Clothing Brands That Support LGBTQ+

Every single year, as if by clockwork, countless businesses come out and support Pride Month. This is all well and good. In fact, we love it. More attention should be drawn to Pride Month. However, the frustrating thing is that, for many of these businesses, Pride Month is the only time that they ever really show their support for LGBTQ+ causes. Just one month per year. That’s why we’ve put together this list.

Here, we are going to showcase some of the top clothing brands that support LGBTQ+ causes throughout the year. While you can support those companies that only show their support for Pride Month, we believe that supporting the companies below will be even better. Many of these are regularly donating to LGBTQ+ causes, meaning that you are doing a good deed when you buy clothing from them!

American Eagle Outfitters

Support LGBTQ+ American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle Outfitters is a global clothing retailer. They are one of the only major clothing retailers that has Pride-focused clothing in their stores almost year-round. So, they are not only including it when Pride Month rolls around, which is awesome!

American Eagle Outfitters is actually a collection of multiple brands, and since almost all of the brands sold in American Eagle Outfitters are owned by the company, then you can feel safe knowing that when you shop here, you are only going to be supporting legit companies that care about your rights. It also helps that the clothing on sale here is not only affordable but looks absolutely stunning! 


Ugg Clothing Brand Supports LGBTQ+

UGG is an Australian brand famed for making those overly fluffy boots that people love so much. Oh, OK. We admit that they are also incredibly stylish.

While UGG does, mostly, focus on Pride Month each year, this is a company that is very focused on pro-LGBTQ+ causes. Throughout the year, UGG donates a sizable portion of its income to multiple charities, including a helpline designed specifically for LGBTQ+ people. 

As we said, when Pride Month rolls around, UGG does seem to go all-out on showing itself off as a LGBTQ+-focused business, although this makes sense. It is the best time to show support for all these causes. When this happens, UGG tends to showcase various gay fashion designers, sell unique designs, donate more cash to charities, and even hold video chat interviews with people. 

By all accounts, UGG is also a tremendous place to work if you are LGBTQ. According to reviews, this is a company that is highly accepting of who you are!


Converse Clothing Brands That Support The LGBTQ+

We don’t know about you, but we think that Converse shoes are some of the most stylish in the world. Although, this may be the 90s skater inside of us talking. Who doesn’t love the unique design of these shoes? In fact, the design is so iconic that many other companies have tried to copy them. In our opinion, none of them have even come close to what Converse does.

Converse is another place that is said to be a great place to work if you are LGBTQ. The company places a focus on recruiting LGBTQ community members to their team, and they make donations to various charities throughout the year.

As with most fashion brands, it is Pride Month when Converse really does shine. They always release a pride collection of shoes, and this normally stays available for the majority of the year. This is fantastic because the vast majority of other companies tend to ditch their Pride Month clothing when sales start to dry up. It goes to show how committed Converse is to pro-LGBTQ causes.


Nike Be True Supporting LGBTQ+

Nike is one of the leading sportswear companies in the world.

In 2023, Nike launched the BETRUE collection, which is a collection of clothing designed by Xavier Schipani. He is a trans man who crafted his collection based on the idea that it is fine to be whoever you want. We love how the BETRUE collection really showcases this freedom, and the choice of designer shows that Nike is very committed to LGBTQ+ causes. We hope that this is a collection that they expand in the future. It almost certainly will be because, by all accounts, it has been incredibly popular for NIKE. 


Levis Denim Supporting LGBTQ+

Every year, Levi’s makes a sizable donation to charities working on global human rights for LGBTQ+ people. So, right away, you know that if you buy something from Levi’s, you are contributing to an incredibly important cause.

Each year, Levi’s also recruits a team of talented LGBTQ+ designers (6 of them in 2023) to design certain items in their clothing range. As a result, Levi’s always comes up with a good collection of shirts, handbags, hats, and jeans. When you buy these items from Levi’s, you’re supporting LGBTQ+ designers, especially smaller ones who haven’t really been able to gain traction elsewhere due to the discrimination that they’ve faced.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch Pride Collection

Abercrombie & Fitch is probably one of the most gay-friendly of the major brands. They don’t care how much they are judged on it. In 2023, Abercrombie and Fitch launched an international campaign about the acceptance of LGBTQ+ people. As you can probably imagine, the company came under a lot of fire from the right wing. Of course, they didn’t pull their ads, they just doubled down on everything.

Each year, Abercrombie & Fitch releases a huge range of Pride clothing, and this remains available throughout most of the year. Well, at least until the next collection starts to roll in.

On top of this, Abercrombie & Fitch has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to The Trevor Project, the largest LGBTQ+ suicide prevention line in the world.


Hollister Supporting LGBTQ+

One of the core goals of Hollister is diversity and acceptance. They’ve been working on it for over 20 years, and have raised millions for pro-LGBTQ charities. In fact, every year, they hold a fundraiser and music festival to bring more money to those deserving charities.

A lot of the work that Hollister has done has focused on making schools far more inclusive environments. They also do a lot of work funding charities that can help teenagers feel much, much more comfortable with who they are. Very noble work!

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Supports LGBTQ+

As with most of the brands on this list, Calvin Klein releases a Pride collection each year, with all of the items being designed by LGBTQ+ people.

Outside of Pride Month, Calvin Klein is a huge advocate for changing the law around the world to cut out discrimination towards LGBTQ+ people. As a result, they donate a huge amount of cash to charities that work on changing the law, particularly charities that focus on human rights.


Adidas Pride Collection

Adidas is another sports clothing company and, once again, they release a huge Pride collection every year. Outside of Pride Month, Adidas mostly focuses its charitable donations toward companies trying to stamp out discrimination in the sporting world e.g. Stonewall.

If you read the official Adidas blog, you’ll also notice that they dedicate a lot of time to discussing gay athletes, fashion designers, and pro-LGBTQ causes.


Orttu is a fashion brand put together explicitly for gay men. Well, technically, the brand is for ‘open-minded men only’, but the brand is developed by gay men only. 

Orttu has really gone from strength to strength as of late too. A few years ago, barely anybody would have heard of Orttu. Now? They’ve just opened a flagship store in New York, and chances are that they will continue to open up more stores around the world.

If you are interested in gay-focused clothing, then you need to check out Orttu. It is one of our favorite modern brands.

TOF Paris

TOF Paris is another brand owned by gay men, although they do branch out their clothing range to focus on everybody (including straight people).

This French fashion brand characterizes itself as being a very ‘daring’ company. The clothing that they sell has been designed for people who are clearly confident in their bodies.

If you head to Europe, you’ll find a lot of LGBTQ+ people rocking clothing from TOF Paris, and we hope that it starts to spread more around the US soon.


Finally, we have Wildfang. A fashion brand designed for the gender-fluid, although the clothing from Wildfang is loved by tons of people in the LGBTQ+ community.

Wildfang gives a ton of cash each year to pro-LGBTQ causes. This includes the Q-Center, and the Tegan & Sara Foundation.

Final Thoughts

We have barely scratched the surface of clothing brands that support LGBTQ+ here. Honestly, most of them do. We can think of only a few brands that are firmly anti-LGBTQ, and you have probably heard of them already. But, of course, you probably need peace of mind. So, before you buy from any fashion brand, always give them a quick Google with ‘LGBTQ’ written at the end. You’ll then find out more about how that business has contributed (or not contributed) to LGBTQ causes.

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