30 LGBTQ Activities To Celebrate Every Day Of Pride Month

Pride month is here again! 30 days of fun, laughter, and a chance to celebrate how amazing it is to be a member of the LGBTQ community!

30 LGBTQ Activities To Celebrate Every Day Of Pride Month

But how many of us start Pride month with the best intentions to celebrate, only to find the days have passed, and all you did was visit your favorite bar on a Friday night?

This Pride month, we want to do things a little differently. Instead of just the one big parade, we want to spend time every single day celebrating being LGBTQ!

From quiet moments of reflection to parties with friends, there’s plenty you can do to make every day count.

This list covers 30 activities for you to enjoy every day of Pride. Read on for some fun tips on what to do this Pride month!

Watch Your Favorite LGBTQ Movie

Kick off Pride month by pouring your favorite drink, making a big bowl of popcorn, and settling in with your favorite LGBTQ movie.

Whether it’s a childhood favorite that you still hold close, a recent release that you’ve fallen in love with, or an all-time classic that you can’t resist.

Indulging in one of your favorite movies is a low-key start to Pride month to get you in the mood for a month of celebration and discovery.

Discover Some New Favorite LGBTQ Movies

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with an old favorite, discover something new. LGBTQ cinema is constantly evolving, and in recent years some sure to be classics have been released.

Try an award-show favorite such as Moonlight or Carol, an adorable rom com like Love, Simon or Happiest Season, or discover some world cinema with The Handmaiden or Blue is the Warmest Color.

There are so many amazing gay movies available, with more released all the time! Ask your LQBTQ friends for recommendations, or check out some compilations of the best gay movies.

Binge On A New LGBTQ TV Series

Prefer to spend your weekends binging on a good TV show instead of indulging in a movie?

There are some amazing LGBTQ TV series available on streaming sites, so feel free to shut the blinds, grab some snacks, and spend a quiet weekend watching all 6 seasons of The L Word!

As much as we all love a happy ending, sometimes movies are over too quickly! Binge a gay TV show, and lose yourself in several seasons of storylines.

Catch Up With Some Gay Podcasts

Struggling to inject some pride into your workday? If your boss isn’t quite on board with you blasting your Pride playlist all day, try some LGBTQ podcasts instead.

30 LGBTQ Activities To Celebrate Every Day Of Pride Month

Everyone’s listening to (and making) podcasts nowadays, and they’re the perfect way to add some pride to routine tasks. 

Try some quiet educational chatter like Making Gay History at your desk, or let Food 4 Thot lighten your daily commute.  

Get Stuck Into An LGBTQ Book

How many of us have a large stack of unread books sitting there, judging us? Make a start on your “to read” list by picking out your favorite books by LGBTQ authors! 

Celebrate Pride month by using your downtime to catch up with your reading list, and enjoy some LGBTQ fiction. Or learn about the real life stories of your favorite gay heroes with some non-fiction.

There’s plenty out there, from weepy bestsellers to self-published fantasy, so don’t be afraid to explore the genres.

Or Read A Gay Comic

Some of the best gay media is being released in slightly unconventional forms. Comic strips, web comics, and graphic novels are all excellent mediums for exploring life as a member of the LGBTQ.

Instead of using your lunch break to open and close TikTok and Twitter, try and find gay webcomics to follow. A good starting place is Webtoons, but there’s plenty to discover on Instagram! Got some skill with a pencil? Try starting your own!

Support Gay Creators

This Pride month, take some time to support the creators who bring us happiness throughout the year. Pay for a subscription to a comic you enjoy, buy a picture from your favorite gay artist, or look for the tip jar of your favorite online creator. 

It’s really easy to forget about the time and effort that goes into creating the media we love so much, especially for online services! Show a creator just how much you enjoyed their work with some financial support.

Share Your New Found Interests With People

When you’ve found a new piece of media you’re passionate about, it can be hard to keep that love to yourself. Well, don’t! Spread the joy by sharing your new interests with your friends, family, and anyone who will listen.

Start a book club, plan a movie night, or share your favorite playlists! It could just be a well-placed suggestion into a listening ear. However you go about it, make sure to share the love this Pride!

Create A Pride Playlist

Put together your favorite gay anthems to make a pride playlist to see you through every day of the month! LGBTQ artists are changing the face of the music scene, and they should be a staple of your Spotify playlist!

Whatever genre you’re interested in, this Pride, take a moment to discover the gay musicians who are doing it right.

As well as checking out who the up-and-coming LGBTQ performers, spend some time learning your gay music history.

And Dance To It!

Put your playlist to good use by dancing to it! There are 30 days in Pride month, so that’s 30 days to spend dancing and celebrating your favorite songs.

Pride month is not a time to be ashamed of your dance moves (although, we’re sure they’re incredible). Stick on your playlist, crank up the volume, and let loose!

And don’t just keep it to yourself! Celebrate Pride by throwing your own party, and show off your impeccable music taste — and it’s your party, so no one can complain about your three-hour Hayley Kiyoko mix!

Learn Your LGBTQ History, And Plan A Trivia Night

Pride month is about more than just celebrating, it’s also about remembering. Learn more about the events that have shaped the gay community throughout history, and how they have led to the incredible LGBTQ spaces we have today. 

Once you’ve done some educating, put your knowledge to the test with a trivia night. Have everyone plan a round based on their specialist subject, so no one has to do all the work.

Plan A Worldwide LGBTQ Meet-Up

Of course, as much as we’d all love an international party, it might not be exactly possible. Instead, plan a virtual meet-up with LGBTQ friends from across the world!

In recent years, virtual meet-ups have gone from being awkward Skype calls with your parents, to being one of the best ways to meet new people.

Plan your own with international friends you’ve met online, or see what other virtual Pride parties are taking place.

Mix Up Some Rainbow Cocktails

Get the party started with some fun rainbow cocktails! It does require a little bit of bartending skill – and a steady hand – to get those layers just right, but they look amazing when they’re finished.

And if they do go wrong, you still have a delicious drink to enjoy, just without the rainbow layers. 

Another way to celebrate is to mix up a drink for every color in the rainbow! 

Visit A Local LGBTQ Business

Show your support for small businesses by looking up places in your area with LGBTQ owners. From restaurants to craft stalls, spend this Pride month discovering the hidden gems of your community.

A quick Google search can often show you what’s available, or do it the old-fashioned way and explore by foot. 

This Pride, try making a conscious effort to switch your spending to support smaller businesses. You’ll feel better about the occasional splurge, and you’ll be doing good with your money.

Bake Some Rainbow Treats

Have a go at some rainbow baking, and make colorful treats for you and your loved ones! This rainbow fudge recipe looks amazing, but is super simple to make, and only requires a few ingredients (plus your choice of food coloring).

Cookies are always popular, and these secret rainbow cookies have a Pride-inspired surprise. Or why not go all out, and make a rainbow Pride celebration cake?!

If that all seems a little too much, make simple rainbow cookies by adding colorful M&Ms to a boxed cookie recipe.

Try Your Hand At Pride Crafts

Rainbow crafts are fun and creative ways to show your Pride. If you aren’t particularly crafty, invite a few friends over and break out the wine, to turn this into a Pride-themed edition of a sip and paint!

Crafting is an excellent way to celebrate Pride if you have younger family members!

They can learn about the history of the movement while enjoying a hands-on and extra colorful craft. We particularly love these Pride month painted rocks

Put Together A Care Package For Your LQBTQ Friends 

Share the love this Pride by sending a care package to an LGBTQ friend. Fill a letterbox package with some treats to make them smile, and maybe slip in a few of your homemade creations.

It really is the thought that counts, and a homemade gift will show your friends that you’re thinking of them. 

Treat Yourself

Pride is about celebrating the LGBTQ community, so as a member of that community, shouldn’t you celebrate yourself?

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Take some time this month to really treat yourself, whether that’s finally splurging on that special item you’ve had your eye on, or wrapping yourself up for a duvet day. 

We should all be practicing self-care throughout the year, but it’s extra important during Pride month.

So, between all your exploring and discovering and supporting, take some time for a bit of pampering.

Show Your Pride!

The clue is in the name, but Pride is a time for being proud! Show everyone just how amazing it is to be gay by wearing your favorite Pride-themed clothing and accessories. Keep things simple with a rainbow bracelet, or go all out with head to toe sparkles.

You can find rainbow themed clothing in most stores around Pride month, but this is a great time to support smaller creators. Check out sites like Etsy to see what’s available.

Make Your Own Pride Flag

There is no symbol more iconic of Pride than the rainbow! The original Pride flag was created by Gilbert Baker in 1978, and over the years it has become synonymous with the LGBTQ community. 

If you don’t own a Pride flag, try your hand at making your own this month. It’s not about making it perfect, so don’t worry if you aren’t particularly artsy. Instead, have fun with it. Use paints, fabrics, glitter, crayons — whatever you can get your hands on. 

Volunteer At An LGBTQ Organization

LGBTQ organizations offer support and resources for gay communities. Take a look and see what’s happening in your area, and how you might be able to donate your time.

Many of these organizations are extra busy during Pride month, so will appreciate a helping hand.

Pride month is a time to enjoy, but it’s also a time to offer support to those who perhaps feel they don’t have much to celebrate. See what you can do in your area to lend a hand to those in need. 

As much as we all want to get hands-on, we don’t all have the free time to dedicate to supporting our local LGBTQ organizations.

If you still want to lend a hand, look for orgs that need donations to finance their advocacy and support works. 

Although it’s always nice to keep things local, you can also check out worldwide charities and organizations that might need your support.

Spread Awareness

Pride is becoming bigger and bigger, but while there are many potential allies who love to attend the party, few of them take the time to actually learn about LGBTQ history.

This Pride, spread awareness of the work that’s still being done by the LGBTQ community to ensure all gay people can live their lives openly and freely. 

It can be as simple as sharing links online to your favorite LGBTQ organization! If you can, ask about putting posters up in your workplace, to remind people that Pride is more than just a party.

Head Out To Your Local Pride Parade

Of course, we couldn’t forget this one! Marching in the parade is the best way to celebrate Pride! It’s an opportunity to dress up, immerse yourself in the community, and have a really good time! 

Grab a group of friends, and prepare yourself for a day of unforgettable fun.

Or Watch A Virtual Pride Parade

Maybe your city isn’t throwing a Pride parade, or maybe you went, and now you want more! Either way, lots of major cities now stream their Pride parades online, so take a look to see what’s on offer. 

Make the occasion something special by inviting some friends over and turning a virtual Pride parade into a mini Pride party. Mix up some rainbow cocktails, and dress in your favorite Pride outfit!

Visit A New LGBTQ Bar

You probably already have your favorite LGBTQ hangouts, but this Pride, try and do something a little different! You might be surprised to discover the gay bars/cafés/clubs that you never realized were there.

This Pride, expand your horizons!

Of course, we still recommend visiting your favorite bars. Just because you’re trying something new doesn’t mean you have to forget the old.

Watch Or Organize A Drag Show

Make your Pride extra fabulous this year by visiting a drag show! Drag kings and queens have been instrumental to the Pride movement, and there tends to be no better time to visit a drag show than during Pride month. 

Or take inspiration from your favorite performers and throw your own drag show!

Plan A Date Night

What better way to celebrate gay pride than by planning a date night with a loved one? 

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Gay love is at the heart of Pride, so spend some time with your own significant other. Plan a special date night at your favorite LGBTQ-owned restaurant, or cook a romantic meal at home. 

Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

If you aren’t spending Pride coupled-up, you don’t have to miss out. Plan a friend-date with your bestie, or celebrate with the group. Pride month is all about community, so take some time to reflect on your own support network. 

Use some ideas from earlier in the list to make Pride a time to celebrate with your loved ones. Whether it’s a craft night, a dance party, or a trip to your favorite bar, make community the heart of your Pride celebration.

Find New LGBTQ Groups In Your Area

Is Pride inspiring you to be more active in the community? Luckily, this is also the best time to discover LGBTQ groups. Keep an eye on the events that are happening in your area this Pride month, and see what you’d like to attend. 

You can also try and establish your own groups! Look for like-minded individuals who you can get to know, spend time with, and organize events with.

If this might be difficult in person, then you can always look online!

Hopefully, this has inspired you with new ways to celebrate every day of Pride month! Whether you like to party, or prefer a quiet night in, there are plenty of ways to show your pride this Pride!

Let us know how you celebrate Pride month!

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