How Long Is A Drag Brunch?

Drag brunches are an exciting way to spice up your weekend, regardless of your background or orientation. These events combine drag shows and brunches, giving you a chance to experience drag culture during a more accessible time.

A drag brunch can last for one to several hours. That’s because the agenda includes many different kinds of shows like singing, dancing, and other talent shows, all while you enjoy a delicious brunch.

Read this guide to discover how long drag brunches take and what you can expect when you attend one.

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What Is A Drag Brunch?

Before taking a deep dive into the topic of drag brunches and how long one takes, it’s essential to get on the same page about what these events are. That way, you’ll better understand why these elaborate outings take a significant amount of time.

As you might have guessed from the name, a drag brunch is a crossover between a brunch and a drag show.

Firstly, brunch is a long and leisurely breakfast that people start later in the morning and often finish early in the afternoon. These meals feature the typical breakfast items you’d expect, often accompanied by alcoholic beverages like champagne or a cocktail.

However, that meal becomes a drag brunch when you include live entertainment performed by drag queens and kings impersonating men and women. 

These shows feature dancing, singing, lip-syncing, and an uplifting atmosphere.

The unique combination of brunch and a drag show is meant to celebrate queer lifestyle with an audience that wouldn’t usually get a chance to experience such things.

That’s because drag shows are typically limited to nightlife, in clubs and other venues frequented mainly by queer folk.

However, bringing drag shows into the daytime at restaurants serving brunch helps expose and normalize them to new audiences, especially those who don’t usually indulge in nighttime live entertainment.

How Long Is A Drag Brunch?

Unfortunately, figuring out how long a drag brunch takes isn’t straightforward. That’s because it could take one to several hours to finish.

Individually, brunches and drag shows aren’t rushed affairs. Instead, they are opportunities for you to take your time savoring whatever is on offer, whether that’s delicious food or an exciting show.

That’s certainly true when you combine them in a drag brunch. You should clear your schedule for most of the day if you intend on attending a drag brunch and getting the best experience possible.

Thankfully, you can contact the venue and ask them how long their drag brunches typically take to finish. They’ll be able to give you an idea of how much time it’ll require, as well as the agenda throughout the show.

Don’t worry, though. If the drag brunch at one venue is too long (or too short), you can always look around at other places. There’s no fixed time for these brunches, so you’ll have no problems finding one that’s suited to your schedule.

Timing a Drag Brunch

Should You Make A Reservation For A Drag Brunch?

Yes, you should make a reservation if you want to attend a drag brunch.

Earlier, you read that a drag brunch can last several hours. That means the event is conducive to walk-ins because people aren’t just eating and leaving.

Instead, guests will be sticking around from start to finish to enjoy the entertainment just as much as the food and drink.

Depending on how popular the particular drag brunch is, you might have to book well in advance. 

So, it’s always best to contact the venue and ask them about when it’s best to make reservations.

What Happens During A Drag Brunch?

You can expect plenty of things to happen at a drag brunch, and that’s why they can last several hours.

Each venue will have slightly different plans for what happens during one of their drag brunches.

Still, you can rest assured that you’re in for a great time with things like the following:

1. Food And Drink

Naturally, the first thing you can expect from a drag brunch is a wide variety of food and drink that’s served directly to you.

The exact menu that you’ll get will depend on the venue. Typically, though, they plan this well in advance, which allows you to call ahead and find out what’s being served.

Many places that serve brunch also provide alcoholic beverages like cocktails or champagne, possibly for an additional cost.

Waiters will serve you the food and drink while the entertainment takes place, which also adds to the high-energy environment of the entire event.

2. Elaborate Costumes, Makeup Artistry, and Hairstyling

While brunches are known for food and drink, drag shows are known for their elaborate outfits, artistic makeup, and fantastic hairstyling. As such, you can also expect these elements to be part of the drag brunch.

You’ll be blown away by the uniqueness of drag makeup, which typically involves colorful lips, heavy contouring, and dramatic eyelashes too.

4. Live Singing

The drag show will begin and continue as you enjoy your food and beverage. One of the most common features of such a show is live singing, with drag kings and queens in glamorous costumes performing renditions of drag anthems and other iconic songs.

5. Lip-Syncing And Dancing

While some performers prefer singing live, others might prefer lip-syncing and dancing instead. Still, you can expect the songs to be lively and energetic, adding to the overall atmosphere of the drag brunch.

6. Comedy Acts

One thing you’ll discover at these brunches is that drag kings and queens are often multi-talented, with some even performing comedy acts between songs.

7. Other Talent Shows

Of course, drag brunches can also be opportunities for performers to show off their other skills and talents.

For example, some performers might even put on a magic show to wow the crowd as they enjoy their meals!

8. Audience Participation

Drag brunches have few or no boundaries between the performers and the audience. That means audience members like you might be invited to participate in the entertainment, whether that’s the musical numbers, dancing, or any other talent shows taking place.

Despite a drag brunch lasting hours, this type of participation can make it seem like it all ends too soon!

The Flow Of A Drag Brunch

What Are Tips To Enjoy A Drag Brunch?

At this point, it should be clear that a drag brunch isn’t your run-of-the-mill breakfast outing. Instead, it’s a complete experience that lasts several hours and features food, drink, and entertainment.

As such, you’ll want to ensure that you get to make the most of your experience.

Here are a few tips for enjoying your drag brunch as much as possible:

1. Shop Around

The best way to enjoy a drag brunch is to shop around. As you read earlier, not all drag brunches are the same. Some last longer than others, and the menu is also a factor to keep in mind.

So, compare your options and find the one that suits your schedule and your preferences.

2. Make A Reservation

Avoid disappointment by planning ahead and making a reservation. That way, you and your party can rest assured that you’ll have seats for the brunch when you arrive.

3. Come Ready To Spend

A drag brunch is an exciting time to let loose and enjoy yourself. In other words, it’s not a time for you to skimp or worry about your dollars and cents.

So, come ready to spend when you attend a drag brunch! That way, you’ll be able to enjoy the best of whatever is on the menu.

On top of that, tipping is a big part of drag brunches. Remember to bring small notes so you can tip the performers, especially the ones you enjoy the most!

4. Keep Your Hands To Yourself

The live performances won’t just happen on stage but also around the diners and their tables. Despite the performers being up close, it’s important to remember to keep your hands to yourself at all times!

Also, remember to stay in your seat unless you’re invited to participate. That way, you won’t steal attention away from the hardworking performers.

5. Don’t Walk Into The Performer’s Space

Naturally, there might be moments when you have to leave your seat, perhaps to go to the bathroom. Whenever you’re moving around, be sure not to walk into a performer’s personal space.

Remember: drag performances involve a lot of movement, and you don’t want to interrupt one by walking into a performer’s way.

Just remember to be mindful when you’re moving around!

6. Have Fun!

Last but not least, just remember to have fun! Live performers work with the energy they receive from the audience, and that includes you.

So, enjoy your food and beverage and let yourself go during the performances!

Final Thoughts

So remember that a drag brunch will take quite a bit of time and can last from one to several hours. Those hours will be packed full of exciting entertainment in the form of live singing, lip-syncing, dancing, and other shows by the talented drag performers.

So, remember to plan ahead to make the most of the drag brunch. Be sure to make a reservation and come ready to spend. You’ll want to order the best items on the menu and tip your favorite performers handsomely!

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