Do You Have To Buy Tickets For Houston Pride? [Admission Information]

Celebrating Pride is always fun and filled with glamor, but not all Pride events are the same. Some Pride events will require tickets, whereas others will not.

Do You Have To Buy Tickets For Houston Pride [Admission Information]

Houston’s Pride event is somewhat a mixture of the both.

While it is completely free to enter the parade route and therefore has no ticket requirements, you will need to source a ticket for the festival at Houston City Hall. 

This can be a little confusing and there’s lots more to know than just this before you attend Pride. So, we’ve created this handy guide to help you out.

If you’re interested in going to Houston Pride – here’s everything you need to know before you go.

Top Tips: What To Do 

Before you head straight to the events, you will need to know various things about what to do, and indeed what not to do. Below you will find our most helpful tips we could think of – be sure to note these down! 

Create A Plan 

Planning will always be advised. Proper preparation will mean you will avoid any unforeseen mishaps and allow your day to go and run smoothly. 

So, the first thing to remember is what we’ve mentioned above. You will need to get yourself a ticket for the festival event in Houston City Hall if that’s what you want to go to. You can buy them online. 

It’s not just general admission tickets that you can purchase though – there’s VIP tickets if that’s something you might be interested in. Whilst they are more expensive, you’ll enjoy the perks of:

  • An open bar 
  • Grandstand parade viewing 
  • Access to cooling zones
  • Access to the main stage 
  • Catered food 
  • VIP gift bags 

Other than VIP, you have your general admission tickets available for purchase, senior citizen tickets for anyone aged 60 or over and children under the age of 12 can attend free, but will still need a ticket. 

Ticket prices are:

  • VIP =  $250
  • General = $5
  • Children (12 and under) = Free admission
  • Senior citizens (60 and over) = Free admission

Prior to going anywhere, it’s always a good idea to get to grips with the area and the layout of the Pride event.

You will almost certainly be given a map or shown a map during your experience – so it’s worth getting familiar with everything.

Consider Public Transport 

One thing about Pride is that parking your car can be a real headache. Remember, there’s gonna be a heck of a lot of people going! 

Not only this, it’s quite common for Houston parking lots in the downtown area to charge a crazy sum of money.

One of the better options is to leave your car somewhere near Montrose and hitch a METROrail.

It’s easier, and overall cheaper to do this to the downtown area if you have a METRO-Q card. This should allow you much quicker and smoother movement through the kiosks at the station. 

Remember The Weather! 

Sometimes, people get so caught up in the fun and excitement of Pride that they forget they’re in Texas! It can and almost certainly will get incredibly hot. 

What you must do is remember to take some bottled water with you and protect yourself from the very hot sun. An umbrella is a good idea for some extra shade, but try to take advantage of anything on offer.

This might include the cooling zones, free bottled water, ice buckets – anything that could be offered, but these aren’t always guaranteed, so that’s why it’s better to be prepared.

It’s also worth noting that alcohol is often consumed at Pride events, and while you may not realize it – the alcohol can make dehydration worse. So, always keep hydration in mind! 

Always ensure you and your guests are protected with strong sunscreen to prevent burns and it’s always advised to wear sensible clothing for the event. 

This means some cool clothes for the climate, but also some comfortable walking shoes – as you’ll definitely be moving a lot. 

Remember The Families 

Pride provides you the opportunity to make some great memories and have a lot of fun with people of all ages. So, during the fun – remember to spare lots of time for your guests such as family and friends.

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With children, remember to ensure they are fully protected and prepared for the sun. Keep them close if it’s just the two of you, as it can be very easy to lose people with all of the guests that attend. 

Luckily though – there is a family fan zone in Tranquility Park which has lots of fun, family friendly events. There’s face painting, snowcones, hot dogs, popcorn, candy, story time and other games! 

Whilst we’re on the subject of families though, remember that lots of people of all ages will be attending. Whilst Pride allows for alcohol consumption – try not to drink too much and become a nuisance for the other guests! 

Remember Safety 

Unfortunately, accidents do happen! So, it’s always advised that you plan with safety in mind. Consider your clothing and the environment first and foremost, but also know where your nearest safety area is for first aid. 

And we’ve spoken about remaining hydrated under the hot Texas sun – but it’s a very critical point. Pride events will allow you to bring a clear water bottle and you will find water bottle filling stations all over the event.

This gives you plenty of opportunity to keep the water flowing – and keep your fun going! 

Top Tips: What Not To Do 

Of course, there will always be things you should absolutely avoid and never do. Here’s what you need to stay clear of! 

Don’t Bring Big Bags 

Bags that are too big will likely be taken away by security and they will check all bags that are coming in anyway – so make it easier for yourself. 

Don’t Bring Weapons 

This should be quite an obvious point – but don’t bring guns or other weapons. They won’t be allowed in and you’ll likely be told to leave.

Don’t Bring Drugs 

All drugs and even smoking tobacco are prohibited at Pride – so don’t even try it. 

Don’t Bring Pets 

Pets are not allowed on the festival grounds, as much as we would love to bring our furry friends – we can’t! 

Don’t Drink Too Much 

Those suspected to be too drunk will be escorted away – so be mindful with alcohol if you want to drink. 

Don’t Bring Outside Food 

There’s lots of food places within the festival grounds to get something tasty to eat. Outside food will not be allowed in, so be sure to just leave any snacks at home. 

Don’t Bring Cash 

All of your shopping needs will be completely cash-free using things like your credit card, PayPal, Cash App etc. So don’t bring cash – it’ll not be needed or even useful! 

The Bottom Line 

Yes you will need a ticket if you plan to go further than the Parade route – but there’s also all of the other points we’ve mentioned to remember too! We hope you have fun!

Gay Worlley

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