Gay Characters Inspiration For Pride Festival Outfit


If you’re going to Pride this year but have no idea who you want to go as, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. From movie characters to book characters, there are lots of options to help you create a colorful and unique outfit, and show off your Pride!

Some of the best characters to consider dressing as include Velma from Scooby Doo, Aziraphale or Crowley from Good Omens, Adora or Catra from She-Ra and the Princess of Power, Sapphire or Ruby from Steven Universe, Ken from Barbie, or Nimona from Nimona!

That’s quite a few great options, with some easily adapting into a couples outfit, so let’s explore these ideas in a bit more detail!

Velma From Scooby Doo

The Scooby Doo cast has long made favorites when it comes to creating costumes; they are distinctive, easy to dress as, and very fun. Now that Velma has got her very own queer origins story, courtesy of HBO, she’s a fantastic character to select.

Her outfit is pretty easy to recreate. You just need a striking orange sweater and knee socks, a bright red skirt, some chunky square specs, and if possible, a bob-cut wig. You can go for either red or black heeled shoes; both look great.

One of the best things about this costume is that it’s very loud and colorful, so you’ll look fantastic at the Pride event. It’s also practical for walking around in, and easy to put together; there’s no need to make anything or buy anything specialist.

If you want to turn this into a couples costume, persuade your very own Daphne to don her purple and green outfit, slap on a bright wig, and link arms with you for the parade – perfect all round!

Aziraphale Or Crowley From Good Omens

Aziraphale and Crowley make pretty good additions to the Pride Parade too, and again, these are easy costumes to make. These characters aren’t specifically gay; the idea is that being angels, they don’t have sexual desires the way that humans do, and their love is platonic – but then, love is love at Pride, and this makes them perfect for some attendees to dress up as.

Both costumes are relatively easy to put together, as the characters specifically dress to pass in the human world. Don’t worry, though; they’re still distinctive enough to be clearly a costume, and these two are very recognizable characters, so people will definitely know who you are.

Aziraphale wears a smart white coat, brown trousers, a white shirt, and a tan waistcoat, with a distinctive bow tie. Add a white wig, some glasses, and a book if you want to really complete the outfit. If you can pull off a slightly quizzical, mildly worried expression to go with it, you’ll have the perfect look.

Crowley is potentially a little trickier because of the glasses, but his basic ensemble is very easy to recreate. A dark suit jacket with a black waistcoat and a thin gray scarf cover a brown shirt. He finishes that off with dark pants. If you’re a details fan, he also wears a watch on his left wrist. 

The dark glasses may need to be purchased separately, but you could also just go for ordinary sunglasses if you like. Add a red wig, a raised eyebrow, and a sarcastic tone, and you’ve got Crowley.

Either one of these two characters will look amazing at a Pride event, and if you’re less into the loud colors, they might be the perfect choice!

Adora Or Catra From She-Ra And The Princess Of Power

If you love Adora or Catra (or both), these can make a fantastic option for dressing up for Pride. Let’s start with Andora.

Andora’s outfit shouldn’t be too challenging, although it will take a bit of work if you want to recreate her unique red top. Start with the pants; fitted brown leggings will work nicely. You will want some red boots with a white stripe down the center if you can get them; some people use red and white Converse instead.

Next, a turtle-neck white sweater, followed by a red, shaped blouse with padded shoulders. You can get a little creative if you can’t find one exactly like Adora’s; as long as it has the approximate shape and you fasten a brown belt at your waist, people will know perfectly well what you’re going for here.

There are various other options to explore with this outfit if you want, such as a red leotard with white sleeves, or a custom-made dress.

Catra is also a fun option for dressing up inspiration, and the basic costume isn’t too hard to create. We would advise some fitted red leggings (you can distress them to match the slits in her outfit), and either a fitted, high-necked orange top, or an orange leotard.

Next, you’ll need some cat ears and either a wig or the ability to make your own hair wild and mane-like. Finally, you can cut her shaped headpiece from red card, or get a little more crafty and create it from foam or leather. Alternatively, buy one online. Last but not least, don’t forget your tail!

Again, these characters are a wonderful way to get inspired for your next Pride festival; they are recognizable and fun to dress as, and you don’t need to worry about not being recognized, because pretty much everyone there will be able to instantly guess who you are!

Sapphire Or Ruby From Steven Universe

Dressing as Sapphire or Ruby from Steven Universe is a fabulous option if you love color and you want to be part of that big rainbow that gets created. The two lesbian characters make popular options, although they do present some challenges when it comes to dressing up if you want to be as accurate as possible!

Sapphire makes a good starting point, so we’ll cover her first. Obviously, you will need a dark blue dress, preferably with white puffed sleeves and a big skirt that comes to your feet. That might be tricky to source, so remember that you can always go with representative, rather than accurate, and just do your best!

Next, a blue wig will help finish the outfit, especially if you can get one that covers your eyes (do make sure you can see where you’re going, though). If you’re going to go all out, you’ll need some blue body paint to complete the look; not everyone goes this far, but it’s an option if you want to!

Ruby is also fairly easy to recreate; you’ll need some dark shorts and a lighter red top, plus a red gem you can stick on your outfit. A dark, square-cut bob wig will help to sell the ensemble; tie a red ribbon around it and you’re pretty much done. Of course, the red body paint is again optional, but would look great!

Ken From Barbie

If you want to go as Ken from Barbie, you’ve got lots of options, since he goes through multiple outfits in the film. His denim waistcoat and shorts (with no shirt) is a good look and very easy to recreate, but you could also try out his neon colored attire or try to capture his cowboy look, with a black jacket with white tassels, dark pants, and a white cowboy hat.

Ken is a fun and functional option; it shouldn’t take too long to put together one of his outfits, and you can adapt them according to the weather and the amount of time you have to plan. That seems like a pretty good deal to us, especially if you enjoyed the film and want to show your support!

Nimona From Nimona

Nimona has been accepted as part of the LGBTQ+ experience too, and dressing as her for Pride might be a perfect option. Nimona is everything many of us wish we could be, and she offers a perfect character for nonbinary, queer, or trans folks – so let’s get creating.

If you want to go for simple, you could just work on her basic look, using a dark red dress or tunic top as your base. From there, you can add some “armor” by fashioning it from foil or silver cardboard, and find some brown boots to finish the look. You may want to add a red wig too.

However, a lot of fans would like to take this a bit further, and make use of the fact that Nimona can shapeshift into various animal forms. Why not add some wings to your ensemble, or try a dragon-like tail snaking out behind you? You may want to buy rather than make these props (they’re pretty daunting ones), but they’ll really make your outfit fun!


There you have it: a collection of gay or queer characters you can use to plan your Pride approach and make sure you look fabulous on the big day. Put together any of these outfits, whether you want to go for simple or flashy – they’re all great options!

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