30 Of The Best Lesbian Holiday Gift Ideas If You Want To Give A Thoughtful Gift

It is always getting closer to the Holiday season, and the closer you get, the more and more pressure there is for gift giving.

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30 Of The Best Lesbian Holiday Gift Ideas If You Want To Give A Thoughtful Gift

While there can be people in your life who you are incredibly close to, for example your girlfriend, that does not mean that gift giving gets any easier.

While some people are easy to buy presents for, there seem to be just as many people who are incredibly difficult to buy for.

However, the feeling of giving a thoughtful and heartfelt gift is a great feeling, and being able to give that to your girlfriend is a great thing to do.

That is why we have put this list together, so you can have some thoughtful inspiration when it comes to gifts you can buy your girlfriend.

And while not all of these gifts are exclusively lesbian specific, this list is designed to avoid the heterocentric tropes and recommendations which some partner focused gift guides can be.

This list has been split into different categories, so you can see specific gifts based on specific types of gifts:

The first section is gifts which are designed to teach skills or help develop goals, then we will move into more sentimental DIY gifts if you want something more heartfelt you can still get on a budget, if you are the type of couple who prefers experiences, the section after that is great for things to do and date ideas.

If your partner is more techie, the upgrades and electronics in the next section have some great ideas, then if you want to put together a gift box the next section has some great fillers for this.

Finally, there are some recommendations if you want to buy more relaxation and spa-like gifts if your girlfriend loves that kind of gift.

No matter what type of gift you want to get, what kind of partner you are buying for, or what budget you are working with, you will find a gift on this list which will be perfect for what you want!

Inspiring Gifts Which Are Great If They Have Goals They Want To Reach

If your partner is more focused on practical gifts or has certain skills they want to learn or hone, these are going to be some of the best gifts to get.

Of course, you will want to make sure it is a skill they want to learn, and are interested in, but if you do this, these gifts are incredibly thoughtful!

Masterclass Subscription

What Is This Gift?

This is compared to Netflix quite often, but instead of entertainment media, this subscription will give you or your partner access to classes by professionals and craftspeople who are at the top of their game, giving well-structured lessons on what they do!

What Type Of Person Is This Best For?

If your partner wants to learn a new skill, but they are not sure what in particular they want to learn yet, this is a great choice as it gives your partner choice, and if they like the gift, you can easily extend the subscription!

Peloton Bike

What Is This Gift?

You may have heard of Peloton bikes already, but they are an at home exercise bike which has built-in spin classes and similar videos to help with guided exercise.

These are great if your partner does not like going into the gym, and are great if you want more exercise options at home.

What Type Of Person Is This Best For?

If your partner loves working out on exercise bikes, but does not like going to the gym, this is one of the best options available. They are pretty pricey, so make sure this is a gift which they will use!

Inspirational Book Collection

What Is This Gift?

If your partner loves reading or even just collecting books more than they read, these are some great gifts to get.

It is quite often a goal for people to read a certain amount of books each year, so being able to support this goal with a gift like this is thoughtful.

You can research the book choices yourself, but there are also services which collate a selection of books perfect for gifts like this!

What Type Of Person Is This Best For?

This is perfect if your partner is a book lover. If they do not read that much, this could just add to a backlog which they might never get through, but if you trust yourself to know what kind of books they like, this is a great idea!

Light Up Box With A Personalized Quote

What Is This Gift?

Light up boxes are a super cute decor option and one of the best things about them is how simple and easy they are to customize.

If you are trying to inspire your partner, using one of these to put a motivational or inspirational quote is a great idea to help them achieve their goals!

What Type Of Person Is This Best For?

If your partner is easy to motivate in simple ways, and loves decor like this, this present is a great idea!

Passion Planner Journals

What Is This Gift?

If your partner has lots of goals they want to achieve, but has trouble keeping track of everything, these journals are a great way for your partner to stay organized as well as able to keep track of what they aim to accomplish!

What Type Of Person Is This Best For?

These are perfect if your partner is the type of person who prefers physical to digital planning. If they prefer typing to writing, this gift may not get much use, but if they like notebooks, this is a great idea!

DIY Gifts If You Want Something More Sentimental

Now if you and your partner love making things for each other and are more focused on the sentimental value of gifts rather than price value, these are some great ideas!

The results of these gifts are always better the more time you put in, and the more effort is visible, you do not want to rush these gifts as if so they can come off as unthoughtful.

Inside Joke Book

What Is This Gift?

If you love the sense of humor you and your partner have, this is a great cute gift to get if you want to have a laugh.

You can customize this gift as much as you want, so adding pictures which add to the jokes, or just making the book as adorable as possible is a great way to make it better. 

What Type Of Person Is This Best For?

If you and your partner are the type of people who have a lot of inside jokes, this is a great way to keep track of them, just make sure to leave room for more jokes to be added later on!


What Is This Gift?

This is a popular gift choice for a reason, but when people consider presents to buy their partner, things like this often get overlooked. You can buy many different books to put the photos in, so try and find one to match your partner’s aesthetic.

What Type Of Person Is This Best For?

If you and your partner have lots of photos together, but they are all just on your phone or PC, this is a great way to collect them physically and make them look even better!

Mini Christmas Tree With Personalized Photo Ornaments

What Is This Gift?

If you and your partner are fans of the holidays, then these personalized ornaments are a great idea and can be a sentimental gift which comes into use every year! If you have festive photos together, these are an even better fit!

What Type Of Person Is This Best For?

If your partner loves the holidays and decorating, this is a great option, but if they are not a massive fan, or just do not love decorating, maybe a photobook is a better option!

Message In A Bottle USB

What Is This Gift?

This is a super cute modern gift idea. These bottles can store a small USB which you can put whatever you want on. You can attach; a message, photos, music, a video, whatever you want!

What Type Of Person Is This Best For?

If your partner likes a sentimental gift but does not want something cumbersome and large, this is a great compact gift to buy

Experiences And Date Night Activities

If you are your partner do not love physical gifts and much prefer going to different places and doing new things, these are some of the best ideas for what you can get them.

These experiences give a range of choice for all types of people, so make sure to choose one which will suit your partner.

Picnic (With A Picnic Backpack!)

What Is This Gift?

Going for a picnic anywhere is always going to be romantic, so try looking for romantic spots which are local to you!

This picnic backpack is super cute as well as practical making it easy for you to pack everything you need as well as treating your partner to a practical gift!

What Type Of Person Is This Best For?

If your partner likes the outdoors and relaxation, then this is a perfect gift to give them! Picnics are super easy to plan and making great food is a good way to show you care.

Private Cooking Classes

What Is This Gift?

If your partner and you want to become better cooks and learn how to make some impressive dishes, this is a great gift idea as it teaches practical skills, as well as being a fun and sometimes romantic thing to do together!

What Type Of Person Is This Best For?

If you and your partner love cooking, or want to get better, this is a perfect idea, and you can get whatever type of lesson you want to tailor this gift to your skill level!

String Art Kit

What Is This Gift?

String art is a fun but effective type of art to make and is a fun activity to learn and make together. You can make whatever type of design you want, and they make beautiful artwork to display once you have completed them!

What Type Of Person Is This Best For?

These are great if you and your partner love simple but engaging art projects and want something fun to make together!

A Vacation

What Is This Gift?

This is a bit on the pricier side, but if you can treat your partner to a trip, this is a great way to surprise them, especially if you know somewhere they already want to go.

What Type Of Person Is This Best For?

The best thing about this present is how easy it is to tailor for your partner.

Just make sure that if they like being in control, to save some of the planning process, so they can be involved, but if they like relaxing and having hands off, doing the planning for them can sometimes be the best gift to give.

VR Set

What Is This Gift?

VR is a new but fun technology to invest in and is a great activity to keep going back to. If your partner likes gaming, this is also a great idea.

What Type Of Person Is This Best For?

If your partner is a gamer, try and get a VR system which is compatible with the system they use, and do not buy this for anyone who has motion sickness issues as it can be quite bad for people with this.

Practical Gifts And Upgrades

If your partner is struggling with some of their technology, or is more interested in electronics, or gadgets these are some of the best ideas of what to buy them!

If you want to get a practical gift which you know they will get lots of use out of, these are some of the best!

Minimalist Desk Organizer

What Is This Gift?

If your partner struggles to stay organized, this desk organizer is a great way for them to maintain a system and have a more organized work flow.

What Type Of Person Is This Best For?

Someone who needs a bit more organization, but it is best to avoid this gift if it is more of a passive-aggressive suggestion.

Latest Electronic Gadgets

What Is This Gift?

Treating your partner to an upgrade is a great and generous gift! Especially if they are struggling with the technology they already have.

What Type Of Person Is This Best For?

This is a great idea for almost anyone, just make sure that you know what they are hoping to upgrade to!

Rainbow Pride Hoodie

What Is This Gift?

These cozy hoodies are perfect if their current hoodie is falling apart, and they need an upgrade, and this rainbow design is a great way to show their pride in style!

What Type Of Person Is This Best For?

If your partner has a favorite hoodie of yours which needs to go into retirement, this is a great replacement.

Comfy And Durable Hiking Boots

What Is This Gift?

If your partner loves hiking, this is a great upgrade to give as hiking boots can be expensive!

What Type Of Person Is This Best For?

If you have a partner who is into hiking, these are great!

Good Quality Cookware

If you love cooking with your partner, getting a gift like this is practical as well as thoughtful, especially if they have something they need to replace!

New Coffee Maker

If you and your partner are coffee lovers, getting this is a great way to upgrade your morning coffee and to save money from spending at cafés. 

Put Together A Personalized Gift Box

If you know that getting bigger gifts is too risky as your partner is quite specific, putting together a gift box is a great alternative.

The best thing about this type of gift is that they can be highly customized to fit the type of person your partner is! If you consider the best kinds of present to fill the box up with, this is a very thoughtful gift!

Greeting Card

Getting a good quality and cute greeting card is a great idea as if they are nice enough it is something they will want to keep!

Art Prints

If your partner likes displaying art or prints, these are a great decorative gift to give and fit in boxes great.

Festive Clothing

Having a cute festive sweater or something similar is a cute gift for a partner to give and adds great sentimental value!

Custom Mug

A custom mug is a great gift to keep and if your partner loves hot drinks, this should get plenty of use.

Custom Stickers

And if your partner loves decorating or just stickers, making your own set is a great idea and something they will use!

Relaxation And Destressing Gifts

Now if you know your partner has a more stressful life or is maybe a bit uptight, these are some of the best self-love and relaxation gifts to get. These are all perfect for relaxing and will help you and your partner cut loose!

Zen Tea Set

If your partner loves making different types of tea, this kit is a great way to calm down and try new types!

Yoga Starter Kit

If your partner has always wanted to start yoga but has never had the time, this kit makes starting easy!

Beautiful Plants

You can never have enough plants, and they are a great way to make your space more calming, so gifting them is always thoughtful!

Mini Cocktail Set

If your partner is interested in mixology and mixing their own drinks, this gift is a great way to encourage them!

Weighted Blanket

If your partner wants a cozy way to relax, especially if you are long distance, these blankets are a great investment.

Meditation App Subscription

Guided meditation apps makes starting meditation a lot easier and is a great way to relax and unwind!


Hopefully this guide has given you plenty of inspiration on what kind of gifts your partner would love to receive.

Even if your partner is the most awkward person to buy for, we are sure that there will be at least one present on this list which they are sure to like!

If you can not choose one gift on this list, try narrowing it down to a few choices and then make your decision based on factors like price and value!

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