Are Dogs Allowed At Denver Pride? (Things To Know Before You Go)

Pride month is coming up! And if you’re living in or around Denver, then you have access to one of the biggest Pride celebrations in all of North America!

Are Dogs Allowed At Denver Pride (Things To Know Before You Go)

With upwards of 500,000 people expected to attend every year, Denver PrideFest is one major celebration of all things LGBTQ!

If you’re excited to attend Denver Pride for the first time, you might be wondering exactly what the rules are. And you might also be wondering if your beloved pet gets to join in the fun!

Denver Pride asks that all animals (except service animals) stay at home, for their own safety and comfort. This is a massive event, and most animals will find it overwhelming!

Still wondering exactly what to expect from Denver Pride? Take a look at our guide, where we’ll cover everything you need to know before you go! From drinks to tickets, our complete guide will ensure you can join in the celebration!

Are Dogs Allowed At Denver Pride?

Unfortunately, dogs aren’t allowed at Denver Pride. Pride is full of excitement, color, and celebration, which is why we often want our pets to be a part of it. However, for their safety and comfort, Denver Pride asks that you leave your pets at home. 

An estimated 500,000 people attend Denver PrideFest each year — that’s a lot of people, creating a lot of noise! For animals, all this noise and excitement can be overwhelming.

Denver Pride has not been developed to be dog friendly, so it’s likely they will not enjoy the day. And if they’re not enjoying the celebrations, then you can’t either. To ensure the event is as comfortable for everyone as possible, leave your pet behind. 

Are Other Pets Allowed At Denver Pride?

We’ve spoken about dogs specifically, but pets in general are not allowed at Denver Pride. Again, this is for their safety. All the things we find fun at Pride can be scary and overwhelming for pets.

As much as you love your cat, they probably won’t enjoy the noise and crowds that tend to be associated with Pride.

There’s a lot going on at Denver Pride, including live music, performances, and, of course, the parade. Sometimes dressing your pet up can feel like a fun way to get into the Pride spirit, but your pet might not be quite so taken with the idea.

Particularly if it’s a hot day! We recommend leaving your pets at home, and finding a low-key way to celebrate Pride Month with them. 

Are Service Animals Allowed At Denver Pride?

Yes, service animals are allowed at Denver Pride. While Denver Pride asks you to leave most pets at home, service animals are the exception. 

What Is Denver Pride?

Denver Pride is recognized as one of the biggest Pride events in the US, and it does a lot to earn that reputation.

Typically held in the Civic Center park, PrideFest is a two-day celebration featuring over 250 vendors, a 5K run (or jog, or walk, or whatever speed you feel like), a volleyball tournament, and more! 

With multiple stages and performers from across the world, PrideFest features live music, DJs, and sets from Drag Kings and Queens!

Over the course of the weekend, Denver PrideFest can attract over 500,000 visitors. This is an epic celebration of what it means to be LGBTQ, including a Denver Dyke March, a Pride Parade with over 200 entries, and a Pride Rally. 

There is a lot happening at Denver Pride, with entertainment suited to everyone. In recent years, they’ve even introduced a new sober 18-plus area.

There’s a lot for humans to enjoy at Denver Pride, but there isn’t anything for animals — yet! Denver Pride is always expanding, so keep an eye out for events happening in Denver!

Can I Bring Drinks To Denver Pride?

Denver Pride has over 30 food and drink vendors on-site, so you’re asked not to bring in any outside alcohol. Non-alcoholic drinks are allowed into the park, but they must be factory sealed, and in a non-glass container.

There is a free water fountain inside the park, which can be found at Colfax and Bannock.

Alcoholic beverages can be purchased inside the park (with valid ID), but you aren’t allowed to take your drinks out through the exit gates. 

What Are The Denver Pride Rules?

What Are The Denver Pride Rules

Denver Pride is a massive event, so there are some rules in place to keep everyone safe and happy.

  • Dogs and pets aren’t allowed, with the exception of service animals.
  • Food and beverages – alcoholic and non-alcoholic – are for sale at the event. Outside drinks are allowed if they’re non-alcoholic, and sealed in a non-glass bottle. 
  • Bicycles and unicycles are not allowed in the park.
  • Marijuana is not allowed in the park (and public consumption is illegal in Denver).
  • No weapons are allowed in the park.

How Much Is A Ticket To Denver Pride?

Denver PrideFest is a free event! So, if you’re in the area, make sure to check out one of the best Pride parties in the country. Attracting hundreds of thousands of people. Denver Pride is a true celebration of the LGBTQ community. 

The inclusive event is open to anyone of any gender or sexual orientation, with no ticketing for the main celebration!

Smaller Pride events held across Denver may require ticketed entry, so make sure to check out exactly what’s happening before you plan your weekend. 

Can I Bring My Bike To Denver Pride?

With over 500,000 guests expected to attend annually, bicycles and unicycles are not allowed at Denver Pride. The size of the crowd means bicycles and unicycles are safety hazards, and guests are asked to leave them at home. 

Where Is PrideFest In Denver?

Denver PrideFest takes place across two days at the Civic Center park. Various events are held throughout the city, including the Pride Rally at the State Capitol West Steps, and the Denver Dyke March down Colfax Avenue.

The Pride Parade route typically starts at Colfax Avenue, traveling 14 blocks to Cheesman Park and the Civic Center. Find yourself a spot on the route to watch the parade as it passes, or listen to the parade announcements at the Center on Colfax.

There are other Pride events held across Denver throughout Pride month, so make sure to check what else is going on! 

What Should I Wear To Denver Pride?

There’s really no limit to what you can wear to Denver Pride! This is a festival of self-expression, and you can expect to see a lot of glitter, a lot of rainbows, and a lot of bold fashion choices.

But it’s also a long day in the sunshine (hopefully — good weather is not guaranteed), so you can also expect to see a lot of shorts and t-shirts. 

Wear what you feel happy in, and don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. If one thing is guaranteed, it’s that no one will look better than the drag queens!

Final Thoughts

Denver Pride is a massive celebration of all things LGBTQ, and across the weekend over 500,000 people are expected to attend. To ensure the event is as safe and comfortable for everyone as it can possibly be, pets are not allowed.

Gay Worlley

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