How To Decorate For Pride?

Decorating for Pride is an important process, and if you’re invested in this celebration of love and equality, it’s crucial to get it right – particularly if you’re throwing a party! Everybody knows about sticking up some rainbows and the appropriate flag, but how can you make your Pride decor stand out from the crowd and give it some real oomph?

Rainbow balloons, rainbow-themed food, and rainbow outfits are excellent starting points. The more color, the better! You can go for pastel shades or full on bright rainbows, and both will get the message across. Throws can be used on your furniture, and you might want to consider getting some rainbow headgear for your guests too.

Let’s check out all the top things you should consider when it comes to decorating for Pride and making your home the brightest and best on the block. Pride’s a pretty magical day, where the more color you can bring to the event, the better!

What To Think About

There are lots of areas to cover when it comes to decorating for a Pride party, especially if you want yours to stand out spectacularly from the crowd. Some of the ideas we’re going to look at include:

  • Decorating outside
  • Decorating inside
  • Decorating the food
  • Decorating the drinks
  • Decorating your guests 

There are almost too many options to count, so let’s make an immediate start on everything you’re going to want to look at!

Decorating Outside

Want everybody to know you’re hosting a Pride event even if they just walk past your door? There are tons of cool things you can add to the outside of your home and to your garden to make it clear that there’s a very colorful celebration going on today.

First up, flags are a must; they loudly and clearly pledge your allegiance to equality and fair treatment for everyone. The more flags you can fly in your yard, big or small, the more festive things will look.

Many people also opt for a balloon arch; this is an easy and colorful way to greet your guests as they enter, and it looks good. It’s not ideal if the weather is unpredictable, though, so only go for this option if you’re likely to be enjoying a sunny day.

Lawn ornaments have lots of possibilities, of course. You can dress up any that you already have in rainbow attire, or purchase some especially for the occasion. “Love is love” signs and little rainbow lawn ornaments will look great.

Some people also opt for inflatables, which are a good way to make a big impression fast. You can get blow-up rainbows, blow-up hearts, and pretty much anything else you might want if this appeals. If you host Pride parties year after year, this kind of thing is often a good investment.

If you’ve got good weather, creating a selfie arch outside could also be amazing. You need a garden arch and some rainbow paper streamers, plus some colorful fans or garlands. You can add a few dried flowers or balloons along the edges, and you’ve got a perfect spot for your Pride party-goers to snap pictures of themselves. 

Of course, you can set this up inside too if you’ve got space, especially if the weather isn’t great. Who doesn’t love selfies, inside or out? And speaking of inside…

Decorating Inside

Next, let’s work on the room, as this is probably the most important part of any Pride party. It’s a good idea to start by looking at what’s already in the room and likely to stay there, such as furniture. Determine what you can work with, and what you want to cover up.

You might decide to buy a rainbow throw for your couch and perhaps a rainbow tablecloth for the table. This is a great way to immediately bring a bit of color to the space and start getting into the zone. A rainbow rug on the floor makes an excellent accompaniment. 

Some people like to go one step further, and splash a rainbow window decal across the window to throw in some sunny rainbow rays. If your party’s going to be held in the evening, a rainbow light bulb or some disco lights could nicely set the theme instead. A neon rainbow on the wall is another great option.

A few rainbow cushions on the couch are a great next step, and you can combine these with Pride “love is love” flags on the walls, or a rainbow wreath on the door.

Next up are balloons, or if you’re feeling more eco-friendly, garlands. Both of these are a wonderful way to fill the space with some extra color and make it feel particularly festive. A lot of people feel Pride isn’t Pride without a collection of iridescent, bright balloons livening up the party, but some eco-conscious prefer to opt for reusables like rainbow bunting or fabulous paper garlands.

Both are great options if you’ve got a blank wall or a corner you want to brighten up. You can buy amazing honeycomb decorations in a rich array of colors, and even in the shape of hearts, which really could not be more perfect for any Pride celebration.

Streamers are another lovely option to consider. You can go for bright paper or glitzy foil, and have all your guests ducking through a rainbow waterfall whenever they move.

Decorating The Food

If your Pride party is going to include food, it’s a must-take opportunity to bring even more color to the game. Rainbow cupcakes are an obvious choice, whether you go for fully rainbow cakes or just the frosting. You might also want a full-size rainbow cake, perhaps with every layer a different hue.

It doesn’t have to end at the cake, though; you can get very creative if you’ve got the time and the motivation. Rainbow pretzels and pancakes are fairly easy to make, as are rainbow waffles. Some people even go so far as to build rainbow pizzas, arranging the toppings to create bands of color.

A fruit salad can also bring some bright hues to the table, and may be a good option if you want to be a little more health-conscious. If that’s too messy, consider some fruit kebabs, skewering things like grapes, kiwis, pineapple, raspberries, and blueberries for a colorful array.

There are also plenty of candies like M&Ms and Skittles that are appropriate. A few scoops of different colored ice creams or a decorative trifle might also look good.

If that’s all a bit too adventurous for you but you’d still like to make an effort, rainbow plates could be a great idea. They’ll make the food feel festive, even if you go for the more standard offering of sandwiches and chips. Rainbow napkins are another nice addition that will help everybody to feel like the theme is being maintained.

A few flowers on the table can also go a long way. Consider adding a vase for each color of the rainbow, and filling it with matching blooms (either dried or fresh). This adds a pop of natural brightness, and you could gift the flowers to your guests as they leave, so everybody has a little memento of the party.

Decorating The Drink

Decorating for Pride – Drinks

You’re really going all out if you opt for themed liquids too, but it doesn’t have to be complicated! Remember, rainbow cups are a great start. That can be rainbow paper cups for a bright and bold look, or more sophisticated rainbow-sheen glasses if you prefer. Your guests will love either.

Making drinks that are rainbow can be more challenging, but there are a few tricks you can use. Firstly, instead of trying to mix rainbows into one cup, provide a few different colored drinks alongside each other. 

A jug of orange juice, a jug of grape juice, a jug of pineapple juice, and a jug of lime juice takes you some of the way to creating a rainbow, and your guests will appreciate the variety. If you can get more exotic drinks like blueberry or strawberry, you’ll have an even better look.

If you’re feeling really dedicated, you certainly can create a rainbow drink within each cup. Spooning shots of different colored smoothies into tall glasses will work beautifully, and is a very sophisticated approach. There are also recipes for rainbow cocktails out there if your Pride event is adults-only.

Top your cups off with fancy rainbow umbrellas, and you’ll have the most stylish Pride drinks in town.

Decorating Your Guests

Pride’s all about the color, so the chances are, your guests will do a fair share of the decorating for themselves, but it never hurts for the host to have some backup rainbows on the big day. There are lots of options you can turn to here.

Some people opt for headbands or headgear with rainbow tassels, while others provide the superheroes at their parties with rainbow capes or shawls. Rainbow hair bows can look good, and Pride pins are pretty much a must. It’s even possible to get mini rainbow top hats, complete with headbands to hold them in place. 

Rainbow wristbands are another classic, and oversized rainbow shorts can look great too. Alternatively, feather boas, color coded for your guests, can be an amazing option, and look fantastic with rainbow tutus. Remember, the point is for everybody to have fun, so wacky clothing and unusual headgear are great starting points.

Facepaint is a popular choice for some, so if you’re handy with a brush, why not add some Pride flags to your guests’ cheeks? Earrings are another option, especially if you can get clip-ons. Many people feel a Pride party isn’t complete if it doesn’t also involve glitter, although others avoid it due to the environmental impact (and sometimes the cleanup) – so that one comes down to personal choice.

Rainbow glasses can be fun, and you can also hand out rainbow shoelaces or even rainbow angel wings – the possibilities are pretty much endless here. Whatever seems like fun to you, as long as it’s bright and bold, it will work for Pride.

Your guests could also have individual Pride flags to wave, and possibly even rainbow party bags to take home as mementos of a fabulous and extremely colorful day. 

Add Music And Games

Now that you’ve got your decorations in hand, there are a few other things to think about – namely music and games. It’s a good idea to create a Pride playlist in advance so you’re not trying to think of ideas on the spot. Some great songs to include are:

  • I’m Coming Out, Diana Ross
  • Raise Your Glass, P!nk
  • Everyone Is Gay, A Great Big World
  • I Know A Place, MUNA
  • Rain On Me, Lady Gaga
  • True Colors, Cyndi Lauper
  • Smalltown Boy, Bronski Beat
  • Girls Like Girls, Hayley Kiyoko
  • I Want To Break Free, Queen

Of course, you’ll probably have some great ideas of your own, but that gives you a starting point. If you’re going to have games at your party too, consider checking out some printable options in advance, or try some twists on classic party games, like “Queen Trivia,” “Rainbow Pictionary,” “Rainbow Charades,” or “Queer Escape Room.”


Creating the ultimate Pride party involves quite a lot of work, but hopefully you’ve now got all the ideas you need to make your celebration truly jaw-droppingly fabulous. Get creative, get colorful, and get bold, and you’ll have the best party on the block – or possibly even in the city!

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