Gay by name, gay by nature and I am feeling gay.

My tagline beautifully encapsulates a blend of my identity and my joyful spirit. The repetition of the word ‘gay’ plays on both my given name and my sexual orientation, creating a harmonious union of identity. Beyond these connotations, the phrase “I am feeling gay” harkens back to the traditional use of the word ‘gay’ to signify happiness and vivacity. Through this, I not only emphasize my proud acceptance of my sexuality but also exude a cheerful disposition, reminding us of the sheer joy of embracing and expressing one’s true self.

Gay, As Authentic As One Can Be

Hello to all on Pridely Gay! My name’s Gay, not Gayle or any other elongation – just Gay, plain and simple, the way my parents intended. When I say I’ve been Gay from the get-go, there’s no hint of jest there.

Journey Through Childhood

A coastal town was my cradle, where the beach whispered stories and local schools marked chapters of my life. The world saw me through the label “TomBoy,” a name that my mum and peers often draped around me. While my mother’s kitchen didn’t charm me, my father’s garden became my canvas. A tale from my childhood that still echoes with laughter is of the pram and doll my grandmother gifted me. Imagining her shock when she found the doll discarded in the garden, the bedding disappeared, and the pram? Well, it turned into my makeshift wheelbarrow. The transformation wasn’t limited to toys. Jeans replaced dresses, echoing my desire to mirror my father’s style, and soon, the term “tomboy” wasn’t just a nickname – it was my essence.

Adolescence: Defying Norms

As the school years rolled by, I felt like any other kid. Yet, my choices leaned away from stereotypical “girl” activities. The cricket pitch was my stage until BMX racing stole the limelight. This passion drove me across various corners of Australia and even to the vibrant tracks in the USA. Weekends were reserved for the thrill of the race.

Embracing The World Beyond

After school, the great outdoors beckoned once more, leading me to adopt gardening as my profession. A significant chapter of my life unfurled in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Even though I wasn’t out then, P-Town (Provincetown) felt like home. My journey then took me across the Atlantic to London, where my gardener’s hands delved into English soil and my wanderlust spirit explored Europe.

Finding My Ground Down Under

When it was time to anchor back in Australia, the transition was tumultuous. While the place was unchanged, I wasn’t. The familiar turf of the local women’s cricket club was where fate bowled a googly – I met my soulmate. Today, she’s not just my partner in crime but my beloved wife.

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