Can Straight People Go To Drag Brunch

Drag brunches are now more popular than ever. Most major towns & cities will often have a drag brunch or two throughout the week. Many of them are heavily advertised in the local area and online. Although, because drag is traditionally seen as an activity for the gay community, a lot of people do wonder ‘can straight people go to a drag brunch?’

Yes. There is nothing stopping a straight person from going to a drag brunch. In fact, it is highly encouraged. You have to remember that drag is an art form. The vast majority of drag performers are welcoming to anybody who wishes to see them practice their art. They don’t care about sexuality at all.

On this page, we’re going to look at the idea of drag brunches in a bit more depth. We’re going to pay special attention to whether straight people can attend drag brunches. We’ll also let you know the etiquette should you decide to attend a drag brunch. 

What is a Drag Brunch?

In the past, if you wanted to head to a drag show, then you’d probably need to head to a gay club. While drag performances have been popular for an incredibly long time (there is evidence people were doing drag centuries ago), their performances have often been confined to areas where the gay community is thriving. It was also something that happened a bit later at night, often with a lot of booze being consumed. You rarely would find drag being performed mid-afternoon.

However, drag is now going through a resurgence. TV shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race have helped to catapult drag shows to mainstream fame. People no longer see drag as a performance that takes place in a seedy nightclub in the middle of the night. They’re seeing it as an art form. They’re starting to notice that drag performers have serious talent when it comes to performing. In fact, many of the best drag performers are multi-skilled. They’re great at comedy, singing, dancing, and just overall entertainment.

The growth in popularity has led to more demand for more accessible drag shows, so various bars, clubs, and other entertainment venues created drag brunches. These drag performances take place over brunch. The performances are often not as ‘seedy’ as you would find in a late-night performance, and they have allowed drag performers to share their talents with the world. Drag brunches allow people to truly appreciate the art form of drag.

Can Straight People Go to a Drag Brunch?

Absolutely! While we know that drag has often been seen as a very gay-friendly act, it doesn’t mean that straight people are barred from attending a drag show. Straight people have never been barred from attending any drag show.

If you’re straight, you’ll often find that many drag queens will welcome you with open arms. You must remember that these drag queens are eager to share their performances with as many people as possible. They want you to see what they are doing as performance art. This is why they are doing the drag brunch. They expect straight people will turn up and see what the whole drag thing is about.

What you must remember, however, is that drag brunches will have a very gay-friendly atmosphere. Not just in terms of who is in attendance, but with the performance that you see on the stage. While drag queens are trying to cater to as many people as possible, they do know who their typical audience is, and a good chunk of their material will be aimed at them. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to be excluded from the drag show, just remember that you aren’t the typical audience.

At this point, we do want to point out that there are some drag brunches that seem to ‘discourage’ straight people from attending. This isn’t so much that they don’t want them in attendance (they would never actively say this), it is just that it is expected that mostly gay people will turn up due to when the drag brunch is being held. For example – if you saw a drag brunch advertised as running during a pride festival, then chances are that drag brunch is purely for gay people. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t attend, but the atmosphere may not necessarily be right for you.

Can You Take Children to a Drag Brunch?

This ties heavily into the question ‘can straight people go to a drag brunch’. Part of the reason why so many people now want to attend drag brunches is because drag is now more popular than ever. So, now you know that straight people can attend drag brunches, you may be wondering whether you can bring your kids along with you. The answer is maybe.

While some drag brunches are nowhere near as crude as their late-night counterparts, a good amount of the act will often feature very explicit songs and jokes. Some drag queens will try and tame down their act for earlier in the day, but not all of them will.

If you are planning on bringing your kids along to a drag brunch, then you’re going to have to do some research into the drag brunch that you plan on attending. The information about the show will let you know whether kids are welcome. If in doubt, feel free to give the promoter/venue a call.

You should bear in mind that even if a drag performance is kid-friendly, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the drag brunch is going to be an ideal place for your child. Many of these drag brunches will have free-flowing alcohol and, if that is happening, you probably wouldn’t want your children around.

Remember – if a drag brunch recommends that you do not bring children along, don’t bring your child. You’re just going to be ruining it for everybody else in the venue.  

Etiquette When Attending a Drag Brunch as a Straight Person

If you are wondering whether you can attend a drag brunch as a straight person, chances are that this may be the very first drag show that you have ever attended. So, it may be wise to brush up on the etiquette. Although to be honest with you, most of the etiquette should be common sense. At least we hope it is.

Firstly – you are there to watch a performance. Due to the political climate in many countries, there are some people attending drag brunches in order to scream rather horrendous things at the performers. Don’t do this. If you even so much as thinking of hurling an obscenity at a drag performer, don’t attend. You’re just going to embarrass yourself, and, trust us, those drag performers have heard it all. You may think that you are changing the world by shouting whatever revolting thing you have on your mind, but you’re not. Trust us – the reality of drag is nowhere near what you have been told.

Ditch the heckling when you are at a drag show. We know that sometimes it can be tempting to heckle comedians, but you’re just going to be throwing them off their game and hampering their performance. Remember – the drag queen is the center of attention, not you. There are some drag queens that do invite heckles from the audience but take their lead. Don’t make the unilateral decision to start heckling. It won’t end well for you. You may even end up being removed from the venue.

Finally – tipping is not negotiable. If you attend a drag brunch, then you are expected to tip. There are no ifs or buts about it. You need to tip a decent amount per performer too. At the minimum, expect to spend about $10-$20 per performer. So, find out how many performers are at the drag brunch and multiply that by $10-$20. That’s how much cash you need for tips, minimum. Drag queens live off their tips, so don’t go cheap on them.

Final Thoughts

If you are a straight person, you are free to attend a drag brunch. In fact, it is actively encouraged. Some drag brunches may even let you bring your children along! Although, do bear in mind that due to the traditional audience for drag, the atmosphere will be very gay-friendly. You may even end up being the only straight person in the room. Although, trust us, nobody is going to care that you’re straight. You’ll probably just be welcomed with open arms and loved because you have decided to embrace this fantastic art form.

Gay Worlley

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