourself safe by taking the necessary precautions. 

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