Best Gay Adult Fantasy Book Recommendations

Finding books that can make you feel properly represented can sometimes be a struggle.

Best Gay Adult Fantasy Book Recommendations

While you do not always have to indulge yourself in being represented, and sometimes being able to escape and relate to someone completely different from yourself can be satisfying, if that type of person is the same type of generic protagonist so many books have it can get boring fast.

And with so many books getting published all the time, there is actually a good amount of choice when it comes to finding books with main characters like yourself.

One of the main issues when it comes to finding literature which features gay male protagonists is that there is far too much focus on aiming novels at a younger audience, and there tends to be a significant over saturation of coming out stories and romances.

While there is nothing wrong with these novels and YA can be very high quality, because of the over saturation, many could be misled to believe that this is the best literature with gay male protagonists have to offer.

If you are not the biggest fan of books which are written with the primary audience of teenagers in mind, or have read just about one too many coming out narratives.

But you still want gay male representation, one of the best things to do is look for novels which are in a completely different genre.

One genre which actually has a good variety of well written gay male characters is fantasy, especially fantasy books which are aimed at a more adult audience.

Finding books in this category can be quite difficult since they do not often gain massive mainstream popularity, but they do exist, and they are well worth seeking out!

This list includes 10 of the best gay adult fantasy novels, and if you have any interest in this subgenre and what to get into it, these are some of the best books to get started with!

Best Gay Adult Fantasy Books

Point Of Hopes


Melissa Scott

Represented Groups

Gay and bisexual main characters.

What It Is About And Why You Should Read It

When it comes to fantasy novels which feature gay main characters, this is one of the first series most people jump to.

This is a gay fantasy series which has that encapsulates the particular vibe that gay fantasy had when it was written in the late 80s and 90s.

The characters and the mysteries surrounding this large overarching plot is what makes the narrative so interesting!

The high fantasy setting introduced in this novel is so easy to indulge yourself in and if you want a series to really dig into with strong gay representation, there is no better choice than this well-loved series!



Elizabeth A. Lynn

Represented Groups

Gay main character with gay and lesbian side characters

What It Is About And Why You Should Read It

If you prefer a more quiet and introspective fantasy series with a more intimate story not so focused on saving the world but instead more small scale issues.

The trope which makes this story so likeable is the relationship between the general character who has fallen in love with his king but has not even worked it out himself yet is charming and a great subplot which drives characters motivations.

If you love fantasy but want something more chill with a great queer angle, this is a good novel to throw yourself into!

A Taste of Honey


Kai Ashante Wilson

Represented Groups

Black gay main character with a gay love interest

Content Warning

This story contains descriptions of violence and homophobia.

What It Is About And Why You Should Read It

Ashante Wilson is an incredibly talented writer who deeply engages you in their worlds while also trusting the reader to not need everything made clear, and instead pick up details as they read deeper and deeper into their world.

There are two novellas which take place in this fantasy world and the relationship between the main character and his love interest is what drives the narrative.

The fantastic writing style will keep you engaged and just leave you wanting more by the time you are done!

A Little Hatred


Joe Abercrombie

Represented Groups

Gay main character

Content Warning

Mentions of violence and gore, incest is implied and racism is a prevalent theme, there is also implied torture.

What It Is About And Why You Should Read It

The main character Leo can apparently be read as bi or gay in accordance to what the author says, however, most who have read this book do interpret hi as a gay main character which is why this novel qualifies here.

The main piece of advice future readers of A Little Hatred is to not root for anyone as some of the characters in this book are just awful people.

However, this does not detract from the quality of the story whatsoever and the depth of the characters is what makes Abercrombies narrative so interesting to read!

A Marvellous Light


Freya Marske

Represented Groups

Gay main characters

What It Is About And Why You Should Read It

This book has many genre classifications with it mainly being seen as a combination of romance with historical fantasy with mystery elements included.

So if any of this sounds like it would appeal to you, this novel is definitely worth your time!

The relationship between the two main characters is the heart of this novel and is what keeps you coming back, however the overall narrative is enough to stand by itself as well!

The Last Sun


K D Edwards

Represented Groups

Gay main character and gay love interest

Content Warning

Graphic descriptions of past torture and rape

What It Is About And Why You Should Read It

This novel errs more on the side of an urban fantasy rather than a high one, however what grounds this novel is the mystery at its center and this is what will keep you coming back!

The novel is narrated at a fast pace, and it features plenty of action that will keep you engaged and not be able to stop reading.

The core relationship is also told incredibly well, and it is initially just two best friends, but you will have to read yourself to see how it develops.

Be warned that the content warning is not exaggerating, and the graphic scenes are not for the faint of heart.

Silver In The Wood


Emily Tesh

Represented Groups

Both gay main characters

What It Is About And Why You Should Read It

This is part of the Greenhollow duology, and they can be seen more as romance novellas than fantasy.

However, the fantasy elements are definitely prevalent with evil spirits, vampires and alternate realities, realms, and worlds.

However, the romance between the leads Henry and Tobias are the heart of the series and what makes it so engaging.

The compelling narrative will keep you coming back to these novellas, but the well-structured relationship keeps them incredibly engaging.

The Perfect Assassin


K A Doore

Represented Groups

Gay asexual main character with a gay love interest and lesbian side characters

What It Is About And Why You Should Read It

The premise of the novel is following an assassin that does not want to be killing anyone, however, his role in the family makes him feel like he has to.

The characters used in this story are so well written and will keep you engaged and attached so by the time the novel is over you will want to come back.

This series also has a fresh setting for fantasy novels so if you are tired of the standard fantasy fare this is a good palate cleanser. And on top of all this there is a mystery plot line that will keep you engaged for the whole length of the story.

The Starless Sea


Erin Morgenstern

Represented Groups: 

Biracial black gay main character with a gay love interest

What It Is About And Why You Should Read It

While this is not one of the more well known stories in this list, it is just as high quality as the rest and deserves far more praise and attention than it gets.

If you liked framed narratives and stories which are interwoven and interact with each other in interesting ways, this novel will be perfect for you.

The ambience and atmosphere of this novel is entirely unique, and the way information is portrayed will keep you guessing the whole time. This world will suck you in and not let you leave until you have consumed all this story has to offer.

The Steel Remains


Richard K Morgan

Represented Groups

Gay and lesbian main characters

Content Warning

Presence of violence, gore, rape, as well as past gang rape, shows and adult-minor relationship as well as violent homophobia and slurs

What It Is About And Why You Should Read It

This is part of a darker subgenre of fantasy where there is often little representation and this novel fulfills that by having queer main characters in such a dark setting.

If you want something completely twisted and different, this is the novel for you.

Richard K Morgan has recently been exposed as holding some transphobic opinions which we do not endorse, if this novel still sounds appealing to you, try and find it second hand, or avoid it if you do not agree with separating work from the author.


Hopefully this list has properly displayed the wide variety of literary narratives that feature gay male protagonists and the choice you have in getting into this genre.

This list is by no means exhaustive and there are plenty more choices out there which are high quality too!

Hopefully if enough people show interest and support in this particular subgenre, it will start to gain more attention and popularity, and we will see more novels written to feature these types of characters in these types of fantasy books!

Gay Worlley

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