How Can Lgbtq Couples Celebrate Pride Festivals At Home?


Going out to Pride is a wonderful activity for many people, but it isn’t always on the cards, for a whole range of reasons. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun – you can still celebrate Pride in your own way, and it can still be as meaningful as if you can go out and join others. Let’s check out some of the top options for you!

Reading LGBTQ+ books is a low-key way to celebrate Pride from home, as is watching LGBTQ+ movies/TV shows. If you’d like something a little more exciting, why not host a Pride dinner with close friends, donate to a queer charity, learn something new about the community, attend a virtual drag show, or engage in some rainbow-themed art?

There are so many great ways to celebrate Pride without going to a Pride march or festival. You just have to get a little creative and think outside the box! Let’s get cracking!

Read LGBTQ+ Books at Home

Read LGBTQ+ Books

There are some amazing LGBTQ+ books out there, and whether you’re looking for a steamy romance or a slow-burning love story, you’re bound to find narratives that make your Pride celebration special. Try searching by subgenre so you end up with something you’ll truly love; there are so many options available.

It’s not just about reading a book, though – you do want to make this day special! With that in mind, create yourself a cozy Pride corner, whatever that looks like to you. A rainbow throw or blanket, or some rainbow cushions can be an excellent start. Jazzy lights or rainbow candles will also add to the atmosphere (just be careful with the flames).

Top that off with some hot cocoa and rainbow sprinkles, or some rainbow cupcakes. A bit of baking is also a lovely Pride activity, and can be used to supplement your reading (and ensure you have access to delicious snacks at the same time). Cozy up with your top pick, and while away the hours in snug, Proud safety.

Watch LGBTQ+ Movies/TV Shows 

If you’re celebrating with a loved one, a book might feel a little anti-social, in which case, a movie or TV show could be a better option (and it’s also fine if you’re alone but you just fancy watching something instead of reading!). There are loads of great LGBTQ+ shows and films these days, so there’s no shortage of things to watch.

Again, it’s worth taking a little extra time to decorate your watching space. Why not hang up a rainbow flag or make your couch vibrant with a few cushions? If you haven’t got anything suitable, another option might be to don your brightest clothes – even a colorful scarf can be a great choice.

Some bright snacks may also be in order; no movie experience is complete without a few nibbles. Skittles or M&Ms are obvious starting points for the snack bowl; they’re full of rainbow pride. If those don’t take your fancy, you can get creative with other treats instead – just choose something you’ll enjoy munching while you watch.

Host A Pride Dinner 

If you can’t attend a march but you still want to get together with some of your favorite people to celebrate this important day, a dinner could be the next best thing, and you can really go wild here, especially if you’ve got the culinary skills. If not, even just some rainbow plates, rainbow cups, or just rainbow napkins will set the scene nicely.

If you are handy in the kitchen, the world is your oyster; there’s lots of rainbow food you can serve! 

Try a veggie platter with red, yellow, and orange peppers, carrots, cucumber, celery sticks, pickled beets, tomatoes, etc. Artfully arranged, this looks amazing, and will go down a treat when paired with some dip. You can use similar arrays to make pizzas look bright and colorful.

Alternatively, whip up a bright fruit salad with blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, bananas, apples, oranges, and more. Again, the trick lies in the arrangement; lay the segments out carefully, and you’ll have an amazing display.

You can also create colorful drinks by mixing smoothies, or add bright cocktail umbrellas to every cup for an easier option. Jello is an excellent dessert that can come in an array of colors, or you could create a rainbow cake.

Whatever you choose, a rainbow dinner party is a phenomenal way to celebrate Pride with the people you love the most.

Some people feel powerless when they can’t attend Pride marches, and firstly, it’s important to remember that you contribute to the Pride community just by existing and adding kindness and understanding to the world. However, if you want to do more, donating to a Pride charity might check the box for you.

There are many, many queer charities that would be glad of your donation if you’re in a position to offer financial support – and if you’re not, you could consider volunteering some of your time instead. 

If you can’t volunteer in an official capacity, you may wish to look for unofficial groups that offer support to LGBTQ+ people, such as Facebook groups or forums intended to create a sense of community and prevent people from feeling alone.

You never know; you might gain some incredible connections by doing something like this. It’s certainly not for everybody, but if you want to contribute to the LGBTQ+ community and attending Pride isn’t an option for you this year, consider this as an alternative.

Learn Something New 

There are many different aspects to the world of LGBTQ+ people, as you’re probably already aware – so why not take this Pride celebration as an opportunity for learning? Choose a demographic that you don’t feel you know much about, and make an effort to better understand their stories.

For example, you might choose to learn more about asexuals or pansexuals, or you might dip into the histories of transgender individuals. You might decide you could benefit from learning more about different races and how race affects their experiences, or you may choose to expand your awareness of how LGBTQ+ individuals are treated in different areas.

Learning can come in many different forms – you might combine it with the reading or watching suggestions, or you might choose to go to your local library, check out forums, join a queer group, or something else. Plunge into some LGBTQ+ history for your area, and recognize all the reasons that Pride has come into existence.

A lot of LGBTQ+ education is sadly very lacking in schools, even today, so learning more about this can be a very rewarding and enriching process.

There’s something really amazing about taking Pride as a pause in which to learn more about the incredible community that is being celebrated, and some of the nuances that exist within it. It’s easier to value each other and be supportive when we understand each other – and we can only do that by taking the time to learn!

Learning pride at home

Attend A Virtual Drag Show 

Virtual drag shows became popular during the pandemic and although many in-person drag shows are now taking place again, there are still virtual options. If you want to join with like-minded strangers from all around the world, but you don’t want to leave your home, this could be the best option.

Virtual drag shows can have some incredible energy and positivity, and live streaming lets you access the best of the best. What’s especially nice about this activity is that you’ll be supporting queer artists at the same time as having a really good time, which is all most of us can ask for from Pride!

Engage In Rainbow Art 

A huge aspect of Pride is about celebrating your beautiful uniqueness, and what better way to do that than through art, assuming you are artistically inclined? Not everybody is, but if you enjoy drawing, painting, playing an instrument, or even something more “out there,” art is an incredible way to express yourself on this important occasion.

We’ve suggested rainbow art to be in the theme, but that doesn’t mean you just have to grab the paints and splash a few colors on the page in an arc. You can get far more creative than that. Why not try your hand at marble art with pastel colors, or fill an adult coloring book with your favorite Sharpies?

You could crochet some rainbow gloves or have a go at paper quilling, soften up some clay and fashion a love heart, or anything else that takes your fancy. Art comes in so many unique forms, and you can get as creative as you like here – it’s your celebration of you and your community, after all.

It also doesn’t have to be rainbow if that doesn’t seem right to you. Creating art of any kind is an expression of your unique self, realizing the vibrancy of your character, and that’s Pride enough as far as we’re concerned!

Hold A Dance Party 

One of the things people love about Pride is the energy that the event captures, and you can bring that energy right into your home with a dance party. A dance party can be just you rocking out to music from your phone, or it can be a whole host of people with high-end speakers blasting away and disco lights flashing.

Whatever this looks like to you, it’s a fabulous way to let loose, relax, and have an amazing time. Music is an enormously healing thing, and if you enjoy moving your body, a dance party is definitely the way to go.

Decorate Your Home

Sometimes, just spending a bit of time making your home look bright is enough of a celebration, especially if you’ve got lots of other stuff going on in your life. You can show your support for the event and community in more passive ways, still taking part, without having to devote hours of energy to it.

Things like rainbow flags are always a great starting point, and if you are in a situation where you feel comfortable flying them outside, they are a strong, validating message to everybody around. If you don’t want to be that open, that’s fine too; remember, Pride isn’t about forcing people to come out of the closet.

You can also decorate just the inside of your house if that feels more comfortable. Rainbow Christmas lights are a great start; they make the space cozy and magical, and they’re perfect for all ages to enjoy.

All other rainbow decor goes too – whether that’s throws, rugs, window decals, curtains, cushions, chairs, tapestries, wall art, or something else. A color-changing bulb can make a nice extra touch as well. You’ve got tons of options, which can be styled to fit with the rest of your household decorations.

You don’t have to take it all down after Pride, either – feel free to keep your house as colorful as it feels comfortable to you!

Send Out Supportive Messages

Pride is very much about the community and about supporting each other in a world that is often hostile and harsh. You don’t have to attend a march to do that; there are many other things you can do.

One option is to reach out to somebody who you know is struggling and give them particular support, whether that’s by running errands for them, baking, sending them a care package, or just offering to talk.

Another is to send more general messages to the people you know in this community, telling them why you value them, and what makes them shine. Emails, phone calls, texts, or in-person visits can all be wonderful ways to surround yourself with important people, and to pass on a sense of support and connection.


There are so many ways to celebrate Pride without going to a festival, you don’t need to worry if you can’t attend! Hopefully, you’ve now got some good plans. You can choose low-key activities if you prefer, or splash out with a dinner party, dance party, or something more – it’s completely up to you!

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