34 Of The Cutest Lesbian, Gay, Queer & LGBTQ Puns

I’d like to think of myself as quite punny…see what I did there. I’m sorry, I promise the LGBTQ puns below will be a bit more amusing than that one. But puns are great for all occasions.

34 Of The Cutest Lesbian, Gay, Queer & LGBTQ Puns

Whether it’s to make a funny little joke or it’s a statement of endearment I’ve compiled a list of my all-time favorite puns. 

Let’s take a look! 

Gay Puns

These puns are a play on the word gay. 

  1. Eat, Gay, Love.As in Eat Pray Love
  2. Happy Birth-gay!Cute play on the word day
  3. Happy HoligaysStole the same idea here, sorry. 
  4. I was born this gayswapped the word way to gay from this iconic Gaga song. 
  5. Take a deep breath and say namasgayNamaste, no more. It’s Namasgay now. 
  6. Where’s my corgay?corgis are cute but corgays are cuter!
  7. Let’s eat some PB & Gay – Get it? Peanut butter and J? 
  8. I’m intoxigayted by you – Intoxication is strong but intoxigaytion is stronger!
  9. I’m so gay for ewe – Who doesn’t love sheep? 
  10. You’re my favorite alli-gay-tor – I like that this could work for allies too! 

Lesbian Puns

These puns are a play on the word lesbian

  1. Les-bee together forever – cute little play on the word lesbian using cute little bees!
  2. I love your two-lips Tulips are lovely, but this is better. 
  3. Lesbi honest! Yes. I stole this one from Pitch Perfect. 
  4. Strictly Vagitarian I love this one! It’s so punny!
  5. I love boo-bees – Ghosts and bee’s are super cute right? And so are….
  6. Can I get some topping please? Some topping for your pizza? What about the bedroom? 
  7. Live, Laugh, Lesbian Live, Laugh, Love is overrated anyway. 
  8. I Can’t Even Think Straight – Let alone anything else…
  9. Aphro-dyke-e – Use this pun on your godess of love

Queer & LQBTQ+ Puns

These are all queer and LGBTQ+ community puns

  1. I Want To Make It Queer That I’m In Love With You Clear, queer, you see what I did here right? 
  2. Have I Made Myself Perfectly Queer? – I know, I stole the same idea again. 
  3. Homosexuwhale I love this cute whale! 
  4. Sound The A-llama – It’s Pride Sound the alarm, but llamas! 
  5. Feline The Purride Calling all cat-lovers, this pun is for you. 
  6. I’m Totally Oh-Gay With That Okay, Oh-gay. You get this one right? 
  7. Is it Crystal Queer? Clear and queer just make for really easy puns, okay!
  8. Equali-tea We all deserve equality! 
  9. Bi the way, I’m gay by and bi swap here, but you knew that.
  10. Transgendeer Deers are cute little animals!
  11. LGBLT – I love this LGBTQ+ sandwich. 
  12. Ukagayle – I love a ukulele but not as much as this ukagayle
  13. Home Sweet Homo – Home sweet home but better. 
  14. Queergi We had the Corgay and now we have the Queergi! 
  15. Let’s get one thing straight – I am not. – This may be straight to the point, but you certainly aren’t.  
Gay Worlley

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