24 Best Lesbian Songs & Artists – Get Listening!

Songs are basically brilliant, aren’t they? They’re endlessly catchy, and they make your heart pound and your feet dance.

24 Best Lesbian Songs & Artists - Get Listening!

However, more importantly, they can offer something for you to relate to. Songs tell stories of crushes, heartbreak, and unrequited love that we can all relate to. 

With the massive amount of lesbian and LGBTQ song and artists active right now, there are loads of songs that offer these romantic ideas from a lesbian perspective.

This is brilliant for lesbians, providing beautifully relatable songs to get lost in.

In our list below, we’ve got a great list that’s packed with the best lesbian songs and artists workign right now! These songs cover everything you could want: coming out, love and relationships, crushes, and heartbreak. 

“Sofia” – Clairo

This is a great song about discovering your sexuality, written by Cairo about her first crushes. It’s a beautiful viewpoint into her mind, with plenty of meaningful lyrics that are bound to hit you in the feels. 

In the chorus, Clairo sings about how a relationship could work if both of them would just speak out about their feelings, rather than feel afraid to express themselves.

This can always be a relatable point, and it’s always nice to know you’re not alone!

That isn’t to mention the incredibly catchy techno-pop tune that bounces throughout it. This is a song that’s bound to have you dancing!

“Only A Girl” – Gia Woods

This is the debut song from Gia Woods, who was 18 when she released it. That way, you know the lyrics are going to cover some prime young adult topics and feelings! 

She said that she wrote it as a song that represents all of the girls around the world who have had a relationship with another girl, and how special that is.

The chorus begins that “only a girl knows how a girl feels”, showing how special lesbian relationships can be.

On top of that, it’s a very sensitive song, filled with little intimate details that are bound to bring back memories when you listen to it.

Gentle lyrics talk about soft touches and skin that is warm, which then contrast with the passionate rush of uncharted water getting hotter and hotter…you can read in between the lines! 

“Dancing On My Own” – Robyn

Now this one is a classic! Robyn is massively popular with LGBTQ people, and this all-time banger is no different. 

It’s a club hit that sings about exactly that – the club! Everyone feels like a part of something bigger in a nightclub, but it’s also a place for heartbreak.

In the song, Robyn watches from the sidelines as she sees her ex dancing with someone else. 

Of course, the tune is incredibly catchy on top of that. Heartbreaking lyrics mixed with an upbeat tune? It’s a great combination!

“Girls Like Girls” – Hayley Kiyoko

Hayley Kiyoko is a massive name in LGBTQ music, being one of the most prominent lesbian musicians. She wrote “Girls Like Girls” as a reversal of a typical song tradition.

There have been loads of songs about guys stealing other guys’ girls, but this is a song about a girl stealing another guy’s girl. 

It’s a female anthem with a pretty punky, fun edge – after all, it’s about a girl who is actively trying to exclusively start relationships with girls that are currently involved with guys!

Better yet, it’s filled with no apologies, the girl in the song saying that she’s not sorry if she’s breaking walls down. 

“I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend” – Girl In Red

You can guess what this one’s about! This is a song all about lesbian longing, and the pain of unrequited love.

The lyrics are all about a girl who has fallen in love with her friend, but is unable to properly express herself outwardly. Instead, the song is her confessional. 

It’s a very tender and beautiful song, with catchy drums and a great guitar accompaniment. Perfect for everybody who’s just wanted that little bit more out of a friendship!

“I F*cking Love You” – Zolita

This banger from Zolita is about very relatable feelings of keeping your guard up and trying to not get too involved, because you’re worried about what could come of that. 

It’s a great lesbian song with plenty of cautious images: loving from a distance, not telling people anything, and the worry of losing your grip.

Sometimes you keep your guard up in order to not get hurt, but then meet that one girl who’ll break your armor down.

It’s a catchy pop tune full of echoes and muted drums that’s sure to have you singing it at full volume!

“1950” – King Princess

This was the debut song from King Princess, who has done plenty of brilliant lesbian songs. However, this one is all about the period when queer love wasn’t so easily expressed, specifically looking at the 1950s.

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Back then, queer love could only exist in a private way, with queer couples unable to express their love in public due to prejudice.

Ingeniously, King Princess links this idea of having to hide away as a metaphor for unrequited love in her own life. Like the 1950s, the love is cold and remote. 

It may not sound like the catchiest, most upbeat material – but the song is a banger! Filled with her steamy vocals and a tanging, sultry guitar, it’s bound to have you slow-dancing. 

“Wasted Youth” – Fletcher

This ballad from Fletcher is a classic lesbian song all about being young and falling in love. Ah, young love! It’s a song all about learning to appreciate and explore yourself, and how important that can be. 

On top of that, it’s got a rebellious streak, because it’s all about how you can do whatever you want with your youth and your life. “Take the good stuff, honey” she sings in this album of empowerment.

Do what you want, be who you want! That’s a message we can all get behind.

“Boyfriend” – Dove Cameron

This massive hit (especially on TikTok) by Dove Cameron is a song that Dove has used to express her own queerness, being bisexual herself. 

The narrator in the song sings all about how they would be a better boyfriend to the person that they like than the boyfriend the person actually has – a.k.a they would be a girlfriend!

She can do all the stuff that the boyfriend never did, including staying “up all night”…We’ll leave it up to you to decide what she means by that!

“Daughter” – L Devine

This is a great lesbian song, but one with pretty tough subject matter. Too many people have suffered disapproving, conservative parents who don’t approve of their daughter dating a girl. 

This song covers the pain of that, but will make people in similar situations feel that they aren’t alone, and not to lose hope. After all, L Devine sings about running away with her girlfriend, escaping the disapproving parents.

It’s empowering and preaches that love shouldn’t be shot down and stopped just because people hold prejudiced views!

“Betty” – Taylor Swift

Maybe, just maybe, you’ve heard of Taylor Swift? She only has, oh, about a million hit songs! “Betty” is one of her most interesting recent tracks, following on from a tale of doomed summer love that was covered in a previous song by her, “August”. 

The song covers a love triangle, but for a long time the narrator of the song never had their gender explicitly stated. This led some people to think that James, the lead, could be a girl and the love triangle is a sapphic one.

Though Taylor later referred to James as a “he”, it’s still a song bubbling with potential. Plus, it’s filled with heartbreaking moments of longing and regret that’s bound to have listeners having intense feelings!

“I’d Be Your Wife” – Mary Lambert

This is a brilliantly catchy and full hearted love song that’s just about, yep, saying you’d be a girl’s wife! On top of that, it’s just so romantic.

Lyrics sing about the girl in question being the song that Mary has been singing her whole life, which is a beautiful phrase. 

“Every piece of me loves every piece of you” she goes onto sing, making this an upbeat banger that’s all about fully handing yourself over to love with the right girl.

“Boyfriend” – Tegan And Sara

When it comes to iconic lesbian singers, there are few more notable than Tegan and Sara. They’re both sisters who are openly gay, and have teamed up to make great lesbian music.

This song “Boyfriend” is all about lesbians who might not be ready to commit yet, but the other person really wants them too. Sara based it on an experience of her own where she was seeing a woman who had never been with a woman before. 

As for the music? It’s catchy as anything! This is a straight up disco hit, full of massive dance rhythms and pop beats. 

“I Didn’t Just Kiss Her” – Jen Foster

This is a very playful song that was made in response to Katy Perry’s famous “I Kissed A Girl”. However, in that song Perry was just experimenting about, rather than taking things seriously. 

Not so for Jen Foster! This great lesbian song is all about owning your desires, with the openly lesbian singer singing about how they did more than kiss – they “went all the way and she liked it”. 

The other girl in the song keeps trying to keep it a secret, or makes excuses that she’s doing it just to get the boys’ attention. Foster knows this isn’t the case, and continues singing about their intimacy. It’s a playful, fun song with a great message about being open!

“This Is Me” – Keala Settle

You’ll definitely know this song, because it was a massive hit tune (well, one of many!) from the movie “The Greatest Showman”. 

It’s a perfect Pride song, because it’s all about standing up against the haters and the nay-sayers and being yourself. You should always be who you really are, and proudly display that out to the world.

24 Best Lesbian Songs & Artists - Get Listening! (2)

This is a perfect track for lesbians who are coming out.

Lyrics about being brave and bruised acknowledge the hurt that some people have gone through to be accepted, and the immense braveness and pride that comes from expressing your true self.

Don’t make any apologies – this is you! 

“Fast Car Remix (Jonas Blue)” – Tracy Chapman

Though Tracy Chapman has never announced her sexual orientation publically, a writer named Alice Walker has said that she and Chapman were together in the 90s.

That’s part of the reason that Chapman’s brilliant music has become really popular with LGBTQ people, and her most famous hit “Fast Car” is no different.

This is a remix of the classic track, which makes the track more upbeat and dance worthy, with electro beats added. The EDM remix gets you dancing, while the gentle and intimate lyrics get you crying – in a good way!

It’s a song all about running away to start again with your lover, which is super sweet.

“I Don’t Do Boys” – Elektra

There’s no prizes for guessing what this song from the band Elektra is all about! This is an ultra catchy and great lesbian song that’s all about professing your desires and showing who you are – which is always a great thing! 

“I just do girls” the chorus repeats again and again, talking about the girls’ love for other girls who have class and more…

It’s a delightfully fun and funny song, with a few lyrics about “kissable” areas that we won’t type out. Go listen and find out for yourself!

“Dance Like Nobody’s Watching” – Saara Aalto

Now there’s a title that’s all about being who you are, having fun, and not caring what anyone else thinks! This is always a great and empowering message, and this catchy lesbian song is no exception. 

This track was actually selected as the official anthem for London Pride back in 2019, uniting loads of lesbians and other LGBTQ people in lyrics of self-expression and empowerment.

The lyrics sing about not hiding anymore – instead you should scream like you’re not going to be silenced. 

“Loving Her” – Katie Pruitt

This is another great lesbian song about embracing your love and being so thankful for it. There are plenty of smart lyrics all about it. For example, if loving her girl is a sin, then Katie doesn’t want to go to heaven.

Similarly, if loving her girl is a choice, then she’s all that she’s going to choose. 

It’s beautifully affirming messages like these that make this such a sweet and heartfelt song. On top of that, it’s got a wonderfully stripped-back, mellow vibe to the tune that somehow makes the lyrics even more meaningful and raw. 

“Pynk” – Janelle Monáe

This is a queer classis, a great lesbian song that’s all about loving yourself and expressing who you are! That’s not all that the song is about, though, because it’s actually packed with sexual innuendo and hidden meanings.

The “pynk” of the title refers to the color pink, and that is a color that Monáe says can be found in many parts of the body…

It takes no imagination to know what Janelle Monáe is singing about, and that’s what makes this song great! It embraces and celebrates lesbian love and sexuality, in all the detail it deserves. 

“Born This Way” – Lady Gaga

This is one that everybody knows! This is a song with an incredible message that we’ve touched on many times throughout this list – because it’s that important.

“Born This Way” is all about loving every part of yourself, no matter who you are. You race or gender do not matter – and neither does your sexuality.

That’s what makes this a great lesbian anthem, because it’s all about expressing who you are and being more than okay with that. It’s a song about liberating and loving yourself, which is one of the best things that you can do. 

“Honey” – Kehlani

This is a sexy lesbian song all about desires that are a little edgy and messy. Kehlani describes herself as a “beautiful wreck”, and says that she likes girls that are sweet and selfish, as well as ones who are a bit jealous.

24 Best Lesbian Songs & Artists - Get Listening! (3)

Love is never easy! So why shouldn’t it be a little messy like it is here?

Yet, at the same time the song finds time to be tender. She sings about all the pretty girls around the world, and yet “I’m in this space with you”. When you find the one, you just know, and you’re drawn to them completely. 

“I Remember” – Betty Who

Betty Who? Well, she’s a great queer singer who made the catchy lesbian hit “I Remember”! It’s an incredibly tender and sweet song, with lyrics about slow hands and warm nights, all gentle and romantic.

The singer’s lover says that they’ll love her forever – and our hearts simply melt!

“I’m Coming Out” – Diana Ross

We’re finishing with an undisputed lesbian and LGBTQ anthem! Do we need to say anything? This is a song all about pride and being yourself, and it’s one that you won’t be able to stop singing. Ever!

Final Thoughts

This list is packed with 24 of the best lesbian songs and artists. They’re guaranteed to get your feet dancing and your heart swelling with their relatable messages!

a lesbian playlist for lesbians 💕
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