How Many Prides Are There In The World? [The Ultimate Guide]

In many different parts of the world, June is Pride month. During this month, many gay pride parades happen all over the world.

How Many Prides Are There In The World? [The Ultimate Guide]

It is a month of celebrating our LGBTQ+ community as well as raising awareness for the discrimination that the community still experiences around the world every day. 

Over 100 countries celebrate pride around the world by holding a pride event.

Read on for more information on the number of pride events around the world as well as some information on the best pride events to attend.

When Did Gay Pride Start? 

Pride month originated in 1970 in America. In New York City, the Stonewall riots happened in 1969, and pride started on the anniversary of these riots a year later.

The goal of starting these pride marches was to promote tolerance for different sexual orientations. 

New York City Pride is now one of the biggest pride parties in the world.

It takes place in Manhattan and the parade alone is a 5-hour spectacle of representation.

There are gay police officers, drag queens and dancers included in the parade. Over a million people come out to celebrate New York Pride.

What Are The Stonewall Riots?

The Stonewall Riots started in 1969 on June 28th. When New York City police raided a gay club in New York City named the Stonewall Inn, a riot broke out among the neighborhood residents and the people at the bar as they clashed with the police.

The police violently clashed with the bar patrons and 6 days of violent clashes occurred. 

This sparked the gay rights movement in the United States which also spread around the world.

What Were Gay Rights Like Before Stonewall Occurred? 

The Society for Human Rights is the first known gay rights organization in the United States. It was founded in 1924 by Henry Gerber.

However, this was disbanded by police raids in 1925. Before they were disbanded, they did manage to publish some issues of their newsletter named ‘Friendship and Freedom’.

In 1955, the first lesbian organization was founded in San Francisco.

Then, in 1966, just a few years prior to the Stonewall riots, certain members of a society called Mattachine organized a sip-in where they announced their sexuality at some taverns. If the staff turned them away, they sued them.

How Many Pride Celebrations Are There?

There are hundreds of pride celebrations every year. Some are very large and have been running for a number of years, whereas others are much newer.

New York, London and Paris pride have many visitors each year and they are very established events. 

In places like Shanghai and Delhi, the Pride events are relatively new. They are also struggling to gain momentum and acceptance.

There are so many different pride events that happen over June. These include Washington, Rome, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Mexico City, Dublin and many other places.

How Many Pride Events Were There In 2021?

How Many Pride Events Were There In 2021?

The statistics for the exact number of pride events occurring this year are not yet released.

Last year, however, 102 countries hosted some version of a Pride event.

Pride is a very important event to improve visibility for LGBTQ people accross the world and it helps to demand basic human rights for these people. Pride marches are a chance to freely express basic human rights. 

Sometimes, pride events are attacked, banned or restricted. 

Last year: 

  • 102 countries hosted a Pride event of some kind. 
  • It was found that, even in countries where the Pride events are quite established, they are being attacked. 
  • New pride events happen every year and over the past 3 years, 8 countries have held their first pride event. 

What Are Some Of The Biggest Pride Celebrations In The World?

Tel Aviv Pride 

Tel Aviv Pride in Israel is the biggest pride celebration in the Middle East.

Tel Aviv acts as a refuge for LGBTQ locals and visitors, and the city has a lot of different gay nightclubs.

During pride week in Tel Aviv, all of these nightclubs throw big parties. There is a main parade which happens during the afternoon and then finishes with a big party on the beach. 

Because of the heat in Tel Aviv, it is also an opportunity for the men to show off their bodies – T-shirts are rarely worn during this pride event! 

In Tel Aviv, there is a semi-official gay beach. This is called the Hilton beach. Because of this, the Hilton hotel is a great place to stay!

Athens Pride 

Greece has huge and wonderful Pride celebrations every year. Athens pride usually has themes. In 2019, 100,000 people attended the pride event and it has been running since 2005.

When you are attending Athens pride, there are many different places to go and celebrate, as well as many places to stay. 

New York Pride 

New York City pride is where it all started and so this is one of the most important pride events across the world.

In June, New York has hundreds of different pride events celebrating LGBTQ culture. There are events all over the city in the five boroughs. Look out for tickets to each of the events.

As well as lots of different, little events, the main Pride march also occurs in June. Pride is a big deal in New York and people come from all over the place to celebrate it.

London Pride

London has a huge pride celebration every year. It is the biggest in the UK. The colorful parade is fantastic and it raises so much awareness for the community.

This event is held to help to push the government into recognizing the struggles and the rights of the LGBTQ community. 

The pride parade runs past all of the famous tourist spots, including Trafalgar Square. There are stages that pop up throughout Soho. 

San Diego Pride 

This pride event that occurs in California provides great visibility for the community.

This city also does charity walks and runs to raise money and awareness for LGBTQ rights.

There are plenty of places to stay all over the city which will come alive with Pride celebrations.

All of the gay clubs in the city have events on during Pride and the celebrations go on for at least a week.

Amsterdam Pride 

Amsterdam knows how to throw a good party, and their gay pride festivities are no different.

While some of the other European cities throw pride events that may be bigger than Amsterdam’s, there are lots of opportunities to celebrate pride in Amsterdam during pride month and during their official pride celebrations.

There are plenty of places to stay in Amsterdam and you don’t have to worry about being far away from the celebrations.

It is a fairly small city and anywhere that you opt to stay will likely be very close. There are also great transport links in the city making it easy to get around.

Final Thoughts

With at least 102 countries celebrating pride every year, there are hundreds of pride parades, events, and celebrations for you to attend.

Pride month is a very important time for members of the LGBTQ+ community to celebrate themselves and promote their causes.

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