Are There Subgenre Of Lgbtq Romance Books

If you love LGBTQ+ romance books but you want to be a little more specific in how you find the things you read, you might be wondering about the subgenres that exist in this field. Sadly, we’re all limited in the amount of time we can spend reading, and that means we have to be somewhat selective about what we read.

Some of the top subgenres of LGBTQ+ romances include things like first-time gay, adult, gay-for-you, transgender, pansexual, Christian, polyamorous, bisexual, asexual, young adult, and more.

It’s worth understanding what your options are out there, so let’s look at the subgenres, what themes you can expect to see, and a few book suggestions for each. Remember, you can find almost anything you want in terms of gay literature, and searching by subgenre may bring you to a book you particularly love.

First-Time Gay Romance

The first-time gay LGBTQ+ romance genre is a very popular one, and there are thousands of books that fit into this category. If you love watching characters discover this part of themselves for the first time and begin to explore their sexuality, this is a subgenre you’re definitely going to want to learn about and look into.

The great news is that there are stacks of options you can grab in this area, as it’s an enormously popular one for writers to cover. You might want to try things like Crossroads, by Riley Hart; Dark Space, by Lisa Henry; Until Him, by Cora Rose; Just Friends, by Saxon James; Promises, by Marie Sexton; Loser Takes All, by Kora Knight; or You & Me, by Tal Bauer.

Add any of these to your reading list for the enjoyment of first-time gay romances – you’ll have a fabulous time exploring them!

Adult Romance

If you’re looking for books that are very much in the adult subgenre of LGBTQ+ romance, you’ve again got plenty of choice at your fingertips. You can find many different stories with all kinds of characters, so whatever you enjoy, you’ll find it. Some of these books are rather graphic, while others are a little tamer – so check out the options.

There’s Just Upstairs, by Xondra Day; The Love Study, by Kris Ripper; Drag Me Up, by R. M. Virtues; Xeni, by Rebekah Weatherspoon; Boyfriend Material, by Alexis Hall; Hold Me, by Courtney Milan; On The Square, by Brenda Murphy; and That Kind Of Guy, by Talia Hibbert.

All of these offer some great stories, interesting characters, and intricate plots that will keep you gripping the pages and awake past bedtime; enjoy!

Gay-For-You Romance

Try, by Ella Frank

There are tons of gay-for-you romance books out there, so if this is the particular genre for you, you’re in luck! A trope where a person who previously thought they were straight suddenly finds themselves attracted to somebody of the same sex, this is a popular one, and you have plenty of options.

Some of the top ones include things like Try, by Ella Frank; Him, by Sarina Bowen; Drawn Together, by Z. A. Maxfield, and A Matter of Time, by Mary Calmes. Many of these have sequels you can check out if you love them, so plunge in, knowing that there’s more to come!

Transgender Romance

Many transgender people find themselves sadly underrepresented in literature, but there are options out there if you search by this subgenre! You can see yourself represented in the pages and enjoy the thrills of romance as the characters fall in love and realize their true selves.

For many people, it’s refreshing to see transgender characters being represented in their full, complete beauty. Trans individuals are often pushed to the sidelines of the LGBTQ+ world, so finding a subgenre of trans literature can be enormously satisfying and reassuring, and helps readers of all ages feel more validated and accepted.

So, what options do you have? This is a more niche genre than some, but there are still tons of books out there! Books include Starting From Scratch, by Jay Northcote; Peter Darling, by Austin Chant; Flash Me, by K. M. Neuhold; Three Kings, by Freydís Moon; What It Looks Like, by Matthew J. Metzger, and more.

Pansexual Romance

Let’s be honest: there aren’t enormous numbers of books where pansexual characters are represented, especially accurately – but there are some. Again, seeing these individuals represented can be enormously important whether you’re pansexual yourself, or just interested in learning more and being supportive of fellow LGBTQ+ individuals.

So, let’s explore what your options are! Firstly, there’s How To Find A Princess, by Alyssa Cole, and Our Stage, by James T. Prince; Once & Future, by Amy Rose Capetta and Cori McCarthy; The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet, by Becky Chambers; Miss Meteor, by Tehlor Kay Mejia and Anna-Marie McLemore.

Many pansexual people find that they rarely see themselves as heroes in their favorite stories – so let this subgenre of books change your mind and show you that you are worthy of celebration!

Christian Romance

Christian LGBTQ+ romance books are also enormously popular, and many people enjoy these. Because Christianity has a sometimes complicated relationship with the LGBTQ+ world, it can be validating and enjoyable to read about the times when it goes well – and it can also be interesting to read about the complexities and challenges associated with this faith.

There are again many books that you can read in this subgenre, which surprises some people. It’s not particularly niche! Some of the top options you may want to consider include: Speak Its Name, by Kathleen Jowitt; Losing The Stars, by S. J. Blasko; Hero, by Perry Moore; You’ll Always Be Close To My Hearts, by Susan W. Corbran; See Amid The Winter Snow, by Peter Fenton, and more.

If you’ve had challenges reconciling your faith with your identity or if you want hope for the future about this, these books can make excellent reads. Don’t underestimate just how powerful these stories can be, nor how many options you have within this subgenre.

Polyamorous Romance

Polyamorous relationships also enjoy far less representation than many other kinds of LGBTQ+ relationships, but there are still options here, and lots of good books have come out in recent years. 

Polyamory has struggled to find acceptance in many circles, but there are some wonderful stories where you can read about characters who face similar struggles, overcome adversity, deal with the challenges, and ultimately find love. Let’s check out a few!

You’ve got books like We Have Until Monday, by Cara Dee; How Do You Survive With Us, by Ki Brightly and M. D. Gregory; Welcome Home, by Serenity Rayne; Bury Their Bones, by A. J. Merlin; The Cautious Omega, by Susi Hawke and Crista Crown; and Stubborn Boys, by K. M. Neuhold.

Bisexual Romance

Bisexuals also enjoy some reasonably good representation in the LGBTQ+ romance genre, and this is definitely a subgenre that you can search through. Again, this group is somewhat less accepted than traditional gay or lesbian relationships, but it is still frequently portrayed and explored by authors in many different settings.

So, let’s look at the books! You’ve got Meet Cute Club, by Jack Harbon; Party Favors, by Erin McLellan; Cool For The Summer, by Dahlia Adler; and Hold Me, by Courtney Milan.

Asexual Romance

There are not very many books that portray asexual relationships, but there are some that are very worth the reading, and it’s nice for this community to see at least some representation on this list.

You have options such as Blank Spaces, by Cass Lennox; All The Wrong Places, by Ann Gallagher; Empty Net, by Avon Gale; To Terminator, With Love, by Wes Kennedy; Play It Again, by Aidan Wayne; Lone Star On A Cowboy Heart, by Marie S. Crosswell; Tash Hearts Tolstoy, by Kathryn Ormsbee; and We Awaken, by Calista Lynne.

The portrayals are very varied and interesting, and readers with all different tastes will find something for them among these pages.

Young Adult Romance

Not everybody wants to read adult fiction all the time; sometimes you just want a cozy young adult fiction story, and there are plenty on offer. This is one of the subgenres that is growing rapidly, and certainly doesn’t lack in varied titles! With adventures aplenty and an exploration of all kinds of relationships, there is something here for pretty much everyone.

For example, why not check out If I Can Give You That, by Michael Gray Bulla; A Million Quiet Revolutions, by Robin Gow; Imogen, Obviously, by Becky Albertalli; Pumpkin, by Julie Murphy; All Kinds Of Others, by James Sie; The Sunbearer Trials, by Aiden Thomas; The Wicked Bargain, by Gabe Cole Novoa; or The Girl Next Door, by Cecilia Vinesse.

Some of these fit into other subgenres too, but all include LGBTQ+ people finding themselves, and will contain at least threads of romance. If you want young adult fiction that is focused on the romance, consider things like: Riley Weaver Needs A Date To The Gaybutante Ball, by Jason June; Love And Other Natural Disasters, by Misa Sugiura; and How To Excavate A Heart, by Jake Maia Arlow.

Whatever you want to focus on, you’ll find amazing stories among these young adult novels!


As you can see, there are so many subgenres of LGBTQ+ romance books, you’ve got an incredible amount to choose from. Whether you want to see a particular group of LGBTQ+ people represented or you’re looking for young adult fiction – or indeed, something else – it’s well worth doing some research and finding a subgenre you will love.

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