Does Dr Phil Support LGBTQ?

Dr Phil is reportedly not the LGBTQ community’s biggest supporter. This comes after an episode of his show aired that saw Dr Phil dismissing some LGBTQ teens who were discussing gender pronouns as ‘absolute nonsense’.

Does Dr Phil Support LGBTQ

Although he will claim that he is LGBTQ friendly, the teens from the community that made an appearance on the show feel otherwise. Some claim that they suffer from nightmares as a result of their experience. 

Dr Phil himself has been married for over 40 years.

What Happened On This Episode Of Dr Phil?

In an episode of Dr Phil’s show, a number of activists came on to discuss the definition of womanhood and gender pronouns. Author Matt Walsh was also invited to the show. 

In the episode, Dr Phil completely dismisses the experiences and opinions of the group of people who appeared on the show. 

Prior to the episode, the non-binary activist named Addison posted their experience on Instagram. He states that he was tricked into appearing on the show alongside a fellow non-binary activist, Ethan. 

What Did They Experience As A Result?

During the experience, Ethan and Addison were asked to define the word woman. After the experience, the pair experienced anxiety and nightmares. 

The pair seized the opportunity, seeing it as a chance to educate people on the non-binary experience and the use of pronouns while being in a safe space. This is not what happened when they arrived. 

They were left feeling attacked by another invited guest and the producers played them and tricked them, backing them into a corner.

They both have reported depression spirals, nightmares and heightened anxiety because of the experience.

What Did Dr Phil Respond To The Accusations?

Dr Phil himself did not directly respond to the accusations, however the author who was there to question the pair of activists responded on Instagram. 

He claimed that he was not attacking the pair, he simply asked them to define the term women when they were discussing the idea that ‘transgender women are women’. 

On the show, Walsh claimed that he cares about the truth, claiming that basic truth matters and that this misinformation will confuse the younger generation.

He claims that he cares about women who have their opportunities stolen from them by transgender women. 

He ended the segment with ‘I care quite a bit actually’.

Why Does This Show Dr Phil Doesn’t Support LGBTQ Rights?

If Dr Phil allowed this segment to be shown on his show, and planned for this to be the way that they discussed transgender issues on the show.

It is clear that he doesn’t care about the rights and wellbeing of the community – particularly the transgender part of the community. 

Differing Opinions 

On the other hand, there are a lot of people who believe that Dr Phil does support the LGBTQ community. They believe that he always supports all relationships equally and gives relationship advice despite the gender of those involved. 

It is possible that Dr Phil is not homophobic in some ways, but he doesn’t support certain areas of the community: specifically the transgender side. 

Dr Phil’s Private Life

There have been certain rumors over the years surrounding Dr Phil’s sexuality. However, these have never come to fruition and it is quite evident that they are not true. 

Dr Phil has been married to his wife – Robin McGraw – for 43 years. The pair share two grown children. They are seen as a power couple and the pair are a very charitable couple.

There have been rumors that the pair are getting divorced. However, this has never actually been true. 

Are Dr Phil And Robin McGraw Getting Divorced?

The pair got married in August 1976. They have two sons together: Jaw Mcgraw and Jordan Mcgraw. 

They have been married for over 4 decades and McGraw hasn’t even responded to the latest allegations of their divorce. This shows that there is no trouble for them in paradise. 

Who Is Dr Phil?

Dr Phil began as a college footballer who achieved his ph.D in psychology.

He quit his private practice in order to start a company named Pathways. This is a self-motivation seminar. He also started his own company called Courtroom Sciences. 

He worked with Oprah Winfrey in 1998, helping her win a lawsuit and he became a regular guest on her famous talk show. 

In 2002, Dr Phil launched his own daytime program. He has written several best-selling self-help books over the years.

Dr Phil’s Career

Dr Phil was born in 1950 in Oklahoma. He grew up in both Texas and Oklahoma and went to the University of Tulsa on a full football scholarship. 

He went on to do his Ph.D in psychology at the University of North Texas. He then went on to open a practice with his father.

His father had also been studying for his psychology degree after he had a long career as an oil rig equipment supplier. 

When he realized that he didn’t enjoy one on one therapy, he founded a company called Courtroom Sciences. This company helped lawyers to practice building cases through behavioral analysis and mock trials.

Meeting Oprah 

In 1996, Dr. Phil met Oprah Winfrey. She was being sued by a group of cattlemen who claimed that she defamed the beef industry. Dr. Phil helped her to win this case. He then became a regular on her show. 

From there, he launched his own show ‘Dr Phil’. This began in 2002 and became very successful over the years. 

Final Thoughts 

It is not known whether Dr Phil supports the LGBTQ community. While he seems to show support for the community in certain areas, in other areas he has failed to show this support.

The main experience that indicates that he may not be a supporter of transgender rights occured when he invited transgender activists onto the show to discuess pronouns.

Author Walsh attacked the activists, backing them into a corner surrounding their opinion on the definition of a woman.

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