How Long Is The Nashville Pride Parade? [A Guide]

Nashville pride is a very important pride celebration in Nashville. The yearly LGBT festival aims to celebrate the community as well as raise awareness and visibility of the community.

Nashville Pride Parade

This pride event is extremely important as the largest and most popular LGBTQ+ event in the state of Tennessee! 

The pride parade begins at 10 am. It begins on Broadway at this time and then travels down 8th Avenue, finishing at 2nd Avenue.

The pride parade and festival last from Saturday at 10.00 am until Sunday at 5 pm.

How Long Is The Pride Parade At Nashville Pride?

The pride parade will begin on Broadway at 10 am. It will then travel down 8th Avenue and finish at 2nd Avenue.

The pride festival will last through Saturday and into Sunday, finishing on Sunday at 5 pm.

History Of Nashville Pride 

Nashville had its first pride event in June 1988, making the 2022 pride the 34th year that pride has been running.

However, the event was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, and it was delayed in 2021 to be held in September rather than June. 

In 1988, the event had the support of the National Gay And Lesbian Task Force.

During this parade, 250 people came to show support and marched for visibility and to celebrate the community. They marched between Fannie Mae Dees Park to Centennial Park. 

The festival started to gain more attention and followers after the 2010 festival where Vanessa Carlton – the headline entertainer – came out at the festival as bisexual.

In 2015, between 15,000 and 20,000 people attended the event. The festival has continued to grow since then with 35,000 people attending in 2018, and 75,000 in 2019. 

In 2021, the pride event was delayed due to COVID-19, and when the event did take place you were required to have a vaccination or a negative test result.

Despite this, many people showed up and the community got lots of support. Unfortunately, the event was reduced to one day because of heavy rain. 

Is Nashville Pride Free To Attend?

The whole event at Nashville pride is free to attend. However, all over the city there are lots of celebrations happening over the weekend in clubs and bars, some of which you will have to pay for.

Make sure that you are aware of which events you would like to attend and purchase tickets where necessary! 

There are also events happening throughout the month of June. June is known as pride month all over the world, and during this month there are lots of organized events that celebrate pride.

What Is A Pride Parade?

Pride parades see people from the LGBTQ+ community and supporters of the community marching in celebration of their community.

The marches are also campaigning for some changes to be made and providing visibility for the community who are often underrepresented. 

Pride parades can also be known as pride festivals, pride marches or pride events. They take place outdoors and they celebrate anyone who considers themselves part of the LGBTQ+ alliance. 

These parades originally started in order to remember the Stonewall riots. This is why they take place around June every year.

The Stonewall riots occurred in New York City in 1969 when the police raided lots of LGBTQ+ spaces such as pubs, clubs and bars.

These parades were set up to create community and honor the struggles that they have been through. 

During the first year following Stonewall, pride marches took place in New York, San Francisco, LA and Chicago, and they have been growing ever since. Now, over 130 countries celebrate pride every June. 

What Are The Biggest Pride Events In The World?

What Are The Biggest Pride Events In The World?

There are hundreds of different pride events all over the world, however in 2019, New York celebrated the biggest event in history. This is because it marked the 50th anniversary of Stonewall. 

In Manhattan, 5 million people attended the event in 2019. 

Rule Of Nashville Pride Parade 

Anyone can attend the parade, it is free of charge. You are also able to register to have your own float at the parade. 

In order to do this, you’ll need to follow certain rules to make sure that you are eligible to take part. These include: 

  1. You must complete the registration before May 1st to be able to take place. You can’t just arrive on the day of the parade and be able to take part. You must also make sure that you have paid the parade fee in full. If you don’t pay this, you won’t be considered for the event. 
  2. You can’t transfer the float registration to others, and you can’t sell it on. 
  3. Nashville pride is not responsible for the weather, acts of terrorism, or any government interference. For this reason, you should be aware that it is not Nashville pride’s responsibility for any losses that may happen because of this or any interruptions.
  4. If the parade is canceled or interrupted for any reason that is not Nashville Pride’s fault, you won’t be given a refund.
  5. You must obey the rules when you take part in the parade. Be respectful and safe.

Are There Child-Friendly Activities?

There are plenty of activities available for kids. There is a family zone on both Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday, the kids will be available from 11 am to 4 pm and on Sunday, it is available from noon until 4 pm. There will be plenty of activities for families and kids to take part in. 

  • Face painting will be available. 
  • There will be arts and crafts to take part in, led by the Turnip Green Creative Reuse. 
  • There will also be carnival games where there will be prizes to be won!
  • Often, there is drag story-time. 
  • There may also be a Country Music Hall of Fame musical petting zoo. 

The parade is also child friendly. What child doesn’t love a parade?! There are plenty of great activities to do with the kids at this festival! 

What Are You Able To Bring?

When you attend the Nashville pride festival, there are a few things that you are encouraged to bring along with you.

These include chairs, coolers, and blankets. You are not allowed any fireworks, alcohol, grills, glass, tents, weapons, or drones.

You will have your bag searched at the entrance to the event.

Where Can You Park For The Event?

There are lots of places to park Downtown, however, it might be quite difficult to find a parking space.

The pride event offers a ride-share option, too, which might be easier for you.

Public transport might be a good idea if this doesn’t work for you, as the city will be very difficult and it might be hard to find available parking. 

Final Thoughts 

The Nashville pride parade begins at 10 am and the festival lasts over the weekend. It will go on until Sunday at 5 pm.

There is so much going on and it is a great opportunity to show your support for the LGBTQ+ community and raise awareness of their causes.

You should also use this opportunity to celebrate the different parade-goers.

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