Does Hulu Have Gay Movies?


In today’s world, there are a ton of different movie streaming services you can get, but choosing the right one for you can be a challenge sometimes – and it’s worth knowing what’s what before you pick your service. You might be wondering, for example, whether Hulu has many gay movies available.

Hulu does have a good selection of gay and LGBTQ+ movies available, meaning that there are plenty of films you can pick from for cozy nights in. Movies like Crush and Love, Victor are Hulu originals, while there is also Benedetta, Benediction, Flee, Portrait Of A Lady On Fire, and more.

Finding things to watch can sometimes be challenging, but there are plenty of options on Hulu, so let’s check these out and find out what you might want to see! It’s worth noting that there are a few TV shows mixed in here, but it’s nice to have a selection in case you fancy something episodic.

1) Crush

A 2022 Hulu original, Crush follows the story of a young artist who has recently been forced to join her high school track team. Although she is there against her will, she sees an opportunity – this is her chance to pursue her crush and find out if her feelings are shared.

However, in a twist viewers will love, she falls in a very different direction… straight into the arms of a teammate who will show her what love truly is. A touching, fun story, Crush has an enormous amount to offer its viewers and it’s well worth checking out if you’ve got Hulu.

2) Love, Victor

Did you enjoy Love, Simon? If so, Love, Victor is an incredible spinoff. It is set in the same world, but instead follows the story of Victor, a student at Creekwood High School. Victor must find himself, keep up with challenges at home, and deal with the move to a new city – at the same time as trying to come to terms with his sexual orientation.

This comedy drama has received good reviews and it’s not afraid to explore the challenges that come with entering adulthood and dealing with the changes life throws at us all. Victor is a well-written, compelling character, and the second season in particular has attracted praise from the audience. 

3) Benedetta

If you love it when the writers work with a true story, you will really love Benedetta. It’s set in the 17th century in Italy, and revolves around the story of a nun who claimed to have visions of Christ wishing to marry her. Benedetta is a very devout believer, but she also has strong lesbian tendencies, which are explored throughout the film.

The film is dramatic and covers many psychological themes, examining the question of faith, exploring the handling of gay relationships in the past, and delving deep into the question of identity and self. 

It’s important to remember that much of the end of the film is fictionalized, rather than a true accounting of history, but it’s an extraordinary film that walks a difficult line and carefully balances many different themes to provoke questions in the minds of the audience. We assure you, it’s quite a watch!

4) Benediction

If you love a period drama, this might become one of your top movies. It follows the story of Siegfried Sassoon, who was a war hero with an immensely complicated life. He was a queer man at a time when this was considered completely unacceptable by society, and he had many different relationships, and spent some time in a psychiatric facility as a result of his anti-war activism.

He was also an incredible poet and an amazing historical figure, who was both phenomenally strong and tragic. Audiences everywhere have loved this sad, haunting film, and if you’re interested in history, it’s certainly one that is well worth exploring. It asks many poignant questions about sexuality and identity, and recognizes the damage done by forcing individuals to hide who they truly are.

5) Flee

Would you rather have an unusual documentary that explores the life of Amin Nawabi, who arrived in Denmark as a child seeking refuge? This extraordinary, emotional documentary shows Nawabi opening up about his life to his best friend, and employs rotoscope animation to create an unusual 2D effect – protecting the subject’s identity and allowing the viewers to plunge into his childhood.

The narrative follows some incredible different arcs, exploring the past and the impacts it has had on Nawabi today, affecting his relationship and his actions, and bringing to life real human issues that are far deeper and more nuanced than most fictional scripts can ever hope to achieve. Flee is hard-hitting and beautiful, and it’s pretty spectacular to watch.

6) Portrait Of A Lady On Fire

This film is visually stunning and definitely deserves a watch on a big screen if you’ve got one – but if not, you can still enjoy its depth and subtlety on a first, second, third, and perhaps even fifth watch; it’s got so much there, it’s certainly worth seeing more than once.

The film contains a total of just four characters – a painter, the subject she wants to paint, her mother, and a maid. The film is chilly and beautiful to begin with, and then plunges into the fiery passion many of us associate with France (where it is set). 

The film is a fierce defiance in many ways, pushing back against the domination of men, and shouting about its own beauty and accomplishments through the characters – and viewers everywhere have fallen in love with it as a result.

7) Swan Song

With a queer actor behind it, Swan Song has attracted a lot of praise, and it’s a touching, melancholy, fabulous story, brought to life by the incredible Udo Kier, playing Pat. Pat is a retired hairdresser who has almost faded away from the world, and lives an unhappy half existence… until the call of duty pulls him back to help out an old client.

That catalyst sees him reconnect with the world around him, finding old friends, and silencing some of the regrets he had. The story covers many aspects of living and growing older, and it’s got a lot to say about the beauty and tragedy of life. It got highly rated by audiences, and is definitely a poignant watch.

8) Planet Sex

Want to plunge into an incredible journey, watching the LGBTQ+ icon Cara Delevingne explore all the different facets of sexuality, and the world that surrounds it? Planet Sex runs the gamut of options, covering everything and anything to do with relationships, the human body, sex appeal, and pornography.

This is quite an extraordinary series and while it’s certainly not for everybody, it’s one you might well want to check out if you’re interested in learning more about these different areas, and you don’t shy away from awkward topics!

9) Milkwater

How about an animated comedy that revolves around a peculiar setup – but a very beautiful one? A young woman called Milo agrees to do something quite incredible: become a surrogate for a gay man that she has only recently met. What a decision to make, and yet she makes it, to the astonishment of her friends.

Milkwater has multiple LGBTQ+ characters, and it explores the balance of relationships, the challenges of pregnancy, the different forms that being supportive can take, and more. It examines emotional attachment and sexuality, and at points, it is brutally honest about the realities of life – but it’s a well-paced, comfortable watch for anybody who is interested in these topics.

10) Two Of Us

If you’re looking for a heartbreaking love story, this could be the one for you. Its characters are not the usual heroines; instead, the story follows two women in their 70s, who are very deeply in love with each other.

Madeleine has been keeping the relationship a secret from her family, but can it stay that way? This incredible story explores many different aspects of love, heartbreak, secrecy, family, and more – and it does so with care, thoughtfulness, and grace. If you enjoy movies that make you reach for the tissues, this is certainly one you should consider (and don’t worry, the ending isn’t sad!).

11) Ammonite

Another period romance, this one follows the story of Mary Anning, who is an acclaimed fossil hunter. She is persuaded to help the wife of a rich man – because Charlotte is suffering from “melancholia,” and needs companionship and kindness. Mary is initially unwilling, but agrees… and the friendship blossoms into something very much greater.

The film is breathtakingly romantic and soulful, and it doesn’t hold back when it comes to the relationship it offers. Unlike so many period dramas, this one has a happy ending – making a lovely change for viewers, and offering a particularly satisfying option for those who are tired of all the tragedy we see in many LGBTQ+ films.

12) Pit Stop

Longing for a slow-burning drama? Check this one out. Set in a small town in America, Pit Stop plunges into the complex, frequently overlooked lives of gay men – specifically Gabe and Ernesto.

Gabe is closeted and trying to rebuild his bonds with his ex-wife after having an affair with a married man, while Ernesto is living with his ex-boyfriend. Both men feel emotionally isolated and detached from the world, dissatisfied with what they see around them, and uncomfortable with themselves.

The film unfolds beautifully, inviting us to step into their world and explore it with them as they gradually begin to find solace in each other. Poetic, understated, and engaging, this is a wonderful film for any enthusiast to watch.

13) Viva

Viva is a sweet, gentle story, following the character Jesus, a gay hairdresser who would love to one day become a performer. When he finally gets his shot at it, disaster strikes: a stranger punches him in the face – only it turns out that it’s his estranged father, who he hasn’t seen for 15 years.

The two characters go head to head at first, angry with each other for not meeting their expectations, but as the story unfolds, they start to come to an understanding, and the breaches begin to heal. Viva is a beautiful exploration of what family means and why it is so important.

And the cinematography? It will knock your socks off! The actors are excellent too, creating a masterful piece that fully deserved to be shortlisted for the Best Foreign Language Oscar – and a piece that has wowed Hulu customers everywhere.


So, it seems like Hulu has quite a collection of LGBTQ+ movies to watch, covering all sorts of different periods, different themes, and different people. Some are loud and proud; others are quieter and more serious. All offer amazing insights into the LGBTQ+ world, so if you’ve got a Hulu account, you’ve got plenty to add to your watch list!

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