Do You Tip At A Drag Brunch?

Tipping is a big part of a drag brunch, and you should always give as much as possible. Still, there are some nuances about drag brunch tipping that you should know about so you can do it the right way.

Yes, you should tip at a drag brunch. That’s why you should also bring extra cash in small denominations of $1 and $5 and more if you’d like. Give tips to as many performers as possible to ensure things stay equitable, but feel free to give extra to one of them if they did something special for you.

Check out the rest of this in-depth guide to learn more about tipping at a drag brunch. You’ll discover the do’s and don’ts about tipping and a few helpful ideas to remember.

Should You Tip At A Drag Brunch?

Yes, tipping is an essential part of a drag brunch. It’s a way for audience members to show appreciation to performers and servers for making the brunch exciting.

So, you should bring extra cash in small denominations for tipping. Tips can be as little as $1 and $5, so you’ll want plenty of those notes ready to give to multiple performers throughout the brunch.

Many places and drag performers have gone digital these days. So, digital tipping is a possibility. However, you should always check ahead to be sure.

Whether or not digital tipping is allowed, nothing beats giving cold, hard cash to a performer you appreciate!

How Much Should You Tip At A Drag Brunch?

There are a lot of nuances regarding tipping culture in general, and that’s also true at drag brunches.

Firstly, remember there are no concrete rules about what you should or shouldn’t do when tipping, as long as you give something to the performers. Providing small amounts like $1 or $5 is more than welcome.

You can also give more, of course. But as you’ll learn later in this guide, it’s important to spread the love around and ensure performers get a fair share.

Still, here are a few ideas to help you navigate tipping at your next drag brunch.

Ask The Staff

When you’re looking for guidance regarding tipping, the best people to talk to are the staff working at the venue. Not only do these people work side by side with the performers to make the brunch successful, but they also see how other audience members typically tip.

The staff members can make reliable tipping suggestions for you to follow.

Base It On Your Preference And Budget

Tipping is a significant thing to do, but you’re still the one making the decisions. Your tipping should be based on your personal preferences and budget.

After all, tipping is about showing appreciation to the performers and not necessarily about sacrificing your entire paycheck.

Tip A Percentage Of The Bill

Tipping can happen in two ways at a drag brunch. Firstly, you can tip the performers directly to show that you appreciate what they did.

You can also tip when your table pays the bill for the food and drinks. That kind of tipping is typically a percentage of the overall bill; the rule of thumb is giving 20%.

Tip The Same Amount For Each Performer

When tipping the performers directly, giving the same amount to each performer you tip is an excellent idea.

That way, you’ll ensure a more equitable environment by ensuring everyone gets a fair share.

After all, the success of a drag show depends on multiple performers’ talents and efforts.

Tip Extra For Special Performances

While it’s important to tip equitably for all performers, some exceptions exist. For example, you should tip extra to performers you consider special.

For example, this might be one whose performance resonates strongly with you or one who did a solo performance that impressed you.

So, while still spreading your tips around, it doesn’t hurt to give a little extra for the ones who made the brunch extra special for you.

What’s The Best Way  To Tip A Drag Performer?

So far, you’ve seen that there are plenty of nuances when deciding how much to tip at a drag brunch. The same applies to how you deliver that tip to individual performers during the brunch.

After all, you don’t want to try and tip someone only to interrupt the performance they’re delivering.

So, here are a few things to keep in mind when tipping a performer during a drag brunch:

  • Do as others do: The best thing you can do when trying to tip at a drag brunch is to do as others do. Pay attention to the audience members at your table and elsewhere to see how they behave when tipping. When they tip a performer, you can do the same.
  • Use a tip envelope: Some venues provide tip envelopes so you can hand cash over to a performer more discreetly. When those aren’t available, it’s safe to assume that giving cash directly is perfectly fine. Again, watch those around you and do as they do.
  • Tip when you make a request: Some drag brunches allow you to make special requests. For example, you might request a specific song to be performed or even ask for a shoutout. Whenever you make such a request, you should always give a tip.
  • Tip at the show’s end: Tipping during a performance can be tricky because you want to stay in your seat and avoid interrupting the performer. In that case, you can always give your tips at the end of the show. That way, you’ll be sure that you’re not interrupting anything.
  • Show appreciation with the tip: The money you give as a tip is important, but remember that your words carry a lot of value as well. So when you deliver a tip to a performer, tell them you liked what they did. Those words will make their day and encourage them to continue giving their best.
  • Spread the love: Again, be sure to keep things equitable by spreading your tips to as many performers as possible. All of them had a hand in making the show enjoyable and deserve the appreciation.
  • Go digital: As you read earlier, some venues and performers have gone digital. If you don’t have enough cash on you, it’s still possible to give a tip using digital payment methods instead.

Whatever happens, don’t let yourself get too worried about tipping. You do as others do, go with the flow, and enjoy yourself!

Why Is Tipping Important In The Drag Community?

Tipping in the drag community is very significant, and it carries more meaning than just getting extra money from an audience member.

Here’s why tipping matters at a drag brunch:

1. To Reward Artistic Work

First and foremost, your tip acts as a reward for the artistic work delivered by the performers.

It’s important to understand that a lot of blood, sweat, and tears go into preparing for the performances you enjoy over brunch. Drag queens and kings spend countless hours rehearsing to ensure that they give you the entertainment you came to see, no matter what might be going on in their personal lives.

2. To Supplement Incomes

Your tips also go towards supplementing the performers’ incomes. Drag performers are regular human beings like you, with bills to pay and mouths to feed.

So, the tips they receive from audience members help them meet their financial needs and keep working as performers.

3. To Invest In Outfits And Other Supplies

Part of the appeal of drag brunches is the performers. More specifically, people come to see their elaborate outfits, colorful wigs, and expertly applied makeup. 

Those things require a significant financial investment that your tips will contribute to.

In other words, your tips help the drag performers be all they can be on stage.

4. To Encourage Performers

Earlier, you read that you should provide a few words of appreciation while tipping a performer. That’s because your tipping gesture goes a long way towards encouraging performers to continue pursuing their passion.

That’s why tipping is more than just the amount you give. The fact that you’re showing performers appreciation also carries plenty of value that resonates strongly with each of them.

5. To Build A Sustainable Industry

Tipping is also important because it helps to sustain the drag show industry as a whole. 

When audience members show their appreciation through tipping and performers enjoy the benefits described above, it keeps drag brunches as good as possible.

Talented performers continue to pursue their passion and deliver the best performances possible. That keeps audience members coming back for more, which keeps the whole industry standing.

Are There Any Things To Avoid When Tipping At A Drag Brunch?

So far, you’ve learned a lot about what to do regarding tipping and how to go about doing it. Now, it’s time to address a few don’ts to keep in mind, i.e. what to avoid when giving money to drag performers:

  1. Don’t interrupt performances: The most important thing to remember when tipping is not to interrupt a performance while it’s happening. If you’re unsure, wait until the end to give your tips.
  2. Don’t violate personal space: Performers don’t just stay on stage; they move around. So, be mindful of their personal space and don’t go into it when tipping.
  3. Don’t throw money: Never throw money haphazardly, as it’s pretty disrespectful. Tipping is to show appreciation, so give it directly to the performer.
  4. Don’t bargain: Never bargain when it comes to tips. Just give whatever you can sincerely.
  5. Don’t break rules: Some drag brunch venues have rules in place about tipping. Whatever they are, follow them at all times.

Remember these don’ts, and you’ll do just fine at your next drag brunch.

Final Thoughts

Tipping is an essential part of a drag brunch as it allows audience members to show appreciation towards performers. There are no concrete rules about how much you should give, but giving small amounts to as many performers as possible is essential.

When in doubt, just watch what other people do. It’s always best to wait until the end of the performance to give your tips, and don’t forget to include a few positive words so the performers know you enjoyed their hard work.

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