About Us

Gay by name, gay by nature, and I feel gay. That’s the tagline of my life, and I hope that you will share with me my love for all things gay! 

Hello, my name is Gay Worlley - no, really - and I love learning about all things queer. I am also a qualified gardener and enjoy traveling in my spare time. 

After 15 long years, I am finally getting married to my partner Carol later this year. It’s about time! 

In the one and a half decades we have been together, Carol and I have traveled far and wide. Free camping is one of our favorite pastimes, pitching up wherever we feel like it and bringing the adventure with us. 

Carol and I have a YouTube channel of all our adventures, which you can visit here - come on, follow along with us and see what Aussie Adventurers get up to! 

I love sharing my travel stories with anyone who will listen, and now I want to share them with the world through my new website! Not only that, but I want to inspire others and teach you about LGBTQ+ travel, queer media, pride, and much more. 

Enjoy my website and, more importantly, enjoy learning about important subjects that need more educational attention. Thanks for stopping by!