Best Lesbian Adult Fantasy Book Recommendations

Finding books which represent you, as well as books which you are interested in outside of this factor can sometimes be a chore.

Best Lesbian Adult Fantasy Book Recommendations

With LGBT+ representation only now starting to become something which is being recognized more in the mainstream it now feels like we should have more choice, but to find good representation and personally interesting plots can still be more effort than it’s worth.

With LGBT+ representation being where it is now, unfortunately there is still an over saturation of certain narratives being told with typical romances and coming out stories dominating.

While these stories are important and have their place, it is understandable that readers are starting to get burnt out and bored with the same stories being told.

The best way to get representation to feel more genuine and engaging is to seek it out in genres which are often overlooked in terms of representation.

One genre which has actually had good LGBT+ representation for longer than many other genres is fantasy. This is especially prevalent in fantasy which is aimed at a more adult audience.

While YA novels can sometimes be interesting and well written, there is also a large sect of them which are very clearly only meant for the intended audience.

While having representation for younger demographics is definitely important, finding this literary representation for older audiences is definitely just as valid and there should be more effort made for books like this to be made and promoted.

This list specifically focuses on lesbian narratives which are aimed at an adult audience and fit into the fantasy genre.

There area actually more novels which fit into this categorization than many would initially expect and there are just as many that are well written and are worth your time to read.

So if you are a lesbian who wants to feel more represented in literary media and wants to read something more adult, keep reading to get some great representation.

These books are not listed in any particular order as well so do not take their order of appearance as any denotation of quality or strength of representation.

The Best Lesbian Adult Fantasy Books

She Who Became The Sun


Shelley Parker Chan

Represented Groups

Chinese NB lesbian main character, with another Chinese lesbian main character, another Chinese gay main character, with a Mongolian bisexual main character.

Content Warning:

Mentions of violence

What Is It About And Why Should You Read It?

If you want a fantasy novel aimed at an older audience which will absolutely consume your interest and attention and indulge and engage you in a wonderful fantasy world, this is one of the best.

The world is so well described by Parker-Chan that while you read it you genuinely feel like you are living in the world which she describes.

If you want to absolutely lose yourself in a book and fall in love with all of the main characters and the wide variety of groups which they represent, make sure to make time for this book! 

This novel features a Chinese peasant girl take the identity of her brother who has died to survive and get through life in Mongol occupied China.

The twists and turns of the narrative as well as the intense development which our protagonist goes through is what makes this narrative so entertaining.

The Unbroken


C L Clark

Represented Groups

Black lesbian main character, bisexual main character who has a physical disability due to an injury

Content Warning

Features descriptions of gore, violence, previous attempted rape, as well as threats of rape and torture

What Is It About And Why Should You Read It?

Clark’s The Unbroken is a masterpiece and one of the best pieces of sapphic representation in the fantasy sphere and if you have never read it, and are not bothered by the content warnings, make sure to make time for this book!

The concepts of empires and colonialism are heavy themes which are frequently tackled so if this interests you make sure indulge yourself in this world.

The conquering of empires is looked at from a unique angle and explores complicated overlooked feelings of characters you may not expect to see them from.

The Jasmine Throne


Tasha Suri

Represented Groups

Lesbian main characters who are Indian-coded

Content Warning

Features homophobia, mentions of gore and violence, as well as execution from burning and forced drug use.

What Is It About And Why Should You Read It?

This is one of the standout recent lesbian fantasy novels and is definitely deserving of the attention it has received.

The emotional depth present in this novel is gut-wrenching and while it will hurt while reading, the pay off for everything in this novel is spectacular and can not be overstated.

This novel can easily be devoured so if you want a deeply emotional experience, you have to read this book!

Fireheart Tiger


Aliette de Bodard

Represented Groups

Lesbian main character who is Vietnamese coded

Content Warning

Implications of domestic abuse as well as sexual assault

What Is It About And Why Should You Read It?

If you want something a bit more light, this novella comes with a strong recommendation. For a shorter book, this novella has such strong world building that before you know it you are engaged in this universe and just want to stay there.

The immersion present with the engaging characters and narrative make this book such a good choice. If you love stories about self-discovery as well as identity reclamation, this is a great book to read!

The Traitor Baru Cormorant


Seth Dickinson

Represented Groups

Lesbian main character who has hemilateral neglect, as well as a bisexual main character and a NB main character.

Content Warning

Presence of homophobia, implication of corrective rape, descriptions of gore, violence, and brain surgery.

What Is It About And Why Should You Read It?

Part of a series, this lesbian fantasy book is hard to describe but is one of the most well described and thought out fantasy novels and the amount of necessary detail which is included makes this world feel like it has even more depth than what is being described.

This is definitely another book that will tear you up as you read it, and if you are not in the mood for something deeply emotional, then this may not be the book for you.

But if you are willing to go on that journey, this book is an amazing read which you should experience for yourself!

City Of Lies


Sam Hawke

Represented Groups

Lesbian main character who has chronic pain as well as a bisexual main character who has OCD

What Is It About And Why Should You Read It?

Hawke’s novels make a duology and this short series is definitely worth reading. If you love political fantasies as well as seeing patriarchal tropes and societies being overturned and subverted, City Of Lies will definitely be a must-read.

The characters in this novel are incredibly easy to love, and you will be rooting for them as soon as they are introduced to you.

This is definitely one of the more overlooked novels on this list, so if you are looking for something a bit more indie and want to read something without that many other readers, this is a great choice!

Burning Roses


S L Huang

Represented Groups

A lesbian main character as well as a Chinese trans lesbian main character

Content Warning

Includes mentions of past abuse

What Is It About And Why Should You Read It?

This is yet another novella which should definitely be read and tells the story of two older women who are lesbians which in itself is refreshing and shows them hunting down one of their old apprentices to achieve forgiveness as well as atonement.

If you adore introspective and character based narratives which are more focused on personal development as well as intimate interpersonal relationships, this is definitely a strong recommendation.

This is a story about correcting the past mistakes which will haunt you and attempting to achieve self-improvement through this.

A Master Of Djinn


P. Djèlí Clark

Represented Groups

An Egyptian lesbian main character with a sapphic love interest

What Is It About And Why Should You Read It?

This novel has two prequel novellas, so you already know this will be a world enriched with lore and pre established relationships, but this book can be enjoyed by itself.

It features a butch lesbian main character which is an unfortunately rare occurrence as well as her girlfriend. The best way to describe the world which Clark builds is a magical steampunk.

If any of this sounds appealing to you, you have to consider reading this beautiful narrative and indulging yourself in this deep world.

Ashes Of The Sun


Django Wexler

Represented Groups

Lesbian main character with bisexual and sapphic as well as achillean characters present

What Is It About And Why Should You Read It?

If you want something much more fast paces than some of the more chill books included on this list, you should definitely immerse yourself in Ashes Of The Sun which is definitely one of the most generally fun books on this list.

While it is definitely longer than some of the other novels on this list, the plot is still fast-paced and full of engaging elements to ensure that you do not even think about losing interest.

The plot of this novel centers around a relationship between siblings as the two find themselves unfortunately on opposite ends of a war which is soon beginning.

It is fun to see the lack of any homophobia in this world which definitely contributes to the escapism element of this novel and is what makes it something which feels like such a joy and a treat to read!

The Unspoken Name


A K Larkwood

Represented Groups

Lesbian main characters with a gay main character , and a bisexual side character

What Is It About And Why Should You Read It?

The best way to describes Larkwood’s Unspoken Name is as a combination of fantasy with science fiction which while not something which has never been done before, is great to see with such an inclusive cast of characters.

This is also a rare inclusion for how it features a non-human main character which is refreshing but also surprising as you would assume more fantasy novels would be willing to take this risk.

There is also the fun inclusion of the gay/lesbian ‘solidarity’ we see with lead characters Tal and Csorwe. Their relationship and friendship is the core of this novel and what makes it such a fun read.


Hopefully this list has put into perspective just how many options there are when it comes to lesbian fantasy novels.

If you look into detail on all of the books appearing in this list, there is definitely going to be something which piques your interest and will be well worth you reading!

Make sure to support the authors of the books which you are reading as by doing so this will encourage publishers to be more willing to publish more books which strongly represent underrepresented groups is genres where they usually have not been!

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