18 Fun and Affordable Ways To Wear Your Pride Flag At Pride Events

When you go to Pride, you want to take pride in who you are. It’s the one place where you can feel at home with other people who are like you.

18 Fun and Affordable Ways to Wear Your Pride Flag at Pride Events

You might feel like you want to stand out, but you’re probably wondering how you can do that.

Well, I have some excellent news for you. Whether you’re new to Pride or a regular wanting to spice up your outfit, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, I’ve found 18 fun and affordable ways that you can show your Pride flag off. 

1. Rainbow Pride Cape

Do you want to feel like a hero at Pride? Then I’ve got a great choice for you.

This rainbow Pride cape will help you stand out in the crowd. Just wearing a flag can be difficult, but with some modifications, you could even grab a flag and modify it into a cape like this one.

Wearing a cape will immediately make you feel braver, and nothing will be able to bring you down. 

2. Rainbow Fringe Arm Warmer

How would you feel about a bit of flair in your outfit? With these rainbow fringe arm warmers, you can keep your arms warm while also being the center of attention.

The material’s great and will hold up no matter the weather. So if you want to feel fabulous, what’s better than this? If you want to dance around a Pride Parade, then these will help everyone know what you’re there to represent.

3. Rainbow Knee High Socks and Fingerless Arm Warmers

Knee high socks and fingerless arm warmers are always a great way to go. These socks and gloves go with any outfit and come in various colors.

Nothing can stop you from wearing them outside of Pride, and they’re comfy too! These socks are great for everyone, no matter your size or gender! 

4. Rainbow Pride Headband

These headbands are available tapered or tied. If you’re heading somewhere hot for Pride, this can be a great way to keep sweat out of your eyes while showing pride.

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You don’t need to worry about the colors fading either because the fabric retains color no matter what. These can help you stay cool while running around the Parade.

5. Pride Silicone Bracelets

Silicone bracelets are a subtle but significant way to show your Pride. Even if you haven’t come out, wearing one of these can still indicate your support.

Best of all, these bracelets have flag colors for the rainbow and other orientations too! You don’t have to just wear one either. You can wear more and make a collection on your arms. 

6. Pride Necklace

These Pride necklaces are a simple yet elegantly subtle way to show your pride. They’re available in various colors, and like the bracelets, they’re great for when you want to show who you are but aren’t entirely ready to come out.

You can add this to your outfit with pride if you’ve already come out. It’s also great to wear it outside of Pride events, so you can wear it whenever you want.

7. Pride Tibetan Wrist Wrap Bracelet

Tibetan bracelets are made with threads that are the colors of different Pride flags. Available in a variety of different colors, you could wear these at any point.

They’re a subtle way of showing your sexuality or gender identity; you can wear them wherever you want. If you combine them with the rest of your outfit, you’ll be all set to go.

Like with the silicone bracelets, you can combine these on your arm to make a collection of Pride bracelets.

8. Pride Shoe Laces

Everyone loves a good pair of shoe laces, and it’s even better when you can get them in the colors of your Pride flag. Attach these to your shoes, and you’ll be able to take each step with pride.

You can mix these up to support any other identity you identify with, making each of your shoes more individualistic. There’s a bonus if you customize your shoes too. 

9. Pride Scarf

This lightweight scarf shoes off your Pride colors in a way that works for you. This can go with almost any outfit, and you can even use it to cover your head. If not, you can also wear it as a shawl.

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Overall, it’s a versatile addition to your wardrobe. If you get too hot in your scarf, you can even hold it up in the air like your very own LGBT flag instead of bringing one separately. 

10. Pride Bandana

These bandanas come in several different unique designs. You don’t just have to wear them as a headband; they can be a scarf or even a wristband if you prefer.

The best part is this set comes in six, so you can give some to your friends or have backup bandanas in case you lose one. Overall, there are no disadvantages to having more than one Pride bandana.

11. Trans Pride Final Form T-Shirt

For my trans nerds out there, I would recommend this “Final Form” Tee. Inspired by that one Freeza meme from Dragon Ball Z, this shirt is great for anyone in the process of transitioning or already has.

It’s a great tongue-in-cheek shirt that everyone can appreciate. If you want to talk more to other trans folk at Pride, it can also be a great starting point for a conversation. What’s there not to like?

12. Allies Straight But I Don’t Hate T-Shirt

While the rest of this list has been focused on the LGBT community, there are great T-shirts for the allies. If you or your friends are there to support someone you love, then this is a great shirt for you to wear.

Show off your love with this great slogan. That way, you can show everyone there that there are still allies who care. 

13. Pride 50th Anniversary Stonewall T-Shirt

Made in honor of Stonewall’s 50th anniversary, this shirt allows everyone to remember where the roots of Pride originate. With the flag colors in the background, the focus on the date shows a sign of Pride’s past.

It’s a great way to educate those who are ignorant of it. Overall, another great shirt to make a starting point for a conversation and a great way to remember history.

14. Bi Pride The Only Choice T-Shirt

This shirt is for you if you’ve wanted to fight biphobia and those who believe you can choose who you love like a switch. Available in an assortment of colors, you may also be able to find one specifically for your flag too.

These shirts are for anyone who has dealt with people not understanding that sexuality isn’t a choice.

15. “I’ve Got An Ace Up My Sleeve” T-Shirt

Do you have an ace in your life who loves puns? Because if you do, or if you’re the ace, then you’ll love this shirt. Ace is made up of the asexual flag colors, which speak the truth.

They do have an ace up their sleeve. This asexual shirt is a great tongue-in-cheek tee and a great way to locate other aces you will inevitably draw to more puns.

16. Pride Pins

Pride pins are a great addition to any assortment of Pride accessories. They can go on anything, from bags to clothes. If these Pride pins don’t suit your fancy, they have many available online.

There’s even quite a market for them on Etsy. While you can go with flags, sometimes, you might want to look for one with some witty comedy.

17. Face Paint

Face paint is a little late to the party on this list, but you can get an assortment of face paints on Amazon that show the world how you identify.

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While this set is geared towards the rainbow colors of the flag, you can also find them in different colors. So put on some war paint and show the world who you are.

18. Pride Shoes

These shoes come in white or black, but one thing they have in common is the PRIDE decal on the side, along with the flag.

You could even customize these shoes with the shoelaces I mentioned earlier, replacing the standard colors to show more of your identity. If you don’t want to wear these shoes, you can always customize a pair of shoes you own or look online.

There are so many custom options that you can do to show your identity to everyone.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. Here are 18 fun and affordable ways to wear your Pride flag at Pride events. You can be as subtle or as loud as you want because Pride is all about being yourself with people who are just like you.

Everyone can dress as they like at Pride, so if you want to stand out, don’t be afraid to. But that’s just as important if you’re not comfortable with stepping entirely out yet or just there to support someone.

Gay Worlley

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